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Top 10 Best Wash Basin Manufacturers in India

Wash basins are a major part of the bathroom design and come in handy. Since the bathroom in itself is a private space and something that should be in top-notch hygiene and conditioning for a healthier house, the role of the wash basin becomes very important in it. Wash basins as the name suggests are primarily for washing hands and one may even ask how such a thing makes much of a difference.

Well it does, wash basins can enhance the overall styling and the interior of the bathroom whilst also allowing for the functional part. This is why the entire wash basin thing has become a mainstream pick whenever planning for a bathroom design or renovation. The wash basins or sinks as it is also known comes in various aesthetics, design, and sizes and the user can pick the one as per their desire.

But that’s on the consumption part. We all know how much of a demand wash basins have in the market. That brings us to the question of manufacturers involved in the business of manufacturing and supplying wash basins. Thankfully there are various such manufacturers whose expertise lies in these wash basins and overall bathroom and sanitary fittings. We here take a look at some of these top wash basin manufacturers in India to provide insight to home buyers and other people looking for the perfect wash basin. Let’s check them out.

List of Top Wash Basin Company in India

Wash Basin

1. Kohler Co.

Kohler is one of the leading bathroom and sanitaryware manufacturers across the globe. They are known for their top-line products and have made a name for themselves over the years. The company was established in 1873 by John Micheal Kohler and has been providing these bath and kitchen line products for decades and has become one of the biggest brands around. They entered the Indian market in 2006 and have been manufacturing and supplying various wash basins alongside other bathroom products like faucets, taps, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and more. They have a lot of options in wash basins ranging from normal ones to high-end luxury ones making their collection and product line one to entice all types of customers.

2. Jaquar

One of the oldest groups in India in the bathroom and sanitary fittings and product field, Jaquar is a name that everyone can bank on. They are one of the top companies offering various products for kitchen, bathroom and more. The company was established in 1960 and has been consistently manufacturing and selling top sanitaryware items for a long time. One look at their product line and you’ll easily see the varieties that they offer like a table to the basin, wall hung basin, under counter basin, floor standing basis, and much more. The company not only caters to Indian customers but also to a global scale with an overall 8 manufacturing plants located inside India and outside. They have offerings across all major cities of India via their own showrooms and distribution network.

3. Kajaria

third we have Kajaria, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, and bathing products. They are known for their ceramic tiles for which they already take the tag of the largest manufacturer in India and 8th largest across the globe, but they have a pretty robust and top-line sanitaryware and wash basin offering too. Their product line features all types of bathware fittings like faucets, toilets, tubs, basins, and more. It also has a subsidiary brand named Kerovit via which it distributes and supplies sanitaryware as a means of expansion of services. You’ll find many options from the countertop, under counter, over the counter, half pedestal, integrated half pedestal, semi-recessed, wall hung, and other types of basins available from their side.

4. Hindware

You can just imagine the sight of how famous and household name Hindware has become over the years. They are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of bathroom fittings and other sanitaryware products in India. The company has over the years provided top-level products with high quality and durability aspects making them a great choice for any homeowner looking to build their bathroom or kitchen setup or renovate it. They offer various types of wash basins at different price ranges according to the needs of the customer. You can find options like pedestal basins, half-pedestal basins, integrated pedestal basins, counter basins, counter basins, wall-hung basins, corner basins, and more under their product line.

5. Somany Ceramics

Another of the big and trusted names in the industry offering a whole range of ceramics and sanitaryware product lines, Somany is truly a famous brand. It was started in 1969 and went on to become one of the best in India and even spread the product supply to various nations in the world. They offer a range of bathroom fittings, and sanitary ware along with their ceramic products like tiles and more making them an overall kitchen and bathroom ware manufacturer and supplier. Their basins are known for being aesthetically pleasing design forms and highly durable while remaining top-notch functional.

6. RAK Ceramics

At seventh we have RAK Ceramics, another top name in the wash basin manufacturing field. They are a big name in the industry and have been involved in the production and supply of bathroom ware and fittings across India and abroad. The company has a major line of tiles alongside sanitary and bathroom fittings to accentuate and provide an overall solution to the bathroom design. Their range of wash basins include countertop wash basin, wall hung wash basin, pedestal wash basin, pedestal wash basin, console wash basin, free-standing wash basin, and much more. They also have a large product line of porcelain-based tableware to choose from.

7. Koalar Sanitaryware

Next is Koalar Sanitaryware, a leading manufacturer of wash basins in India based out of Morbi. It is one of the known names in the industry and comes with a vast array of product line offerings. They offer a range of wash basins and other various products like flush tanks, vanities, closets, sanitaryware fittings, and more. Koalar has been known for being a prime brand in terms of providing best performing products at great value points allowing users to experience luxury and value at the same time. They are not just limited to the Indian market but cater to global locations in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and more.

8. Simpolo Ceramics

A company established in 1977, Simpolo is a familiar name for bathroom and kitchen wares in India. They have a product line that caters to overall household fittings and designs. Their wash basins are designed with functionality and aesthetics allowing users to get the best possible option. It employs top engineering and design talents in its modern plants to manufacture these efficient and supremely fitting products for bathrooms and kitchens. They also offer a variety of options for users to choose from when it comes to wash basins.

9. Sanypro Bathware

Sanypro takes the spot at ninth in our list of best wash basin manufacturers in India. They are part of the Sompura Group which has multiple companies operating in this ceramics and sanitaryware fittings and more. The company is located out of Gujarat and has been offering various elegantly designed wash basins that accentuate the modern looks and touch adding finesse to the home. You can find options like a tabletop, wall hung, decorative, pedestal, and other wash basins from them.

10. Bathco Earthenware

Bathco Eartherware is a brand involved in the manufacturing of wash basins, bathtubs, sanitaryware, and other items. They are one of the major brands operating in this segment and have been known for being one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of wash basins. The brand has a presence all over India and offers a variety of options in wash basins like pedestals, corners, hanging, semi-recessed, top counters, and more for users. They have a nicely priced range that allows users to choose as per their preference.

Final Thoughts

Wash basins apart from their functionality also add to the appeal of your bathroom. A perfectly functioning and befitting wash basin can accentuate your overall bathroom look and raise the overall profile of it. There are various types of wash basins available in the market from top manufacturers, some of which we’ve aforementioned. We hope this list helps you to find the right-fitting wash basin for your bathroom.


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