Andhra Bank UPI Not Working: Possible Reasons & Their Fix!

Andhra Bank was quite popular in the southern region of India before 2020. However, Andhra bank was later merged with a big international-level bank named Union Bank Of India. This decision was necessary to make the customers’ banking experience better. And as of now, that seems to work out quite well for Union Bank Of India. However, there are many old Andhra Bank customers that are facing problems with the transition.

Many people are complaining about their Andhra Bank UPI not working properly at times. If you are having the same technical errors, then we’d suggest keep on reading today’s post till the end. Here we will be going over what could be the possible reasons that your Andhra Bank UPI is not working, and how you can fix it in no time. So let’s have a look.

Andhra Bank UPI Not Working

Possible Reasons Behind Andhra Bank UPI Not Working

  • In the majority of cases, people face UPI transaction failures when their bank has put the servers under maintenance. And this thing is not pretty rare, banks often do this for regular maintenance, and sometimes when there is any update that needs to be made in the backend.
  • It could be that you are just facing a technical error, however, it is not that common, but it is possible that there is a problem in the connection between your bank account and UPI.
  • Vyom is one of the most downloaded banking apps in India, and it is the primary banking app for Union Bank or Andhra Bank customers. And it could be that the problem is actually related to the app itself.
  • Or if you are already using other third-party apps like PhonePe, GPay, BHIM, and Paytm for transactions, then it is possible that the app’s servers are under maintenance.
  • Sometimes it happens when there is nothing wrong with your bank account and the UPI app you are using, it could be that there is some sort of bug in your device itself.

Solutions/Fixes When Andhra Bank UPI Not Working Properly

  • If the problem is actually in the backend, means if the banking servers are down then you can’t do much about it. Usually, when banks are pushing out new updates and upgrading their banking infrastructure, during that time some customers might face banking services-related problems, and UPI transaction failures are examples of such transaction failures. In most cases, banks fix such issues within a few hours, so if you’d wait for a few hours, your Andhra Bank should work just fine.
  • Of course, it could be that you are facing the UPI transaction failure issue because there is a technical error or problem between your bank account and the unified payment interface. To resolve this, you can simply go to the UPI app you are using, unlink your bank account, then link it again, and check whether payments are going through successfully or not.
  • Banking mobile apps also have bugs and glitches, that’s a reality. And that could be the reason that you are facing the UPI transaction problem. So if the problem is with the Vyom app of Union Bank of India, then just switch to a third-party UPI app or wait for the next update from the developers.
  • Third-party UPI apps also put their servers under maintenance mode, they often do it for maintenance purposes, but sometimes it is necessary to maintain the load on the servers when transactions are at peak. Usually, maintenance modes last for a few hours only, so check back in after a few hours and it should work just fine.
  • It is quite possible that you are having the UPI transaction failure issue because there is some bug or glitch or anything wrong with your device itself. So check whether your device network is stable or not, correct the time/timezone, turn on the GPS location, try rebooting your device, etc. If UPI transactions aren’t still going through, then make sure to check that your smartphone’s operating system is updated, if not, do it and try to carry out a transaction again.

If you try all of these fixes, you’ll be able to resolve the Andhra Bank UPI not working issue pretty easily. However, if you are still having the same issue even after trying all the fixes mentioned in today’s post, we’d suggest you should get in touch with Andhra Bank or Union Bank people.

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