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Top 10 Best Electrical Wire Manufacturing Companies in India

The wires are used everywhere in the construction business. You need them for making homes, commercial spaces and everything else. In a way, the wires are the backbone of the electrical system and transmission network. While constructing a house, you need to ensure that you buy wires from a reliable brand. One of the leading causes of fire accidents in properties is the short circuit caused by the poor quality of the wires. In such a case, it becomes very important to buy wires from a reliable brand.

You need to ensure that the wires are made of good quality material and are fireproof. At the same time, you need to ensure that the insulation material of the wire is enough to handle the high temperatures. Always buy wires that have been vetted as per the Indian quality standards. Another factor to look at is the inner core of the wire. To maintain the efficiency of the electrical system, you need to have good conductive material, and the brand should also provide what it is advertising.

If you are planning to purchase electrical wire, then make sure that you choose the best manufacturing company. To help you, we have listed the top 10 best electrical wire manufacturing companies in India. Go ahead and have a look at the list in the section below.

List of Top Electrical Wire Manufacturing Companies in India

While compiling the list of wire manufacturers in India, we looked at the market capitalization, quality of products, pricing policy and consumer base. After considering all of these, we have shared the list with you in this section.

1. Havells Cable & Wires

Havells-Cable Wires

Havells is one of the most prestigious brands in India. The brand manufactures electrical appliances as well as electrical wires. The brand has operations across India, and it is a preferred brand for commercial and domestic equipment. The brand was established in 1971 in Noida, and since then, the company has turned into a multinational with a turnover of over 7000 crores. Havells also have manufacturing plants in Africa, China, Europe and Latin America.

2. Syska Cables & Wires

At number 2, we have Syska Cables & Wires. This brand is for those who prefer Indian brands manufacturing good quality products. Syska Cables & Wires was incepted in 1989, and the brand was known as SSK Group. The full form of SSK Group was Shree Sant Kripa Appliance Private Limited. Syska Cables & Wires is also very popular in the LED manufacturing business. It manufactures over 300 types of LED. The brand also manufactures home appliance products, personal care products and wires. Syska is a perfect brand for residential or commercial requirements.

3. Finolex Cables & Wire

If you are looking for fireproof wires, you can go ahead with the Finolex Cables & Wire wires. The brand was established in 1958, and it has a manufacturing experience of over 65 years. The headquarters of Finolex Cables is in Pune, and this brand also has the largest network of distributors across the country.  The brand also has manufacturing units in different states like Uttarakhand, Goa and Maharashtra. The Finolex business has been through a significant amount of transformation. Today, it also manufactures network equipment cables, including coaxial cables, optic fibre, USB cables and LAB cables. At present, the turnover of Finolex Cables & Wire is over 3320 crores.

4. Polycab Cables & Wire

Another multinational wire manufacturer on our list is Polycab cables & Wires. This brand was established in the year 1996 in Mumbai. This company makes wires, electrical appliances and lighting products. As per an estimate, Polycab has captured a 15% share of the Indian market. The brand has manufacturing facilities in India, and it also exports cables & wires to over 55 countries. Polycab has 23 manufacturing plants in total and a network of 4100 authorized distributors across the globe. The manufacturing units of Polycab Cables are ISO 9001 certified. The brand has also received certification from International Electronics Commission and British Approved Services for Cables.

5. RR Kabel

RR Kabel started in India in 1995 in Mumbai. The brand manufactures a diverse range of cables & wires. In addition, the brand also manufactures switchgear, lighting, appliances and parking systems. RR Kabels is a great brand if you are looking for quality products. It offers premium wires that can handle higher loads. RR Kabels have manufacturing available in different parts of the country. Apart from this, the brand manufacture aluminium & copper cables. RR Kabels serve customers in 85 nations, and it is made possible because of superior technology product. You can trust the offerings from R Kabels for your residential and commercial needs.

6. KEI Industries Limited

The next brand on the list is KEI, also known as Krishna Electrical Industries. The brand was incepted in the year 1968 as a partnership entity. The brand also has over 5000 distributors and 21 warehouses. KEI Industries Limited serves customers in over 45 countries across the globe. Apart from this, the company has an extensive portfolio of cables & wires. The R&D facility of Krishna Electrical Industries is vast, and the company has clients like NTPC, Reliance, Tata Power, NHPC and many more. The present turnover of KEI Industries Limited is close to 4000 crores.

7. Anchor by Panasonic

Panasonic has a brand that manufactures wires & cables. This brand is marketed as Anchor, and it was established in the year 1963. The brand has its headquarters in Mumbai and is known to be a premium brand. The offerings from Anchor are slightly expensive, but the brand has a global reputation. In addition, the brand also manufactures other equipment like sockets, home appliances, air purifiers, solar products and a lot more. You can look for advanced wires from Anchor and trust the quality.

8. Plaza Cables

The next brand on the list is Plaza Cables. This company was established in the year 1978, and the company specializes in wires and cables. The manufacturing facility of Plaza Cables is in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The brand also manufactures fans, PVC pipes, switchgear, MCVs and other electrical equipment. Currently, the brand has an annual turnover of over Rs 400 crore. Plaza Cables is a preferential name in commercial, industrial and residential usage. In recent times, Plaza Cables entered solar lighting and solar water segments. Overall, Plaza Cables offer the best quality wires at a very affordable price.

9. V-Guard

V-Guard is also a popular brand in India. The brand has a large market share in India, and it manufactures various products for the consumer. Apart from wires, the company is very popular for its products like stabilizers and inverters. The fans from V-Guard are also very popular, and it has a very large customer base in the southern part of the country. The manufacturing plant of V-Guard is in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Kala Amb (Himachal Pradesh) and Kashipur (Uttaranchal). The brand also has a strong network of over 620 distributors and over 5500 channel partners.

10. Delton Cables Limited

The last wire manufacturing company on the list is Delton Cables. This brand was incepted in 1948 and has played a pivotal role in India’s electrical industry. The brand has completed over 75 years of business in India and is one of the top manufacturers in India. Delton Cables Limited has products certified as per Indian & international quality standards. EEPC has recognized the brand for its commitment towards the industry. You can check out the offerings from Delton Cables Limited. You will be 100% satisfied with the offerings.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best wire manufacturers in India. You can opt for any of these brands depending on availability. Many of these companies listed in the list are public. So, if you are looking to invest in any wire manufacturing company, even from that perspective, these companies are good enough. With this, we will end the space, but before you close the page, do let us know in the comment section what is your favourite brand of electrical wire manufacturer in India.

Electrical Wire FAQs

  1. What Does “Gauge” Mean When Referring To Wire Size?

Ans: When we say “gauge” about wire, we’re talking about how thick or thin it is. Simply put, a bigger gauge number means a thinner wire and a smaller gauge number means a thicker one. It is that simple.

  1. What Are The Most Common Materials Used For Electrical Wires?

Ans: When it comes to the heart and soul of electrical wires, conductive materials like copper and aluminum take center stage. But, aluminum is the preferred pick for those heavy-duty high-voltage lines, all thanks to its lightweight characteristics and pretty decent conductivity. These are by far the most common types of materials being used in electrical wires.

  1. Why Are Some Wires Coated In Plastic Or Rubber?

Ans: Have you ever wondered why wires come dressed in plastic or rubber? Well, it’s not just for show, though. Simply put, it’s there to ensure there are no unexpected electric currents flowing where they shouldn’t, keeping everything safe and sound. Beyond that, it’s also the wire’s shield against things like water, getting banged up, scorching heat, freezing cold, or harsh UV rays.

  1. What Do The Different Colors Of Electrical Wires Mean?

Ans: See, colors help us know what each wire does, simple as that. Like, black wires usually bring electricity to gadgets, while red can do the same in some cases. Green or even bare copper ones are there to keep things safe and stop shocks. But what about white or gray? Well, they are there to help electricity go back to where it came from.

  1. What Are Coaxial Cables, And How Are They Different From Regular Electrical Wires?

Ans: In a way, coaxial cables are fancy wires made for sending high-quality signals without losing much along the way. They’ve got a center part that carries the signal, a layer around it for insulation, a metal layer to shield from disturbances, and an outer coat. Regular wires, on the other hand, are mostly about delivering power, not signals, and usually just have one part covered in a protective layer.

  1. Why Are Some Electrical Wires Twisted In Pairs?

Ans: Twisting wires together in pairs is a cool trick to stop unwanted disturbances or “noise.” See, when two wires are twisted, they kind of cancel out the disturbances from each other, which means clearer signals for us!

  1. Why Are Some Wires Sold In Spools While Others Are Coiled?

Ans: How we pack wires, on spools or in coils, really depends on the wire type, its purpose, and what’s handier. Spools, for example, are good for really long wires and are neat to store. They’re perfect if you need one long stretch of wire. Coils are more about shorter, ready-to-use pieces great for quick tasks or DIY stuff. Not just that, they’re often easier to move around and use.


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