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Top 10 Leading Generator Manufacturing Companies In India

A diesel generator, often known as a genset, is a device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical power. An electrical generator is a generating set, which consists of a control system, cooling, heaters, and circuit breakers. Whether it’s a crane or a digger, a hand tool or a porta-potty, construction projects will always require some form of electrical input.

As a result of the frequent power outages that occur in India, the generators have gained significant popularity. People invest in generators to ensure that the work is uninterrupted and that their households continue to enjoy a high level of comfort and tranquilly even in the event of extended power outages.

List of Best Generator Companies In India

We have compiled a list of the most well-known Generator company in India, including the best ten most widely distributed models.

1. Cummins Generator

Cummins Generator

Cummins’ diesel generators come in a wide range of size and output powers, from 7.5kVA – 3750kVA. Cummins Ltd. is a frontrunner in the Indian engine market, producing not only diesel & natural gas engines but also good horsepower engines for use in railway and mining applications.

Cummins Inc. is a reputable American multinational corporation that makes and sells engines, filters, and other power generation machinery.

On August 13, 2021, Cummins released the ‘Made in India’ QSK60 G23: a kVA generator. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for electricity from large-scale infrastructure projects & data centers, an integrated energy solution has been introduced.

2. Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc.

Construction and mining equipment, gasoline and diesel engines, commercial gas turbines, including diesel-electric locomotives are just few of the products that Caterpillar Inc. produces worldwide. The American-based business launched in April 1925. It is the largest producer of construction equipment in the world.

One of the most important corporations is Caterpillar. In June of 2020, it deployed three power nodes. The CAT C18 generator was the featured product at this unveiling since it provides increased power density while taking up less physical space. This package includes three 60Hz power distribution nodes, each of which can produce between 600 and 680 kilowatts of power in peak mode (when it’s actually being used) and 650 to 750 kilowatts in standby mode.

3. Quilliq energy corp.

Quilliq energy corp.

As the sole distributor of electricity in Nunavut, Qulliq Energy Corporation is the company to turn to for your utility needs. It was founded in April of 2001.

All community generators that had reached the end of their service life were replaced by the company in June 2021. These brand-new offerings will improve the stability of the local grid.

4. Pramac


PRAMAC is a leading manufacturer and designer of a wide range of material handling devices, including light towers, mobile and stationary generators, as well as more.

In 2020, Pramac released a new lineup of diesel generator sets (GSW) for stationary use. The range is designed to go above and beyond the needs of any application requiring power between 10kVA and 820kVA.

5. Himonisa


Himoinsa is a manufacturer that produces gasoline and diesel generator sets, hybrid generator, lighting towers, & control panels, among other products.

On June 23, 2021, Himoinsa introduced a mobile generator with a power output of 1 MW called the HGS-1030 NG/LPG. This does not result in any loss of power whether it is used with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. In addition, the application has a touch panel that allows users to choose the sort of gasoline that is available to them.

Regardless of the type of fuel that is used, this ensures that the unit’s carburetion will produce the highest amount of net power possible.

6. Power Link

Power Link

PowerLink is an industry-leading supplier of power products, with particular expertise in the design and manufacture of gasoline and diesel generator, light towers, including air compressors.

The firm introduced a new T3 series diesel generator on September 4, 2020. The 375 kVA, 250 kVA, 200 kVA, 125 kVA, 100 kVA, and 60 kVA respectively, as shown on the company’s website. The firm focuses on delivering goods that are both practicable and have an adequate supply of power.

7. Kohler Co.


The Kohler Company is well known for the plumbing product it manufactures, but in addition to that, it also produces furniture, engines, cabinets, tile, & generators. The company’s operations can be found all over the world.

This is another well-known Indian brand that prides itself on its superior engineering. This is perfect for use in personal or creative projects. It is incredibly portable and is offered in both diesel- and petrol-powered as well as LPG-fueled varieties.

Kohler introduced its brand new diesel-powered generator sets, the KD Series in April 2020. These generator sets are among the most powerful ones now available on the market. As a result of the growing demand, the firm came to the conclusion that it needed to add four more models to its KD series, with outputs ranging from 4500kVA to a maximum of 4500kVA.

Kirloskar’s Diesel Genset, branded as KOEL, is a green alternative to conventional generators, offering emergency power supplies ranging in size from 15 – 5200 kVA. The KOEL Green Generator is India’s best-selling and most-trusted Genset brand, with worldwide service available according to load, power, and capacity.

8. Mahindra Powerol

Mahindra Powerol

The Automotive and Farm Equipment Sector of Mahindra Group is where you’ll find Mahindra Powerol’s operations. In 2001–2002, the company entered the market for power generation with the intention of providing extraordinary services on a global scale.

Through GOEM the business established a new manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad in March 2021 in order to produce its Perkins line of diesel-powered generators for the North Indian market. The construction of this production facility will make it possible to meet the rising demand for HkVA gensets.

Diesel and gas gensets from Mahindra Powerol have indeed been engineered to offer you an effective power supply as well as a lifelong problem free operation. Mahindra Powerol is a renowned brand of generator across India.

9. Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland generators

This is Ashok Leyland. Diesel generators manufactured by the LEYPOWER brand are among the most highly regarded in India. These generators provide a complete integrated power system that complies with international requirements. Diesel generators manufactured by LEYPOWER are meant to consume less fuel, be better for the environment, and have lower operating expenses.

Ashok Leyland is indeed an established name in the automotive industry in India, and its vehicles are a common sight on the country’s roadways. Their generators have a high level of performance and come loaded with a variety of features. It is available in a number of different models and variations, from which you can select one that best suits your requirements.

10. Mistibushi


The engine & turbocharger product lines offered by Mitsubishi Ltd. are diverse, which reflects the company’s commitment to providing customers with a comprehensive selection.

The firm made the announcement on the 29th of March, 2021, that it will be releasing 2000 kVA diesel generator, which would have the highest output of any Japanese product. It finds use in establishments such as industries, office buildings, data centers, and hospitals, among other types of establishments.


Several different types of businesses are increasing their investments in power supply generators in order to guarantee that their operations will continue unabated. During the pandemic, the culture of remote working increased the demand for generators in the domestic segment so that workers could continue their work without interruption and do productive work from a variety of locations.

About one-third was put to use in industrial production, sixteen percent in residential construction, and twelve percent in commercial endeavors. In addition, the significant growth of the oil and gas industry, the maturation of the industrial infrastructure, and the rising demand for energy are some of the primary forces propelling the market.

Choose the best generator from above-mentioned list to make the best use of it.

Generator FAQs

  1. What Is The Best Fuel For A Generator?

Ans: Well, the best fuel for your generator really boils down to what you need it for. If we’re talking big industrial stuff, diesel’s your best bet. But if it’s for your home, you might lean towards propane or natural gas since they’re cleaner.

  1. How Do I Determine My Power Needs For A Generator?

Ans: Let’s keep this simple. Think about all the gadgets and appliances you’d like to power up at the same time. List them down, and then add up how many watts they all use. That’ll give you a rough idea of the power you need.

  1. How Much Kva Is Required For A House?

Ans: So, the kVA your house needs depends on how power-hungry your appliances are. Most homes are good with something between 3 kVA to 15 kVA. But if you’ve got a big house with loads of gadgets or heavy-duty machines, you might need a bit more.

  1. How Do I Maintain My Generator?

Ans: Well, change its oil now and then, give those air filters a look and swap them out if they’re looking tired, and do the same for the fuel filter if it’s getting grubby. And don’t forget to check on the spark plugs and keep your generator clean from all that dust and dirt. Oh, and run it from time to time to make sure it’s still running smoothly.

  1. How Loud Are Generators Typically?

Ans: Well, it depends on the generator. Most portable ones sound like you’re vacuuming or having a chat. That’s about 60 to 85 decibels. If you go for the inverter types, they’re a bit more on the quiet side, humming around 50 to 65 decibels.

  1. What Are The Grounding Requirements For A Generator?

Ans: Well, grounding is like connecting your generator to the Earth using a metal stick or wire. This helps keep things safe by sending any unwanted electricity straight to the ground. So, always follow the guidelines from the generator’s maker and any local rules when you set up grounding.

  1. What Should I Look For When Buying A New Generator?

Ans: When you’re out shopping, think about the kind you want, like standby, portable, solar, or inverter. How powerful it needs to be, the kind of fuel it uses, and even how loud it is. Handy features, like starting by itself or having extra plug points, are also things to look for.

  1. What Is An Automatic Transfer Switch (Ats) In Generators?

Ans: Imagine you’re watching your favorite show and suddenly the power goes out. An Automatic Transfer Switch (let’s call it ATS) is like a magic switch that quickly swaps between the main power and the generator. If there’s a power cut or something goes wrong with the main power, the ATS tells the generator to kick in. This makes sure your TV show (or whatever’s connected) doesn’t skip a beat!


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