What Is The Nike Franchise Cost In India?

Nike is one such brand that needs no introduction, you may already be familiar with that. Correct? And considering the popularity, quality of the product, and affordability, joining the Nike family seems like a great idea. Don’t you think? Well, the good news is, joining the Nike family in India is quite easy and lucrative. It has been quite a long time since Nike introduced their franchise business model in India so that the entrepreneurs of India can hop onto Nike’s success ride. And that is where our today’s post comes into play. Here we will be going over how much the Nike franchise cost in India, what are the requirements that a candidate must fulfill, and how you as a candidate can apply for a Nike franchise in India. If that interests you, then keep on reading because it can be game-changing for you. Here we go.

Cost of Nike Franchise in India

Firstly, there are two primary costs to consider when you’re eyeing up that Nike franchise, the franchise fee, and the inventory cost. Now, what’s this franchise fee about, you ask? It’s a one-time payment made to Nike, for the rights to operate under their globally recognized brand name. Essentially, it’s like buying a ticket to a ride on the Nike Express, and it’s your first step to becoming part of this iconic brand’s family. Then there’s the inventory cost. This is what covers the initial stock of swoosh-marked Nike products that you will proudly display and sell in your store. Imagine rows and rows of top-notch sports gear, stylish apparel, and those trendy sneakers that everybody wants, that’s what your inventory cost covers.


Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s talk numbers. Brace yourself; it’s time to dive into the deep end. The total investment required to start a Nike franchise in India typically ranges between a cool 50 lakh to an even cooler 1 Crore rupees. Yes, you read that right! It’s a sizable chunk of change. However, keep in mind that these costs can fluctuate. Depending on factors such as the location of your store, whether it’s smack in the middle of bustling Mumbai or in the more laid-back Goa, and the size of the retail space you’re considering, these costs could vary.

Space Requirement for Nike in India

Suppose, you are about to open a Nike franchise in the colorful and diverse landscape of India. And the location you choose could be your golden card to a prosperous business. It’s got to be a bustling area, humming with activity, where people naturally gravitate. Like colleges, corporate offices, or places where the young and stylish hang out, all of which make for prime picks.

Now, here’s a piece of important info, You’ll need to make space, quite literally. The magic number for a Nike franchise is roughly around  1000 square feet. Why, you might ask? Well, Nike is not just about a few sneakers and sportswear. It’s an entire universe of products, each one vying for the customer’s attention. And for the customers, they need space too. To walk, to explore, to browse, and finally, to shop, comfortably.

How to Apply for a Nike Franchise?

  • As with any great journey, the first step is always the most important one. In this case, your adventure begins with an online application. Hop on over to Nike’s official website and look for their franchise application form. It’s as simple as filling in a few blanks!
  • And now is the time to sit back and let the magic happen. Your application is about to take a trip through the hands of Nike’s top-notch team. Now, keep in mind, this isn’t going to happen overnight. The reviewing process can take a bit of time. After all, they’re sifting through applications in the order they come in.
  • Now here’s the exciting part. If your application catches Nike’s eye, you’re going to find yourself on the shortlist. That means you’ve got the green light from Nike and they’ll let you know. That sounds great, isn’t it?

Final Take

So yeah, we’ve just scratched the surface of the world of Nike franchising, but it’s a promising start, wouldn’t you say? The opportunities are endless and who knows, you might just be the next big Nike franchisee! So remember, as Nike would say, “Just do it!” You never know where this journey might take you.

Note: The cost is mentioned here might be vary due to some changes in policies or recent business updates. So, please confirm from the official website before applying.

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