Top 10 Best Cattle Feed Companies In India

As many as 2 crore Indians rely on the cattle feeding sector to provide for them and the industry is estimated to be worth over Rs. 1, 87,000 crores. As a percentage of the overall animal feed industry, the poultry feed sector has had a near-monopoly for some time now, at over 44% worldwide. Interestingly, the slowest growing of these three markets is aqua feed, which has been experiencing explosive expansion in recent years.

In India, cattle feed is a lucrative industry. An incredible variety of bovine species can be found in India. A solid financial commitment is all that’s required to reap substantial returns in this industry. In addition, the industry features a healthy amount of rivalry. As a result, you need to have plenty of persistence while you build your company.

Animals like cows and buffalo do well when fed roughages. Legumes, grass, & straw are all examples of roughages. Sugar cane tops Oil-seed cakes, etc., are also suitable for their diet.

A cow may consume a lot of grass in a short length of time. You shouldn’t let them overgraze, though. In the event that animals suffer from a nutritional shortage, a wide variety of manufacturers offer supplemental feed.

List of Top Cattle Feed Companies In India

India is home to a plethora of major & medium size cattle feed businesses, however the following is a list of the top 10:



IFFCO was founded in 1959 as a government-owned enterprise with the mission of manufacturing and distributing cereals, pulses, & oilseeds. This also serves as a source of animal feed.

When it comes to India’s livestock feed industry, IFFCO is one of the undisputed leader. Production facilities in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, & Maharashtra generate around 670 tonnes of cattle feed daily.

IFFCO’s yearly production capability for milk & milk products is 5 million tons, making it the largest provider of milk & dairy items in India. Even more impressive is the fact that it boasts the world’s highest liquid milk production capacities.

2. Suguna

When it comes to animal feed, poultry feed, and fish feeds in India, Suguna are the name to trust. Since its founding in 1957, when it began producing poultry feed, the business has been publicly traded on the (BSE).

With an annual production capacity of around 2 million tons, Suguna is India’s number two chicken feed producer (tpa). It is headquartered in Chennai and has further offices in Cochin, Coimbatore & also Hyderabad.

 3. The Godrej Agrovet

A division called Godrej Industries Ltd., one of India’s major private sector conglomerates; Godrej Agrovet produces a wide range of high-quality products. Some of the company’s divisions produce and sell feed for livestock and poultry. Godrej Nature’s Basket, a wholly-owned business, provides farmers with contract agricultural services (GNB).

Products such as concentrated liquid feed to be used for ruminants & poultry, cow dung wet cakes, cattle slurry cakes, cattle dung dried cakes, cattle fodder pellets, straw pellets and straws, water drinking tube for cattle and bottles, etc. are listed. These products are sold under names like Cadila Feed, Green Field Chicken Feed, Green Field Cattle Feed, GNB Farms, etc.

4. Kamdhenu Limited

Kamdhenu Ltd, a division of Agro Tech Foods Group, is a major player in the Indian dairy industry. Established in 1975, the firm’s parent company began life in 1965 when it purchased a factory in the Hoshangabad area of Rajasthan. The factory had originally been founded by three brothers.

 From its humble beginnings, Kamdhenu has grown to be one of India’s leading milk producers and distributors. Curd, ghee, buttermilk, yoghurt drinks (lassi), condensed milk, processed cheese spreads, and more are all part of their product line.

5. Bharat Industries

In 1993, Bharat Industries was founded in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, as a solo proprietorship. We are one of the leading producers of a wide variety of high-quality Cattle Feed Products such as Milk Feed Premix, Milk Feed Super Pellet, Dairy Feed Super Mesh,  Milk Feed Dudharu, as well as other products  As a result of their unparalleled quality and innovative design, our products consistently receive high praise from customers and experts alike.

6. Vishal exports Limited

On the international market, Vishal Exports Limited. Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of dairy goods, edible oils, and animal feeds. In 1984, the business officially opened for business.

Cow milk, buffalo milk, and their derivative products like ghee, buttermilk, butter oil, as well as other dairy products are Vishal Exports Ltd.’s bread and butter. The company also produces edible oils like groundnut oil, the mustard seed oil, and sunflower seed oil, and cattle feed like cornflakes and compound feed of molasses centered on maize as well as wheat under the VELCO® brand.

7. Venkateshwara Hatcheries

The headquarters are Hosur, Tamil Nadu, of Venkateswara Hatcheries Private. Ltd. (Venky”s) which is a prominent Indian poultry firm. With a 23% market share, it is by far India’s most important chicken producer. On 15 June 1971, in Maduranthakam, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, S P Shastri with his children Venkateshwara Rao & Shivraj Rao founded the company. Several other hatcheries opened across the country after the first one opened in the Palarivattom region of Ernakulam in Kerala in 1978.

8. Pranav agro

Pranav Agro Industries Ltd. is an industry-leading producer and provider of food grading items and additives. The firm is headquartered in India and also has factories in other countries; it also has a robust distribution network in India, with over large number of distributors. PAIL also sells to over 50 nations worldwide, such as South Africa, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

Products of the Company include vegetable oil, sunflower oil, palm olein, soybean oil, mixed oil of vegetables comprising groundnut oil, the edible fatty acid such as esterified stearin acid and hydrogenated, etc.; edible waxes like carnauba waxes, glycerol monostearate which is used for chocolate coatings, etc.; lecit

9. Cargill India

The Cargill Corporation has a wholly owned subsidiary in India called Cargill India, which ranks among the top 10 companies in the country that feed cattle. To supply its customers in China, Japan, and South Korea, the company buys wheat as well as other grains from Canada, Australia, and Brazil. It also exports some of its imported corn to Vietnam to be used in production of animal feed and sells it to food producers like Nestle and Unilever.

Cargill India Limited operates through three major subsidiaries: Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd. in Singapore, which trades commodities like rice, barley, and soybeans around the world; Hindustan Agro Industries Limited (HAIL) in India; and Overseas Infrastructure Alliance Ltd (OIA) in the United Kingdom, which operates infrastructure projects overseas (OIAL). With more than 50,000 people across the globe, it is one of the major agribusinesses in India.

10. Vaster Life Science

For successful poultry farming, it is essential that all types of poultry birds, including broilers, layers, and breeders, receive a complete spectrum of nutrients within the feed. The chickens have access to a wide range of feed ingredients, and their dietary needs are well established.

Cereal grains such as maize, wheat, barley, etc. are the primary components of chicken feed. The feed is fortified with essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and potassium as well as trace minerals, vitamins, and microminerals by this company

Feed presentation, microbial activity, amount of antinutritional substances, digestibility, or gut and intestinal health are just few of the many aspects that affect the quality and nutritional value of the feed which this company considers. These problems are remedied by the use of a number of chicken feed supplements and additives by them.

To maximize the productivity of the poultry flock in terms of egg production, disease resistance, and overall feed efficiency, it is common practice followed by them to enhance the poultry feed.

Antimicrobials, emulsifiers, antioxidants, toxin binders, & chicken feed enzymes are just some of the common feed additives and supplements used in poultry production.

The purpose of employing these supplements or additions is to increase the nutritious value of the final product for human consumption, and this is best achieved by using all-natural compounds that may be placed directly into fowl muscle and egg whites.


This list is intended to assist in locating the best ten cattle feeding businesses in India. All of these brands are well-known & respected, with a solid history of providing customers with high-quality goods at reasonable costs. Visit their official website or call them at the official numbers if you’d like any additional details about these cattle feed companies.

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