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Top 10 Best Pharma Franchises Companies in India

India is home to many large manufacturing and distribution businesses of which the pharmacy field is one of them. With such a large demographic at bay in terms of potential customers, the need for appropriate medication at an affordable and nearby location is much more important. This is why pharmacy franchise models are increasing and are seeing a large surge in recent times, especially since the COVID period.

The other route to venturing into the chemist field is to get a permit and license and start a medical chemist store of your own. This will require additional effort in terms of customer acquisition, building a brand name, and getting the desired flow of customers.

In comparison, getting a franchise gives you a relatable famous brand name, access to renowned distribution and business model expertise, opportunity to price your products at good rates and get higher brand recall and customer footprint. This factor has held to an increase in the pharma franchises across India and we here take a look at the best of the lot whilst also diving deep into it.

List of Top Pharma Franchises Companies in India

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1. Pharmeasy

The first pick in our list is Pharmeasy, a well-known online-based pharma business that restructured and rejuvenated the entire pharma field. The brand is known to offer quality medication at an affordable pricing with options like home delivery and more which are geared towards providing the customer with the best possible service. The brand was established in 2015 and took off as one of the top-growing companies right away. They started the franchise model in 2022 and already have over 200 partnered franchises working with them. The franchise for Pharmeasy requires Rs 10-12 lakhs of initial investment along with a one-time franchise fee of Rs 2.5-3 lakhs. You can easily open a Pharmeasy outlet in 200-500 sq ft unit space.

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2. Care Pharmacy

Second on our list is Care Pharmacy, one of the largest and fastest-growing pharma chain stores and franchises in India. Care Pharmacy was established in 2017 and is based out of Gujarat. It has a wide array of offerings and product lines with direct connections to various large medicine manufacturers. The brand offers more than 4,000 kinds of products under their line along with 1000 generic molecules. They offer a complete franchise model where you can get the franchise with an initial investment starting at Rs 5 lakhs and royalty fees of Rs 2 lakhs. Care Pharma franchise license allows you to partner and learn from top pharma companies across India. They further guide you on experienced outlet management.

3. GenMart Generic Pvt. Ltd.

GenMart is another of the top-line pharma companies running in India. It works as a one-stop shop for pharma needs and provides people will all forms of health and medical offerings. They also cater to the healthcare and wellness requirements of the people while providing them with the best possible generic pharmaceutical product lines. It was founded in 2018 by GenMart Generic Pvt. Ltd. It has an easy and hassle-free registration and partnership model where you can sign the franchise documents and get the desired guidance and know-how on setting up your pharma store. It requires an initial investment of Rs 20 lakhs and a royalty fee of Rs 5 lakhs.

4. Living Healthy 24

Living Healthy 24, is an initiative of Kolkata-based pharma and healthcare brand Culmination Healthcare Private Limited. It is one of the premier healthcare solution and service-providing brands across that geographical region. The ideation and execution of Living Healthy 24 is to provide a healthy living with proper genuine medicines, doctor consultation, and health diagnosis at the time of need. They have been catering to audiences on a wide scale via their apps, websites, portals, and communication streams. They started back in 2016 and entered into a franchise model in 2019. They already have more than 15 franchise outlets working around. The franchise cost for Living Healthy 24 comes at an initial investment of Rs 13 lakhs and a royalty fee of 4%.

5. Sanjivani

Fifth, we have Sanjivani, one of the reputed and well-known pharma companies around. They are one of the oldest ones in the business and have been providing healthcare and pharma services since 2006 before adding the franchise model in 2015. They already have around 100+ franchises working under them. Sanjivani offers lifetime support and business guidance to partner pharmacies and also allows for various support packages to choose from. They already have a well-known name and brand standing in various cities across India. The best part about them is the ability to cater to a full bouquet service of medicines for various diseases and cases from one single store allowing users to rely on them with great deal.

6. SastaSundar

Next up we have Sasta Sundar as our other entry into this list of best pharma franchises across India at present. Sasta Sundar is the initiative of Flipkart which has launched a completely online-based medical healthcare portal and service under the SastaSundar brand name as part of the Flipkart Health Plus initiative. It was founded in 2013 and started the online and franchise model right away and has over 100+ franchises operating at present. They prioritize in free of cost doorstep medicine delivery at affordable price rates to customers. SastaSundar has multiple segments and different areas of healthcare offerings to choose from.

7. Emedix

Emedix is another of the proficient healthcare and pharma brands that are making a name for themselves with good service and product lines. They have been into pharma since 2016 and built up brand awareness with a diversified pharma retailing business in even remote villages and areas. The platform initially started as a digital-based brand and added various features and franchises along with it. They already have more than 20+ franchises working with them. You can get their franchise license with an initial investment of Rs 5 lakhs and be part of this journey.

8. Davaindia

Davaindia is the largest private generic pharma retail chain in India with a presence in multiple cities and over 616 stores operating as part of their chains. They are a well-known brand due to their good customer support, affordable medicine, and top-notch quality products. Davaindia was founded in 1997 and started a franchise model from 2017 onwards whereby they have built a large network of pharma retail outlets. They are part of Zota Healthcare Pvt. Ltd and have been rewarded for their efforts in providing people with quality generic medicines at very low cost.

9. MedPlus

MedPlus is another of the top-ranked pharma franchises across India and is one of the most experienced brands in this field. It was founded in 2006 and has been providing top-notch medicines and healthcare product lines to customers. They ventured into a franchise model for expansion and now run network stores in 12 different states and 150 different cities. They have one of the largest connected networks of pharma chains and provide top-notch genuine medicine, great customer service, and affordability packaged into one. It also trains its franchise partner in the setting up of a pharma store and operating it for the right growth.

10. Medlife

Medlife, operated by Medlife International Pvt. Ltd is one of the largest online-based pharma stores in India. It started its operation in 2014 from Bangalore before adding the franchise model from 2017 onwards. They operated on efficient delivery and providing of healthcare services and medicines to the users at a value for money. They have ties and networks across 29 states and deal in 20,000+ medicines. The franchise model for Medlife has already shown immense growth with over 800+ partner outlets added to the network and more agreements in line. They have a nominal fee model allowing entrepreneurs an accessible entry point into the market.

Final Words

The pharma industry and franchise model are important for the users and consumers as they allow more people to get the right medicinal services and healthcare programs. It also helps to make medicines accessible and economical to large masses. There are a lot of major pharma franchises running successfully in India and we’ve picked the best of the lot in the aforementioned list. We hope it can help you understand more about pharma franchises and how to find one for yourself.


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