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Top 10 Best E Rickshaw Battery Companies In India

As a substitute for traditional rickshaws that are pushed by a person or are driven by a motor vehicle, e-rickshaws have recently entered the market. E-rickshaws are often regarded as the most convenient and cost-effective method of transporting passengers short distances because they need little to no physical exertion from their riders and do not require fuel.

The battery in an e-rickshaw not only helps you get going, but also powers the ride. Due to its popularity as a green mode of transportation, e-rickshaws are in high demand.

There is no more vital component of an E-rickshaw than its battery, which powers the vehicle’s engine and any additional electronics. Therefore, you need take adequate and regular care of the E-engine rickshaw’s to ensure its long life & efficient operation. In addition, the battery is considered the soul of E-rickshaw, and if it breaks or develops problems, you won’t be able to drive the vehicle. Here, though, are some best practices for optimizing the performance and longevity of E-rickshaw vehicle.

List of Top E-Rickshaw Battery Brands In India

1. Livguard


Do all of you remember when Tuk-Tuks and Tempos were the most cost-effective means of transportation in some of the largest and most populous tier 2 cities? It’s no surprise that such inexpensive transportation is popular among the general public for quick trips. Afterwards, there was a surge in both population and pollution. E-rickshaws, which are more eco-friendly and fulfil the same purpose, have since replaced them. E-Rickshaws, which are powered by batteries, are the future of transportation.

To this day, Livguard remains one of India’s most trusted company for E Rickshaw batteries. Their powerful results make the E Rickshaw more effective. Livguard E rickshaw cells are equipped with different features

2. Pilot Industries

Pilot Industries

When it comes to e rickshaw battery production, no one can compare to Pilot Industries. Compare the low pricing on e rickshaw batteries to those of any competitor. Their items are among the highest quality in the world. Their service is the best option for making battery production facilities for e-rickshaws both secure and comfortable.

Batteries for E Rikshaws are created using state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to the standard characteristics, these batteries have a lower electrolyte consumption and greater mileage output compared to competing models.

3. Apex Power

Apex Power

With a firm dedication to customer satisfaction, we provide items that require minimal upkeep yet maximum durability. As a leading provider of high-quality E-Rickshaw batteries, they take great pride in their reputation. Customers’ requirements are taken into account during battery development. Their batteries are perfect for the rough road conditions since they offer better mileage and a longer battery backup. These batteries provide for longer range between recharges. Apex uses cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and strict quality control to provide reliable goods.

4. Tata Green battery

Tata Petrodyne Limited

The introduction of the electric rickshaw has resulted in a rise in battery use. A set of e rickshaw batteries powers the vehicle. These batteries were designed to power something specific. The rickshaw’s batteries double as its primary power.

 In recent years, e-rickshaws have become increasingly common. In essence, they are incredibly helpful cars that also don’t pollute the environment. If the batteries in their e-rickshaws are well taken care of, they might be a great asset to their company.

The Sawaar-e battery line was developed specifically for e-rickshaws, and as such, it offers many benefits, including:

Maximum Vibration Resistance and Lightning-Fast Charging Times, Certified by i-CAT

5. Microtex India

Microtex India

Dr. Wieland Rusch, a pioneer in the field of battery science and the creator of copper flex metals submarine batteries, is responsible for the creation of Microtex batteries.

Their battery designs are on par with the finest in the world, and can compete with any major international brand.

Incorporating both European technology and Microtex’s extensive research & experience, this is built to last and is extremely cost-effective for e rickshaw owners. They are created to last a long time with minimal upkeep. For decades, Microtex has produced traction and semi-traction batteries. In this sense, E Rickshaw can be thought of as a semi-traction application.

6. JC battery

JC battery

Batteries for JC E-rickshaws are state-of-the-art creations tailored to the unique needs of these electric vehicles. The e-superior rickshaw’s efficiency and low operating costs are the result of its many innovative design characteristics.

This company has been making traction and semi-traction batteries for 50 years, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product when they offer you a battery specification for their e rickshaw that includes plenty of extra components to provide a constant supply of energy.

Their battery line-up is the most dependable option for e-rickshaws. Their exceptional e rickshaw cell weight and durable design are the result of years of research and development by this company.

7. Okaya Power

Okaya Power

Over time, the demand for the E-Rickshaw batteries has grown in tandem with the popularity of the vehicles themselves. Batteries designed specifically for use in E-Rickshaws provide the necessary energy. E-custom-built Rickshaw’s batteries are not only necessary for kickstarting the rickshaw but also serve as its primary fuel source.

The best materials are used in its construction, and it has a deep discharge performance design, so it needs hardly any topping off with water. E rickshaw riders can rejoice!

8. Altox


They stand as India’s most reliable producer of E-rickshaw batteries. The E-rickshaw batteries we offer are widely regarded for their durability and superior performance. You can go quickly and easily with the E-rickshaw if you have access to constant power.

Their batteries were made to last and work well with the E-rickshaw. Altox offers E-rickshaw batteries that can keep up with their busy schedule and their E-rickshaw. If you use their batteries, you won’t have to worry about any maintenance or downtime.

9. Eastman


As a result of the tubular technology that contributes to the lowest feasible cost per kilometre, the Eastman E-Rickshaw Battery is a benefit to rickshaw drivers. The tubular batteries have a longer cycle life and longer warranty and are authorized by the iCAT. It has been established that E-Rickshaw batteries have a reasonable cost, stable high load performance, and low maintenance needs.

The owner’s life is simplified beyond a shadow of a doubt because to its superior charge efficiency, robustness against over/undercharging, and the fact that it requires topping off about 10% less frequently compared to any other battery on the market.

Like its moniker suggests, this battery makes use of a tube-shaped positive plate as well as a grid-shaped negative plate. As a result, more useful substances can be amassed than with any other plate method. To power the E-Rickshaw, Eastman has provided a battery that won’t break the bank.

The longer run time per charge is another feature that sets these Eastman tubular batteries apart from its rivals. By their very nature, specialized chargers expedite the charging process. These entire factors combine to make the battery the most cost-effective option per mile travelled. It has excellent resistance to vibration.

10. Karacus

Karacus Energy

You can find long-lasting batteries from Karacus Energy, one of the best Electric Rickshaw battery company in India. These are manufactured using cutting-edge machinery and expert staff direction. The supplied battery has lower electrolyte consumption and more runtime than competing products.

They are India’s most trusted company for e-rickshaw batteries. When compared to competitors, their e-rickshaw battery cost is far less expensive. The quality of their items is unrivalled. They have the best option for ensuring that electric rickshaw battery plants are always pleasant places to work. They have the lowest price for them in the Delhi/National Capital Region.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned list has the best e-rickshaw battery companies in India. They are known for quality-rated batteries which are eco-friendly and within budget range.

E Rickshaw Battery FAQs

Q1. Which battery is used in an E-Rickshaw?

Ans: In India, most e-rickshaws roll around with Lead-acid batteries. They ain’t perfect, though, with a lifespan of about 360 cycles, an 8-hour charging time, and a bit of a weight problem.

Q2. How long does an E-Rickshaw battery last?

Ans: Well, the majority of e-rickshaw batteries are lead-acid ones, and they usually last around or over a year.

Q3. How many batteries are needed in an E-Rickshaw?

Ans: The average E-rickshaws has four batteries installed, but that number can vary depending on the rickshaw model.

Q4. What is the maximum mileage of an electric auto rickshaw?

Ans: Take Mahindra Treo, India’s best-seller e-rickshaw, as an example. It’s got a 7.4 kWh electric motor that cranks out 42 Nm of torque. With a 48V lithium-ion battery, you can charge it up in 3 to 4 hours and hit the road for up to 130 km.

Q5. What is the future scope of electric rickshaws?

Ans: Last year, India’s e-rickshaw market was worth an astonishing $273.6 million, and by 2030, it’s predicted to rise up to a whopping $456.2 million. So, yeah, the future’s looking pretty electric!

Q6. Which is the first e-rickshaw company in India?

Ans: Back in the year 2011, Vijay Kapoor founded Saera Electric Auto Private Limited. A year later, he launched the first-ever batch of Mayuri e-rickshaws in the country.

Q7. What is the load capacity of an e-rickshaw?

Ans: Usually, e-rickshaws are considered a lightweight mode of transport, but you’d be surprised that an e-rickshaw can be loaded with as much as 1000 kg weight and it can still take you from point A to point B. This load capacity is enough to carry around 10 to 13 people. But remember, it’s always wise not to push an electric rickshaw to extreme limits when it comes to weight because it’s still powered by an electric motor.


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