Top 10 Best Adhesive Manufacturers In India

The manufacturers of adhesive in India are increasing production of adhesives, corrugated paper, & packaging materials to meet rising global demand. Demand for acrylics is anticipated to rise as a result of this optimistic expansion over the projection period.

The packaging business in the region has expanded thanks to the rise of e-commerce, the popularity of online meal delivery services, and technological advances.

A research by experts has stated that the country’s packaged food industry has experienced unprecedented growth in use of adhesive thanks to rapid digitalization, a rise in online customer base & spending, and a diversification of cuisine.

The adhesive formulation process involves compounding the basic material with filler, colors, stabilizers, plasticizers, and other additives.

Polyurethane adhesives currently account for the bulk of India’s adhesives market, and rising demand from a wide range of end-user sectors indicates that this trend will continue through 2025.

In India, Fevicol is the market leader. In terms of current and projected growth, the packaging industry is adhesives’ largest and most promising market.

List of Top Adhesive Manufacturers In India

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Adhesive Manufacturers In India:

1. Fevicol


Not just in India, but all across the world, Fevicol adhesives are among the most trusted on the market. Pidilite Industries, which was established in the year 1959, is the company in charge of and the owner of the trademark name.

The Fevicol product line is Pidilite’s most important connection. Fevicol is such a common brand of adhesive that just saying the name brings up instant associations. The company’s groundbreaking new products in the carpentry industry have revolutionized business in India.

When it comes to adhesives, carpenters still choose Fevicol. Though Fevicol was originally designed for industrial use, we reintroduced it to the public in a novel “tube-pack” format. Now, no Indian home would be complete without a supply of Fevicol. We constantly develop new iterations of Fevicol to meet the needs of our many customers in India and beyond.

2. B Fuller

The H.B. Fuller Co. is an American conglomerate with a global presence that sells adhesives in India. The company has been heralded for a long time in the realm of ethical investing for its meticulous management of toxic waste as well as the natural reserve it constructed surrounding its headquarters.

Their adhesives are top-notch because they’re made with cutting-edge machinery. Their adhesives are in high demand since they may be utilized right away. These adhesives are also known as ready-to-use adhesives.

3. Adhesive India

The problem of mending shattered pieces or adhering dissimilar materials together can be overcome with the help of high-quality glue. This company is making great strides as a manufacturer by putting out such high-quality glues. They are doing practically everything possible, with the best of intentions, to create value through the use of excellent glues, from using the proper and adequate base materials to running numerous tests on the variety to ensure quality usage.

Adhesives from this company are put through a battery of tests to ensure their authenticity, including tensile shear, environmental, impact, peel strength, and other similar measures.

4. Chemline India Limited

From its humble beginnings in 1990, CHEMLINE has grown to become one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Adhesives and Coatings.

Among the many products that Chemline India limited produces are adhesives & coatings for use in the different industries ranging from packaging, paper, converting, labeling industry, footwear, pharmaceutical sectors, etc.

5. Atlas adhesives

Atlas Adhesives is pleased to serve the adhesives industry in several capacities. Rubber adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, latex adhesives, non-flammable adhesives, floor coating, bonding adhesives, rebonding foam binders, etc. are just some of the adhesives we carry.

The firm has been meeting the requirements of its consumers by producing high-quality goods that are tailored to their specifications. The company has achieved success on the global stage thanks to its registration as an ISO certified 9000: 2001, and a NSIC Registration Company.

The company’s primary focus is on providing exceptional service to each and every one of their clients. In order to achieve this goal, the team monitors every step of production, from sourcing raw materials to shipping finished goods.

 Moreover, everything is delivered promptly and at low costs. As our customers are so crucial to our success, this is a great way to ensure we maintain cordial relationships with them.

6. Sharma chemical and adhesive

Sharma Chemical and Adhesive is a manufacturer and supplier of Synthetic & PU Adhesive, Thinner, & Rubber Solutions, and our mission is to provide our clients with an unbreakable, strong, and permanent answer to all of their needs.

They provide these items in beautiful wholesale packaging and at competitive pricing based on demand. This company was established in 1996, and since then they have become one of the leading distributors in the adhesive market.

All of their items have a wide range of applications that are applicable to numerous sectors. It’s often claimed that the quality of the product is determined by the caliber of the connections between its many components. They not only make the product more durable, but they also make it safer and more trustworthy.

7. Astral adhesive

The adhesives produced by Astral Adhesives are extremely versatile. They offer a wide selection of adhesives, including both specialty adhesives based on epoxy and more common adhesives centered on cyanoacrylates, PVA, elastomers, etc. In 1987, they set out to fill a need for a product that wasn’t being met in the market, so they developed a method of producing epoxy resins. Superior quality control and research and development resources allowed for the creation of a wide variety of adhesives tailored to specific uses.

8. Dendrite adhesive

Dendrite is an internationally recognized adhesive that sells quite well. In addition to dominating the adhesives & rubber cement markets in India and neighboring nations like Bangladesh and Bhutan, this Indian-based business is also a regional leader throughout all of South Asia.

Adhesives and glues from them have a wide range of applications, from mending to attaching. Because of their exceptional quality and performance, their adhesives are widely employed in a variety of industrial applications.

9. National adhesives

National Adhesives is a leading producer of adhesive in India. As a result of their versatility, national adhesives are widely utilized by corporations and other organizations across the country.

In India’s thriving Chemical Industry, National Adhesives & Polymers stands out as a leader. In 1992, they set out to create (NAP) with the intention of providing the clients with high-quality adhesive and services. Thanks to Mr. H. S. Chandhok’s technical leadership, NAP has grown to a respectable position in this present market.

10. Loctite adhesive

When it comes to glues, sealants, and other similar products, LOCTITE® is unrivalled. To help people and machines achieve their full potential, they use cutting-edge technology to create adhesives with superior strength, durability, and longevity. They have the most comprehensive product line of adhesives for the toughest business needs.

They are highly regarded as the best adhesive option for all industries. The company has partnered with industry experts to develop innovative methods of installing tiles and stone. This facility’s cutting-edge facilities have made it possible to expand its customer base across the Indian subcontinent. The brand personas participate in effective last-mile delivery in all parts of the country and offer immediate feedback on-site.


The adhesives industry is dominated by a small number of companies that generate the vast majority of the market’s profits. With only a handful of companies accounting for more than 90% of the market, the adhesives industry in India is highly competitive.

For many years, Pidilite Industries Ltd. has dominated the Sealants market, capturing a share of about 48%. Growth prospects for the market under review are projected to emerge in many forms as the need for bio-based adhesives rises and as electronic operations in the country continue to expand.

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