What Is The KFC Franchise Cost In India?

With a huge population, the food business is one of the most lucrative options in India. Many people try their ventures, and some prefer buying a franchise. If you are fond of crispy chicken, you can get a franchise of KFC in India. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, established in 1952 in Utah, United States; it has its presence in over 125 countries. In India, KFC opened its first store in 1995 in Bangalore, and over time, it expanded to a strong chain of 450 restaurants. The chain is very popular, and it is present in most of the major cities. The brand in India is a part of Sapphire Foods, the same company that manages Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

If you are looking for a good return on investments and a strong brand, investing in KFC is certainly a good idea. We have shared all the required information about KFC Franchise Costs in India and the application procedure on this page. Go ahead and check it out now.

Cost of KFC Franchise in India


The franchisee cost of KFC is slightly on the higher side. As per the updated information, Rs 36 Lakh is the franchise fee of KFC. This will give you the right to use the brand name, but additional investment is associated with KFC Franchise. Many factors can determine the cost of a KFC franchise. On average, a KFC franchise costs between Rs 96 Lakh to Rs 2 Crore. The cost is for interiors, machinery, training, working capital and all other setup costs. The setup cost may be lower for express or take-away counters.

Once you open the franchisee, you must also pay a royalty fee to KFC. The franchise fee is fixed at 5% of the sales. As per various sources, the net profit of the KFC franchise is between 7% and 8%. If you open a store in a prime location, you can earn Rs 75 lakhs per year.

Space Requirement for KFC Franchise in India

The most important thing for any food chain is the space and the ambience of the store. You will have a higher footfall if you have a store in a prime location. You can either lease the space or you can it can be owned. A lot of your sales will come from the delivery, so ensure there is enough parking space and good connectivity. You would need a minimum of 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft space for a dine-in outlet. This space is required for a seating capacity of 30 to 40 people. You can even choose a space in a shopping mall or other places where the footfall remains high daily.

How to Apply for KFC Franchise?

If you are interested in opening a KFC franchise, please ensure that you follow the official channels. Here are the detailed steps to apply for a KFC franchise in India.

  • You can contact KFC by submitting the form on their website. The link to the form is
  • Here, select “I want to be a Business Partner” and enter your contact details along with the space available, address and other basic information.
  • Someone from KFC will contact you and take your application ahead.
  • You can also contact them at, or you can reach out to them at Yum! Restaurants International, 12th floor, D Tower, Global Business Park, Gurgaon, 122002.
  • Once the application is approved, you must undergo a training program. This extensive training program will teach you about operating a store and other things.
  • Your employees would also have to undergo training, and after the training program is complete, the brand will help you get the licenses and all other permits to operate the branch.
  • Even after the franchise is set up, you will continue to get KFC’s support for anything you require.

Final Take

This was all about the costs associated with KFC Franchisee in India. It is certainly a popular brand, and if you are opening a KFC franchise, you can get guaranteed success in the food business. The franchise cost is slightly steep, because of which the payback period is longer. You will have to stay committed to the operations, and you will have to monitor the quality closely to ensure customer satisfaction.

Please Note: Cost might be vary time to time, so please contact the official website.

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