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Top 10 Best Soya Chunks Companies In India

If we were to compile a list of the most protein-rich vegetarian foods on the planet, it would be incomplete unless we included soya chunks. And we’re pretty sure you’d agree with that. Right? Some people enjoy soya chunks for their meaty texture, while others enjoy them for their higher protein and nutritious value. Or perhaps you’ve heard or read about the health benefits of soya chunks, such as how they help with heart health, digestive health, and weight loss. And that’s how soya chunks have now become an inseparable part of your diet. In short, whether you eat soya chunks for their health benefits, higher nutritional value, or simply for the taste, we all like soya chunks. Don’t we?

It should be no surprise that every year millions of metric tonnes of soya chunks are consumed in India. And it is true that every brand’s soya chunks are slightly different in terms of taste or nutritious value. If you are a resident of India, you may already know that brands like Saffola and Fortune dominate the Indian market, when it comes to soya chunks. But we are here to show you the other players that have significant market shares.

List of Top Soya Chunks Companies In India

Let’s get started with today’s post on the top 10 best soya chunk companies in India. So sit back, relax and keep on reading this interesting post. Here we go.

1. Saffola


When it comes to food products like culinary oil, noodles, oats, and, of course, soya chunks, no other brand comes any near in terms of the quality that Saffola provides for Indian consumers. Saffola is one such brand that doesn’t extract too much oil and leaves the soya dry, therefore you see the soya chunks offered by Saffola have a good distinct taste compared to other soya chunks companies on our list. This is the prime reason why Saffola dominates the Indian market when it comes to soya chunks or some other food products. Not just that, since the soya chunks pricing is kept quite affordable, it becomes another reason why you should prefer Saffola over other brands.

2. Fortune


As we mentioned earlier, brands like Saffola and Fortune have the most considerable market share in the Indian market when it comes to a variety of products like culinary oil, noodles, and of course, soya chunks. Fortune’s soya chunks are known for their incredible taste (especially when making a gravy dish) and higher nutrition content. See, soya chunks get their distinct taste when they are not overprocessed, and this is what makes Fortune company different from others. Fortune uses special technology, which processes the soybeans to a certain degree so that it doesn’t lose nutritious value and the taste stays intact. Talking specifically about the pricing thing, so yeah, Fortune has quite decent prices for their various soya chunk packs.

3. Nutrela


If you live in India, you must have heard about the edible oil brand Ruchi Soya. Right? And you might be surprised to learn that the Nutrela brand you’ve been watching in TV commercials is a subsidiary company/brand of Ruchi Soya. With Nutrela’s soya chunks you get everything that you can expect from a good quality brand, like higher nutrition values, awesome tastes, impressive meaty and spongy texture, etc. Most people consider Nutrela’s soya chunks when making a gravy dish since it has an awesome soy taste.

4. Pushp

Pushp Chunks Companies

Now, Pushp is one of those brands that is quite renowned in the Indian market for the best quality spices and masalas. Back in 1974, when the founder Shri Kishanlalaji Surana laid the foundation of Pushp, he had a sole goal to provide the best spices of India to every corner of the nation. And we all know how that turned out. Don’t we? Well, now Pushp is considered one of the largest and most famous spice brands in India. Not just that, Pushp has expanded itself to other food items as well, and Pushp soya is one of the products we got because of that expansion.

5. Urban Platter

Urban Platter

Before 2015, Urban Platter didn’t even exist in the Indian market, but after its establishment in 2015, it became one of the most famous and premium soya chunks brands in the entirety of India. It is quite surprising how a recently started brand got into the list of top 10 soya chunks companies in India. Isn’t it? Well, the reason behind this much progress is pretty simple, Urban Platter targeted a specific demographic who want to consume soya chunks for diet and nutritious values. Delivering what a brand has promised to the customers, is the key to success for that brand, and this is what Urban Platter did.

6. Vama


Chances are, some of you may have never heard about the Vama brand, but we’d like to tell you that Vama is one of the oldest soya products of Indian-origin brands. Product quality-wise, this brand provides shoulder-to-shoulder competition to other well-renowned brands like Saffola and Fortune. One thing that Vama lacks (which has nothing to do with the product itself) is the proper marketing strategy to target a specific demographic in India that wants such high-quality, not over-processed, and incredibly tasty soya chunks and other soya products. Since you get premium soya chunks from Vama, the pricing is slightly higher compared to other brands.

7. Vedaka


If you buy groceries online, or specifically on Amazon India, then you may have already used or heard of the brand Vedaka. Right? We’d like to tell you that Vedaka is an Amazon brand, and it is specifically established for providing the best quality and affordable groceries for those who purchase such items online. On Amazon itself, the Vedaka’s soya chunks are the highest-rated ones on the platform. The reasons behind that are pretty straightforward, such as Vedaka offers good quality soya chunks at an incredibly affordable price point without a customer needing to compromise with the nutritional values of the soya chunks.

8. Everin


Everin India Private Limited is an FMCG products brand that specializes in delivering the best quality consumer products in India. If you consume soya chunks on a regular basis, then you may have seen the packets of Everin Nutri soya chunks in the market. Other than soya chunks, this brand produces other food items like pickles, sauces, snacks, etc. Talking specifically about the soya chunks of Everin company, it is for sure that the texture of soya chunks is the best in the market. You get the right amount of sponginess and meatiness with an incredible soy taste.

9. Patanjali


Everyone in India knows about the well-renowned ayurvedic brand Patanjali. It was one of those brands that made the ayurvedic daily-use items pretty famous all across India. And now Patanjali has expanded itself to other areas of industries like the food products industry as well. The soya chunks offered by Patanjali are for sure 100% vegan with higher protein and nutritional content. Not just that, if you are opting for a weight loss diet plan, Patanjali soya chunks will help you with that as well. However, the pricing of the basic soya chunks packaging by Patanjali is a little higher than some other brands on our list.

10. GoShudh


The motive of the GoShudh brand is to provide health and wellness-focused food products to the general population of India. And this is what made GoShudh one of the most popular brands in the food industry since they don’t alter the nutritional value of the food items. As a result, this Rajasthan-based Indian-origin brand made it to our list of the top 10 best soya chunks companies in India.

Final Thoughts

Before coming up with this list, we have done thorough research in the Indian market to find the best-selling and high-quality soya chunks brands in India. And in our opinion, you should at least give a try to most of these top brands and this is how you’ll be able to decide which soya chunk company has the best product as per your taste and diet preferences.

Soya Chunks FAQs

Q. How are soya chunks produced?

Ans: Soya chunks are produced by extracting oil from soybeans, resulting in defatted soy flour. This flour is mixed with water to form a dough. The dough undergoes a process called extrusion, where it is pushed through a machine to give it a specific shape. It is then cooked through various methods, such as steaming or boiling, to set its texture.

Q. Is the production of soya chunks environmentally friendly?

Ans: Soybeans are considered a relatively sustainable crop. However, environmental impact can vary depending on factors such as agricultural practices, land use, and processing methods. Some manufacturers may use sustainable and eco-friendly practices, but it’s essential to check individual brands for their specific approach.

Q. Are any additives used in the production of soya chunks?

Ans: The production process typically involves extrusion and cooking without the need for many additives. However, some manufacturers might include preservatives or flavor enhancers in the final product. Checking the ingredient list on the packaging can provide information about any additives used.

Q. Is the production of soya chunks a chemical process?

Ans: The production of soya chunks involves mechanical and thermal processes such as extrusion and cooking. While these processes may use heat, pressure, and mechanical force, they are not considered chemical processes in the sense of adding synthetic chemicals to the product.

Q. What are the different forms of soya chunks available in the market?

Ans: Soya chunks are commonly available in dehydrated or dried form. They come in various shapes and sizes, such as small granules or larger chunks. Some products may also be pre-seasoned or flavored.

Q. How long does it take to produce soya chunks?

Ans: The production time for soya chunks can vary depending on the specific manufacturing process used by different companies. Generally, the entire process, from extrusion to cooking and packaging, takes a few hours.

Q. Can soya chunks be produced at home?

Ans: While it’s possible to make a soy-based dough at home, the extrusion and cooking processes are more challenging without specialized equipment. Commercially produced soya chunks are more uniform in texture and appearance.

Q. Are there any by-products generated during the production of soya chunks?

Ans: The primary by-product of soya chunk production is soybean oil, which is extracted from soybeans during the initial stages. Soybean meal, a protein-rich by-product, is also commonly produced and used as animal feed.

Q. Is the production of soya chunks regulated for quality and safety?

Ans: In India, food production, including soya chunk manufacturing, is regulated by food safety authorities. Manufacturers are typically required to adhere to quality and safety standards, and products are subjected to testing to ensure they meet these standards.


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