Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is known for innovation, engineering, and industry leadership. This Indian multinational business has shaped the country’s infrastructure and industries over numerous decades. The company’s net worth, CEO, founders, head office, and amazing history will be examined in this article.

Larsen & Toubro

Net worth $11.25 billion
CEO S. N. Subrahmanyan
Founder Søren Kristian Toubro and Henning Holck-Larsen
Head Office Mumbai

Net Worth

Larsen & Toubro had a net worth of over $11.25 billion USD.


N. Subrahmanyan, L&T’s CEO and Managing Director since July 2017, is active and visionary. Under his leadership, the corporation has grown globally and strengthened its positions in infrastructure, technology, and manufacturing. Leaders like Mr. Subrahmanyan have helped L&T develop and diversify.


Larsen & Toubro was created in 1938 by Danish engineers Søren Kristian Toubro and Henning Holck-Larsen. The business began as a modest Mumbai electrical and mechanical engineering enterprise. Holck-Larsen and Toubro partnered to help India industrialize and flourish, becoming one of the country’s biggest and most renowned companies.

Head Office

L&T’s headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Larsen & Toubro Limited, Ballard Estate, L&T House, Mumbai, Maharashtra, is the main office.


Larsen & Toubro has a great history of invention, tenacity, and strategic growth. Let’s examine the company’s major milestones:

Founding Years

Larsen & Toubro was founded in 1938 as a partnership to meet India’s technical requirements. The firm started with electrical and mechanical engineering.


L&T grew into building, manufacturing, and technology after independence. The corporation helped create India’s roads, bridges, and factories.

Stock exchange listing

On the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1950, Larsen & Toubro became public.

Ventures Abroad

L&T won projects in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. The company’s engineering and construction skills are renowned worldwide.

Expanding Horizons

L&T expanded into IT, banking, and aerospace in the 1990s. L&T Finance Holdings and L&T Infotech (now LTI) were founded at this time.

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Changes in leadership

Longtime L&T leader A. M. Naik passed up the reins to CEO and Managing Director K. Venkataramanan in 2012. S. N. Subrahmanyan replaced Venkataramanan in 2017 and led the company’s expansion.

Innovation and growth continue

L&T has innovated and expanded in military, sustainable infrastructure, and sophisticated manufacturing in recent years. Projects and efforts demonstrate the company’s sustainability and environmental responsibilities.


Larsen & Toubro’s founders and executives’ vision, devotion, and hard work helped it grow from a tiny engineering business to a multinational corporation with a large net worth. Under CEO Mr. S. N. Subrahmanyan, L&T is shaping India’s infrastructure and technological environment and making substantial worldwide gains. With its continuous dedication to innovation and quality, Larsen & Toubro is prepared to continue its heritage of development and change, advancing India and the world.


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