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Top 10 Best Magnet Manufacturers In India

High-strength magnets are being used in an ever-expanding variety of fields, from physical metals lift & dividing to motor activation.

In 2021, the worldwide magnet market was worth US$ 36.6 billion. Magnetic levitation (maglev) is a relatively new transport technology in which non-contacting automobiles travel safely at speeds of 250–300 miles per hour while suspended, directed, & propelled above a section of track by magnetic fields.

Leading companies in the market are also introducing product miniaturization and carbon-reducing technology. The experts Group forecasts that by 2027, the market would be worth US$47.4 billion, expanding at a CAGR around 4.71% in 2024 and 2027.

List of Top Magnet Manufacturers In India

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Magnet Manufacturers In India:

1. Erich Magnetics


Producing both magnetic separation equipment and lifting magnets Erich Magnetics was founded in 1986, and since then we’ve become one of the leading global manufacturers & exporters of a wide variety of magnetic equipment for the industrial sector.

2. Shree Laxmi Magnet

Having first opened its doors in 2006, Sri Laxmi Magnet Industry has since been a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Grills, Suspension Magnets, Magnetic Separators, SLMI Online Magnets, Magnetic Particle Collectors, Magnetic Pulleys, Tunnel Type Demagnetizers, & many other products. Made with the best materials and the most cutting-edge machinery, these products adhere to all industry standards.

3. Jupiter Magnetic Private Ltd

Established in 1965 by the late Dharam Singh & presently successfully led by Mr. Paramjit Singh, Jupiter Magnetics Pvt Ltd. is a household name in the industry. He’s worked in the field for many years, and his insight helps us push ourselves to our full potential. When it comes to quality, quantity, and expanding product characterizations, they at Magnetic Head Pulley Makers are strict.

They are India’s best Suspended Overband Magnet Separator Suppliers. We ensure that the finished products are made, tested, packaged, and sent out to the clients. Their seasoned professionals will oversee the entire process, and they will complete it with great precision.

To ensure that they always meet the evolving needs of our customers, they keep up with the latest innovations in the industry and redesign their products often.

They take pride in being the most reliable Magnetic Block Exporters in the business, which is why they guarantee prompt delivery of your order. Due to their expertise, they guarantee that not a single customer will ever have a reason to lodge a complaint.

4. Sidhi enterprises

M/S SIDHI ENTERPRISES produces and distributes a comprehensive line of premium magnets and magnetic equipment, all of which are built with cutting-edge technology and premium materials. Alnico Magnets, Compasses, Ferrite Magnets, Vernier Calipers, etc. are just a few of the high-quality items we offer. Although they are still relatively new to the sector, the confidence their customers have demonstrated in their services and goods is a source of pride. Customers’ faith in their services and in their rigorous business practices is the company’s greatest asset.

 As an added bonus, their experts work nonstop to develop cutting-edge items with unparalleled quality and functionality. They supply a wide range of businesses, from those who make engineering machinery to those that make novelties, toys, and electrical components. In addition, their items’ cutting-edge styles and magnetic appeal have earned them widespread appreciation from customers.

5. Star Holo India

They produce tamper hologram, bar code labels, product labels, holographic scratch labels, holographic tapes, holographic tags, holographic stickers, and are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards in Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR. Star Holo India is an industry veteran in the fields of paper packaging and printing.

When it comes to Holograms, Hot Stamping Foils, Scratch Labels, Tamper Evident Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, 3D Promotional Holograms, and Label Stocks, they are your go-to source.

Star Holo India has mastered the science and art of taking a static image on paper or film and making it a dynamic representation of your brand’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and adaptability.

Moreover they are one of the few businesses with both Self Adhesive Paper tags & Holograms production facilities under one roof, and they focus on printing, security, & labels. The three-dimensional effects, changing colors, and other security measures that are built into holograms during their production in a high-tech laboratory render them impossible to replicate.

6. Santosh Export

With their one-of-a-kind business solutions, their help their clients strengthen their relationships with their customers, prospects, and staff.

They work together with their customers to fulfill their needs for any sort of magnet Promotional Goods, whether it’s a freebie, an award, or something else entirely. When it comes to providing their clients with high-quality Promotional Items, they go straight to the source—their sourcing office is located in Hong Kong, where they work in tandem with manufacturers. Innovating innovative products is where their expertise lies. They can manufacture anything related to magnets that you can imagine.

7. Jai Mag industries

Ceramic Magnets, Magnetic Door Catcher, Permanent Magnetic Coupling, Suspended Magnets, Magnetic Separation Pulleys, & Magnetic Drums, Permanent Magnetic Pulleys are just a few of the magnetic products that Jai-Mag Industries offers. Their business occupies a square foot of land that is little under a kilometre in circumference in Surat, Gujrat (India).

Because of the reliability of their magnetic products and machinery, they have earned a solid reputation in the market. In comparison to the products given by their competitors, they are unparalleled in quality. Respect from customers both at home and abroad has helped them grow our business. Their goal is to become the standard-bearer for the industry’s leading companies.

8. Shivam enterprises

Here at Shivam Enterprises, a Sole Proprietorship established in 1995, are a top provider of a variety of Lapel Pin, Key Ring, Magnetic Badge, etc. Products are manufactured in Delhi, India, to exacting standards. They make and sell these items at fair prices and always deliver them on time. With Mr. Shivam Kumar at the helm, they have been able to expand their business to all corners of the country.

9. Delta Magnets Pvt Ltd.

Delta Magnets Group is the only company in the world with the ability to fulfill all hard and soft ferrite magnet needs for customers, thanks to its consolidated production, procurement, and trading operations.

Delta Magnets Ltd, MMG Pvt Ltd, & MagDev UK Ltd have all been leaders in the industrial magnet industry, and their combined expertise has resulted in this new company. Soft ferrites, including POT, RM, EP, Balun, and Toroidal cores, are produced by MMG India in the form of beads and rods.

DML, now in its third decade of operation, is highly regarded as one of India’s premier producers of hard ferrite magnets. MagDev UK Ltd is a specialist & supplier of magnets & ferrite cores, complementing these production facilities by supplying a wide variety of industrial magnets to customers all throughout Europe.

10. Regal magnetic Pvt Ltd.

With over a decade of experience in the production and distribution of permanent magnetic gear and vibro screens, it is their great pleasure to present you to Regal Magnetics Ahmadabad. In order to meet the demands of their customers, they offer standard products at competitive costs.

They guarantee timely, error-free completion at the client’s location. The purchase procedure is simplified for the customers as a result of the openness and simplicity of our business dealings.

Regal Magnetics Ahmadabad is proud to announce its long years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of magnet equipment and vibro screens. When it comes to customer service, we excel in meeting their demands by providing quality items at affordable costs. By being honest and easy to work with, they improve the magnet shopping experience for their clients.


Magnets are used in many different industries and businesses, so they’re not just for kids. Magnets find use across many fields, from healthcare and manufacturing to the mining and metalworking industries. Because of their special properties, magnets are ideal for investigating everything from the structure of galaxies to the human body.

As now you are aware of top 10 best magnet manufacturers, you understand how important they are for all the fields from manufacturing to healthcare, heavy industry, automobiles, etc.


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