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Top 10 Best Battery Manufacturing Companies In India

Whether we talk about the batteries being used in remote controllers, flashlights, mobile phones, solar-powered systems, automotive vehicles, or even electric vehicles. It is no hidden secret that batteries are quite an important thing in this modern era. It is believed that the first single-cell battery was invented in the 1800s, but have you heard about the Baghdad Battery? During archaeological research, a single-cell battery was found in Iraq in 1936. And it is believed that this battery might be 2000 years old. Well, the point is, batteries might have been around for quite a long time now, but no one knows that for sure. No matter when the first battery was invented, the thing is, now the technology used in making the batteries has evolved quite a lot. It is true that batteries have helped quite a lot in the technological advancements in every sector.

And there are many sectors that require batteries for their end product to work, like automotive, smartphone, electronics, solar power industry, etc. Without a doubt, China is the biggest producer or manufacturer of batteries in the world, but India is not very far behind. India is one of the rising names in the battery manufacturing industry. And today, we will be taking a look at the companies that manufacture the most amount of batteries. In our opinion, these top battery manufacturing companies are responsible for the most innovation in this sector of India.

List of Top Battery Manufacturing Companies In India


So let’s learn about these top 10 battery manufacturing companies.

1. Exide Industries Ltd

We would not have believed you if you said that you have never heard of a company called Exide. It is so popular in India, literally, everybody knows about this company. No matter if it’s about inverter batteries, car batteries, bike/scooter batteries, Genset batteries, or anything like that, Exide makes all these types of batteries. It is so big of a company that you can also find it listed on the share market of India. The market capitalization of Exide is nearly 15,500 crore rupees. And in the last 3 years, Exide has recorded a sales growth of more than 15%, which is quite impressive in our opinion. One thing is certain when it comes to Exide batteries: you will not be compromising on quality. Exide batteries usually last longer than other brands or companies’ batteries, that’s why people prefer this company over the others.

2. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

When it comes to buying automotive batteries, one name will be recommended to you over and over again, and it is Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. This company is considered one of the largest battery manufacturing companies in the country. Huge names in the automobile or automotive industry like Hyundai and Toyota prefer to buy batteries in bulk from Amara Raja Batteries to use in their end products. Not just for local automobile clients, but Amara Raja Batteries Ltd also exports a significant number of batteries to other nations every year. The market capitalization of this company is around 13,500 crore rupees, and in the last 3 years, the company has recorded nearly 14% growth in sales. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd definitely has the potential to become the number one and best battery manufacturing company. But that would certainly take some time because the competition in this niche or domain is also increasing by the day.

3. HBL Power Systems Ltd

The aircraft and defense sector is heavily dependent on the use of batteries, and HBL Power Systems Ltd is one of the preferred companies because it manufactures one of the most durable and long-lasting batteries in India. This company is particularly known to make the best lead-acid and lithium batteries in the country. And that’s why many huge automotive companies and other sector companies are the clients of HBL Power Systems Ltd. We would have kept this company on the lower spot since the sales growth in the last three years has dipped a little, but this company for sure has the potential to become a market leader.

4. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

Quite recently, Su-Kam Power System Ltd’s name was changed to Sukam Nextgen India Pvt. Ltd. This energy industry company is more inclined towards making eco-friendly energy solutions in India. However, Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd exports its end products to more than 90 countries, which make up a huge portion of the total profit. And this company has been able to achieve all of this within three decades or so, which is quite impressive. It is so easy to underestimate this company because the market capitalization is just 225 crore rupees, but in our opinion, Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd definitely has the potential to become the leading battery manufacturer in the coming years.

5. Indo National Ltd

Before Duracell or other single-cell companies were even popular in India, Indo National Ltd aka Nippo Batteries used to dominate this section of the Indian market. At first, Nippo just used to sell one of the best and long last single cell batteries, but they also started selling torch lights, and LED lights as well. Market capitalization-wise, Indo National Ltd, or Nippo is a fairly small company, but it certainly is a market leader in a very specific segment of the market. However, the popularity of this company has started to fade away little by little since there is too much competition in the market now.

6. Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd

As you can already tell that Panasonic Energy India Company Limited is a subsidiary or branch of Panasonic company. This subsidiary company was established back in 1972 by parent company Panasonic, and that is because there was high demand for small-scale batteries like remote control batteries, zinc-carbon batteries, and small lithium-ion batteries for car keys. Since Panasonic itself is one of the leading home appliances and consumer electronics companies, that is why it already had an established customer base for Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd to sell its batteries in India.

7. Duracell Inc

Duracell Inc is actually a company that started back in 1924, but it was the year 1994 when this single-cell battery manufacturing company made its first appearance in the Indian market. At first, this company didn’t get the response that the management was hoping for, but after 2005, Duracell became one of the most favorite battery companies in India. As of now, Duracell offers many types of batteries such as Alkaline, Rechargeable, Coin/Button batteries, etc. Despite making a late start in India, Duracell has been able to capture a significant market share. And now it has become the leading battery manufacturing company in this particular niche.

8. High Energy Batteries Ltd

Market capitalization-wise, High Energy Batteries Ltd seems like a fairly small scale company. Correct? Despite that, we have included this company on our list today because it is one of the leading battery companies to provide battery solutions for Aero defense systems and naval expeditions. The market capitalization size of this company is just over 50 crore rupees, but in the last three years or so, High Energy Batteries Ltd has hit all-time high sales growth of more than 25%. However the establishment of this energy industry company happened in 1979, but it has been keeping up with the latest technological advancements.

9. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd.

When it comes to solar batteries and solar system solutions, one name you’ll hear over and over again would be Luminous Power Technologies. And that is because Luminous is the biggest brand or company in India to promote sustainable energy in India. At the time of Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd’s establishment, this company was the biggest battery manufacturer in the country. However it is still one of the biggest battery makers in India, but now there are many other countries in the same niche competing with each other. In our opinion, Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd will continue to grow in the future since it has an already established customer base.

10. Eveready Industries Pvt Ltd

Competing with Duracell and Nippo, there is another company that has been able to capture significant market share in the same niche. Here we are talking about Eveready Industries Pvt Ltd. Similar to Duracell Inc, this company also focuses on the latest technology implementation to manufacture single-cell, alkaline, zinc carbon, and rechargeable batteries. In this niche of small batteries, Eveready Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the most consumer-friendly companies on our list today. The market capitalization size of this particular company is nearly 2300 crore rupees, but the sales chart shows that the sales have dipped a little in the last three years or so.


Alright, these are the top 10 best battery manufacturing companies in India. All in all, these are the top companies that are contributing to the significant growth of the energy industry of the nation. And these are the most prominent names that are spreading the idea and benefits of sustainable energy in India.


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