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Top 10 Leading DJ Sound System Manufacturing Companies In India

The DJ sound system manufacturing industry in India is a growing market with a CAGR of 12.5%. The industry is estimated to reach a value of INR 2,500 crore by 2025. The most important components of a sound system designed for DJs are the sound mixers and amplifiers or speakers. But the thing is, as a DJ, you can easily feel the difference between different sound systems. That happens because every company has its own special way and technology of making such sound systems. And if you are wondering which DJ sound system would be a perfect fit for you, then keep on reading this post.

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List of Top DJ Sound System Companies In India

Today, we will be going to take a look at the top 10 major DJ sound system manufacturing companies in India to help you choose the best sound system as per your needs. So make sure to stick around till the end.

1. RCF


RCF is a huge name in the audio industry of the USA. It was one of the first few audio or sound experience companies that started back before the 50s, the establishment of RCF happened in the year 1949. Similar to other audio companies back in the days RCF was also quite underrated since it just made its appearance in the market. But over the years it grew quite a lot in terms of popularity and market share in the industry. The actual recognition RCF got when pop culture started to rise in the USA. And since then, RCF is known as one of the leading sound experience or audio companies in the entire world, and of course, India’s DJs also prefer the sound systems and speakers manufactured by this awesome company.

2. JBL


When it comes to the best overall sound experience and audio company in India, there is no other better option than JBL. We have to mention that JBL has established itself in the Indian market so well that it is literally impossible for any other audio company to take over. Even huge companies like Sony and Philips have failed at that. Whether it is about speakers, headphones, soundbars, or proper audio/sound systems for professionals, you get everything with JBL. The prime reason behind the success of JBL in India is that this company offers the best sound experience at affordable price points.

3. Yamaha Pro Audio


If you live in India, you may already know Yamaha as a two-wheeler brand, but did you know Yamaha manufactures one of the best sound systems in the world? Musicians, DJs, and other audio professionals use Yamaha’s sound systems all across the globe, similarly, this company has gained quite a lot of trust and popularity in the Indian market as well. The thing that Yamaha does differently than any other sound company in India is that it focuses on diversifying and providing something specific for various applications. That’s the reason you see Yamaha’s sound systems being used in studios, parties, broadcasting centers, live events, music post-production, theaters, and for other commercial purposes as well.

4. Mackie


You may know Mackie sound system company because of the Mackie Thump series they launched worldwide. And in our opinion, the Thump series of speakers are the best in the entire world when it comes to the sound experience and overall quality. Not just the speakers, but whether you want to record your music & mix it up a little, perform to a live audience, or want to upgrade your studio, Mackie has sound/audio solutions for everyone. Along with that, the sound mixers offered by Mackie are one of the sturdiest and highest quality you’d find in the Indian market.

5. QSC Pro Audio

QSC Pro Audio

You may have seen many artists and professional DJs recommending QSC’s sound system, speakers, and other audio equipment. When it comes to sound experience, the K series launched by this company is the most successful among Indian artists and audio professionals. The prime reason behind that is you get top-notch quality sound production without spending too much on the sound systems. And if we were to rank the speakers and sound systems based on their sound quality, then for sure, QSC would be at the top of the list.

6. Behringer


Behringer sound system manufacturing company isn’t that famous in India compared to the previously mentioned companies. But it has a strong customer base in tier 1 countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK. In our opinion, there are just a few other sound system or audio companies that have a huge and helping community like Behringer. And this community as well as its customer base is growing continuously, not just in tier 1 countries but all across the globe. Whether you need just wiring for your old sound system or a full-fledged awesome sound system, Behringer has got everything for you.

7. Electro-Voice


Electro-Voice has recently started gaining traction in the Indian market because of some incredibly value-for-money audio products. For example, the speaker series launched by Electro-Voice for Indian audio professionals is the best speaker series you can get at that price range. The thing that makes this audio company stand out from the rest is the cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology implementation for the research and development of audio items and sound systems. Not just that, every product launched for the general population to buy is tested thoroughly to ensure top-notch sound quality.

8. Numark


Numark is also quite an underrated sound system company in India since the Indian market is mostly dominated by huge brands like Sony, JBL, Philips, etc. If you are a DJ, you already know how important the sound mixer is for the whole setup. Right? Well, Numark is world-renowned for its high-quality, traditional style sound mixers which you can pair with most of the speakers. That doesn’t mean that Numark has bad-quality speakers. Whether you want to buy speakers, headphones, microphones, cartridges, players, or any other accessory for your sound system, Numark would not disappoint you in any way.

9. M-Audio


Among pop artists around the globe, M-Audio is a very trusted and renowned name for the sound experience an artist wants to offer to his/her audience. M-Audio is known for the most premium quality sound systems and other products. Not just in terms of the build quality, but the sound quality also feels premium, and the full credit goes to the research & development team of M-Audio, which is continually working toward making the overall sound experience much better for the listeners, and artists as well.

10. Rockville Audio

Rockville Audio

Rockville Audio has been around for quite a while now, but the popularity of this brand seems to fade away when compared to other huge brands/companies on our list. The main reason why we decided to introduce it in our post is because of the affordability of the sound systems and other products offered by this brand. If you don’t have a high budget, but want a decent sound system that enables you to provide a good experience to your audience as a DJ, you can check out Rockville Audio.

How To Choose The Best DJ Sound System in India

Nightclubs usually have their own DJ audio system as well as other equipment needed for aspiring DJs to play there. Although DJs are sometimes provided with equipment, in most cases the onus is on the DJ to provide their own.

Moreover, a good DJ speaker system is essential for anyone still in the learning phase. But, shopping for one can be complicated by the abundance of alternatives currently on the market. So, here are some things a person should keep in mind to facilitate the process of obtaining such equipment:

1. Requirement

A prospective DJ should think about the following:

  • In what setting will the speaker be put in place?
  • Its usefulness depends on how frequently it’ll be put to work.
  • Is it reasonable to expect a newbie to make a substantial financial commitment?

The DJ sound system one needs to buy will be determined by the answers to these questions.

2. Speaker type

Now that we know what we need, we can begin to narrow down the type of speaker we’ll need. For DJing, there are primarily two kinds of speakers to choose from.

  • Active speaker

An internal amplifier makes these speakers ideal for use by novices. Less cable is needed to link it to its mixer. Also, these speakers require individual power connections.

  • Passive speaker

Getting a few gigs under your belt will allow you to save up for these speakers, which are perfect for stadiums and other huge venues. In order to boost the volume, you can use these speakers in conjunction with external audio devices. In addition, there are numerous cables and connectors needed to properly set up these professional DJ speakers.

3. Budget

After deciding what sort of speaker is needed, the next step is to determine how much money will be available for this purchase. The durability, functionality, and overall quality of the DJ set-up depend on this component.

4. Portability

While searching for the ideal DJ speaker, its whole system weight can be a crucial factor. Most DJs, unless they are working in a fixed location like a club and radio station, take their speakers with them everywhere they go. The speaker’s portability depends on its weight.

5. Build quality

Its durability and sound quality are both affected by the materials and craftsmanship employed in its construction.

6. Other considerations

  • Range

To accurately replicate all of the sounds in the music, DJ speakers should offer a wide frequency response. That’s why it’s important for your speakers to feature both a woofer and tweeters: to cover the entire frequency range.

  • Subwoofers

The decision to include subwoofers in your system is based on your intended system configuration. Subwoofers may not be necessary, but they might improve the quality of your mix if you use them.

 Although speakers may do the job adequately, a subwoofer’s ability to replicate the lowest bass & kick drum sounds is especially useful for dance mixes. If you want to add subwoofers, be sure they won’t interfere with the rest of your speakers.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a pretty good understanding of what a good DJ sound system company looks like. This list of the top 10 best DJ sound system companies in India was to help you out pick a good company with top-notch products and great after-sale service at affordable rates. But if you are still feeling confused, we’d recommend digging a little deeper and comparing the sound systems of each company by going through their product lists.

DJ sound system FAQs

Q. What components make up a DJ sound system?

Ans: A typical DJ sound system consists of the following components:

  • Speakers: These are used to project the sound to the audience.
  • Amplifiers: Amplifiers increase the power of the audio signal to drive the speakers.
  • Mixer: The mixer allows the DJ to blend and control multiple audio sources.
  • Turntables or DJ controllers: These are used to play and manipulate music.
  • Microphones: DJs use microphones for announcements and MCing.
  • Cables and connectors: Essential for connecting all the components.

Q. What types of speakers are commonly used in DJ sound systems?

Ans: DJs often use passive or active (powered) speakers. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers, while passive speakers require external amplifiers. Common speaker types include PA speakers, subwoofers, and studio monitors.

Q. What is the difference between a DJ mixer and a regular audio mixer?

Ans: DJ mixers are designed for live music mixing and often have features like crossfaders, EQ controls, and effects tailored to DJing. Regular audio mixers are more versatile and are used for recording and mixing in studio settings.

Q. Do I need turntables or can I use DJ controllers with a laptop?

Ans: You can use either turntables or DJ controllers with a laptop and software like Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ. The choice depends on your preference and budget.

Q. How do I set up a DJ sound system?

Ans: Setting up a DJ sound system involves connecting all components properly, positioning the speakers for optimal sound dispersion, and configuring the mixer and software as needed. Ensure all cables are secure and check sound levels before the event.

Q. What is the difference between passive and active speakers?

Ans: Passive speakers require external amplifiers to provide power, while active speakers have built-in amplifiers. Active speakers are generally more convenient for DJs because they simplify the setup.

Q. How can I prevent sound distortion and feedback during a DJ gig?

Ans: To prevent distortion and feedback, ensure proper gain staging, use EQ to eliminate frequencies prone to feedback, position microphones and speakers strategically, and perform sound checks before the event.

Q. How do I maintain and care for my DJ sound system?

Ans: Regularly clean and inspect your equipment, store it in a dry and secure location, and protect it from extreme temperatures and humidity. Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and repair.


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