IDBI UPI Not Working: Possible Reasons & Their Fix!

IDBI bank has been functional for nearly 60 years now, and it is one of the trusted banks in Maharashtra, and other states as well. Throughout this nearly 6 decades-long journey, IDBI banks have created a huge customer base of hundreds and thousands of customers in India. And as a responsible bank, IDBI also adopted the UPI technology quite early. And the PayWiz app developed by IDBI is quite impressive at providing its users the UPI technology at their fingertips.

However, if you are a an IDBI bank customer and facing IDBI UPI not working properly, so there could be many reasons behind that. In today’s post, we will investigate and dig a little deeper to let you know about the possible reasons and what you can actually do to resolve this issue with your IDBI bank UPI. So let’s begin.

IDBI UPI Not Working

Possible Reasons Behind IDBI UPI Not Working

  • Quite recently RBI reorganized and introduced some guidelines for banks regarding Unified Payment Interface integration. And after that, many top banks in India, including IDBI started implementing some important changes and updating the banking infrastructure to work flawlessly with UPI. This whole update thing is causing UPI transaction failure for many IDBI customers.
  • Secondly, it could be that the problem is actually in the backend, it could be that the IDBI bank has put their servers under maintenance which is why you are having UPI transaction issues.
  • PayWiz is a UPI-enabled app by IDBI bank, and thousands of people use it to carry out transactions. Or it is possible that the problem is actually with the PayWiz app, that’s why you are unable to carry out UPI transactions.
  • If you often use third-party UPI apps like PhonePe, GPay, PayTM, or BHIM, chances are you might face UPI transaction failures because of server maintenance, or if there is any technical error in linking the bank account.
  • Last but not least, it is possible that the problem isn’t with a bank account or the UPI app you are using, the problem is actually with your smartphone like the internet connection isn’t stable, the device operating system isn’t up to date, there is some glitch or bug, etc.

Solutions/Fixes When IDBI UPI Not Working Properly

  • You’ll have to wait a little longer, probably a few hours when the bank is implementing some new changes in the back end or rolling out new updates. Despite that, you can’t do much about it, so it is better to check back after a few hours whether the UPI transactions are going through or not.
  • Similar to the last point, when the bank servers are down for maintenance, you have no choice but to wait a little longer.
  • Many people use the official banking app to carry out transactions without using any third-party apps. If you are also using the official banking app launched by IDBI bank, which is called PayWiz, and you are having problems with UPI transactions then it is possible the problem is with the app itself. There could be a bug in the app that’s causing the UPI transactions to fail. If that is the case, then you should consider using other UPI apps until the update is released by the developers.
  • Sometimes the third-party UPI or payment apps put their servers under maintenance to minimize the load or for regular check-ups or maintenance purposes. If that happens, again there is no choice left, so you’d have to wait until the severe is back on. Here we are talking about just a few hours, you’d rarely see apps like PhonePe, GPay, PayTM, or BHIM putting their servers under maintenance for more than 10 hours.
  • If you’ve tried everything described above and are still experiencing UPI transaction failures, the issue is most likely with your device. First of all, try rebooting your smartphone, then check the internet network stability, correct the time/timezone, turn on the GPS location, etc. If it still doesn’t work then see if there is any operating system update, if yes, then update it to the latest version right away.

If none of this works for you, we’d recommend letting your bank people know and asking them for a solution. However, in most cases, these fixes will work just fine, so you won’t need to contact the IDBI bank support team.

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