Terms of Use

BusinessesRanker.com is a website that provides information about different areas of business, finance, investments, and other related things. This page has detailed information on terms of use and applies to all users. By browsing the website, you accept all the rules & regulations set by the website administrators. If you do not agree to any policy or condition, you must immediately exit the website.

Changes to Website

We reserve the right to update and change the terms of use without prior notification. We also have the right to close the website without any prior notification. The users are responsible for tracking the changes in the policy or website changes.

Grievance Redressal

Any complaint regarding the content of the website or any breach by the website should be taken up immediately with the website’s administrators. If you have concerns regarding any content, please let us know for further discussion.

 Facts & Opinion

In many different sections of the website, we have compiled a list of the top 10 businesses. We have also shared some investment advice. These lists are created as per the opinion of our experts. They may or may not reflect the general opinion of the public. In addition, some of the content may be unmoderated. Users are requested to use the website for informational purposes, and users are responsible for due diligence before they take any services from the website.

Copyright & Trademark

Copyright and Trademark are applicable on all the website content until it is stated otherwise. All the text and images are the property of Businesses Ranker, and you are not authorized to use the content. It must be noted that any infringement attempt will be taken very seriously, and we will send legal notices for such violations.

Reproduction of Information

You can only use the website for informational purposes. We do not authorize you to reproduce the content by any means. If you intend to reproduce the content, you need prior written permission from the administrators. You are also not allowed to change, alter or publish the material on the website. If required, you can print the website pages for personal use. We do not authorize you to resell or reproduce the information by any means.

Unauthorized Use

In case of unauthorized use of the website, we reserve the right to terminate your account. This may also result in civil and criminal cases filed against the users. You are requested to adhere to the general terms & conditions of the usage. You must not discuss religion, pornography, investment insider tips, violence, terrorism, or any forbidden topic on this website.

Rules to Comment

We moderate the comments on the website and are very strict with the same. Using the comment section, you cannot sell, exchange, or barter products. In addition, you must not use the comment section for illegal activities, harassment, bullying, stalking, threatening, or impersonating someone. You are also not authorized to use the comment section for commercial advertisements of MLM scheme marketing. You need to be respectful towards others, and any violation can lead to a lifetime ban on you.

Security & Liability

We take utmost care of the systems & the user data. However, in the world of cyber threats, the systems may get compromised. It should be noted that we are not liable for any loss caused by this website. This includes the IT risk and the financial risk. You must make an informed decision while reviewing the information on the website. Under any circumstances, https://businessesranker.com/ will not be liable for any loss or liability.

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