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Top 10 Best Gear Manufacturers in India

Gears are like the soul of any machinery. They help transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another with the help of assembly. These gear assemblies are linked to each other with the help of meshing teething. In a gear assembly, you will find assemblies of the multiple radius which can help you alter the power output and the torque delivery. You may think that the gears are only used in automobiles, but that is not true. Even in industries, machinery and other items with moving parts have gear assemblies in them. Even your washing machine has a gear assembly.

Now, multiple types of gear are used in industries. Some examples of industrial gears are worm gear, spur gear, bevel gear, helical gear, planetary gear and many others. The most common type of gear out of these is spur gear, which has broad usage. This is mainly because of the wide spectrum of ratios that it offers. Spur gear assembly is also affordable. However, if you want something better, you can also replace the spur gear with the helical gear, as it is comparatively less noisy than the spur gear. Since you are on this page, we assume that you need gear for commercial usage. In such a case, procuring them directly from the manufacturers can be better.

Let us move on to the next section to learn more about the gear manufacturers in India.

List of Top Gear Manufacturers in India


In this section, we have listed the top 10 best gear manufacturers in India. You can contact them for the gears with the customised ratios or your needs. They can help you provide the gears, which will also reduce the cost since you are procuring directly from the manufacturer. Let’s check out the options on the list.

1. Precision Gear Manufacturing Company

Precision Gear Manufacturing Company is currently known to be one of the best in India. The company started in 1996 with a manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra. Today, the company’s head office is in Bhosari, Pune, and it has different manufacturing units for gear teeth cutting, assembly and the fabrication of gear. The brand manufactures different types of gear using high-precision CNC. Today, Precision Gear Manufacturing Company offer its products to different domains. Industries from the domains like automobile, spares, machine building, manufacturing and food processing seek gears from Precision Gear Manufacturing Company. This manufacturing unit can also help fabricate base frames, gear housing, structure and EOT cranes.

2. San Engineering and Locomotives

One of the largest gear manufacturers in India is San Engineering & Locomotives. This brand is into the manufacturing of power packs, gearboxes and locomotives. The company believes in making long-lasting relationships, which is why they offer the best quality to its clients. Their gears are highly reliable, and they have advanced manufacturing capabilities. Technology has helped them improve product design and make it more efficient. The manufacturing unit of San Engineering & Locomotive is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and it matches international standards. If you are looking for heavy-duty gear, contact San Engineering & Locomotives.

3. Saggu Gears India

At number 3, we have Saggu Gears India, which was incepted in 1992. Since its inception, Saggu Gears have come a long way since it was founded. Today, it is involved in the manufacturing and exporting of gears, spare parts and gearboxes. Saggu Gears have stringent quality control measures to ensure products with high reliability. The gears offered by Saggu Gears have high tensile strength, durability, and they are very resistant to corrosion. Client satisfaction is also very important for the brand, so they have a dedicated team for client relations. The brand also provides a sample to the clients, and the clients can choose the products after they verify the sample.

4. Rotec Transmissions Private Limited

Next on the list is Rotec Transmission Private limited. This manufacturer is based in Hyderabad, and their manufacturing unit is ISO 9001:2008 compliant. They have a huge plan in Hyderabad, and they supply gear and gearboxes from this plant to the rest of the country. The parallel manufacturing lines in their manufacturing plant help them manufacture different types of gear under one roof. The machinery deployed by Rotec Transmission Private limited is from international brands, which takes care of precision and accuracy. Rotec Transmission Private Limited also has international product certification for their products. Because of their quality, the brand is very popular in the international market.

5. Gears and Gear Drives India

Gears and Gears Drives India is yet another pioneer in the gear manufacturing space in India. The company is known for its innovative solutions and has a huge presence in the space of automation, motion control, mechatronics and power transmission. Gears and Gears Drives India also have clients in domains like industrial automation, process machinery, agriculture, solar tracking, defence, material handling and lifting solutions. They can even have customised solutions for you if you need one. The offerings from Gears and Gears Drives India are cost-effective and have very good quality. Overall, Gears and Gears Drives India can be trusted with the requirements, and they are certainly one of the best gear manufacturers in India.

6. Sumiko Enterprises

Moving on to number 6, we have Sumiko Enterprise on the list. This company is based in Satara near Pune. The area is known to be the hub of manufacturing plants. Sumiko Enterprise specializes in the planetary gearbox and planetary drives. You can also get other offerings like planetary geared motors, helical planetary gearboxes, electrical motors, bevel planetary gearboxes and transmission drives for their customers. Most of their consumers are from the material handling industry, sugar industry, chemical industry, textile industry, mining industry and other similar domains. At present, Sumiko Enterprise has a direct distribution network in 10 cities, and they supply to the rest of the cities in India through these hubs.

7. M Mestry Enterprises

M Mestry Enterprises is located in Mumbai and is known for manufacturing a dynamic range of gears. The brand has an experience of over a decade, and it has been serving clients from various domains. M Mestry Enterprises is also very customer friendly, and they take care of the quality of their gear. Every gear they manufacture is tested for strength, precision, functionality, robustness and durability. Different types of gears they manufacture include bevel gears, spiral gears, spur gears, helical gears, custom gears, gearboxes, miniature gears, planetary gears, reduction gears, large gears, precision gears and a lot more. No matter what requirement you have, you can reach out to M Mestry Enterprises, and they will help you with the procurement.

8. Mesh Well Gears Pvt. Ltd

Mesh Well Gears was established in 1975, and since then, it has built a strong reputation for its customers. The brand is popular for precision gears, and they have an outstanding reputation with its customers. Mesh Well Gears uses innovative solutions to ensure quality is not compromised. The engineers at Mesh Well Gears undergo gruelling training to ensure they exceed industry standards. With such high capabilities, it is possible for Mesh Well Gears to serve clients with complete dedication. The manufacturer has also priced its products very aggressively.

9. Aadish Gears & Transmission Private Limited

If you are looking for an automotive gears expert, you must reach out to Aadish Gears & Transmission Private Limited. This brand was founded in 2002, and since then, they have been manufacturing gears, timing pulleys, sprockets, transmission rollers, oil pumps and gearboxes. Aadish Gears & Transmission Private Limited can be your one-stop solution for anything you need in the automotive domain. You can trust them with the quality of the product, and they always meet the committed delivery dates.

10. Shanthi Gears Limited

The last manufacturer that we are going to cover is Shanthi Gears Limited. Shanthi Gears Limited offers end-to-end solutions, from designing the gears to manufacturing them. Apart from gears, Shanthi Gears Limited also takes care of gear assemblies, geared motors and gearboxes. They have a huge manufacturing facility to care for the customer’s needs. In 2013, Murugappa Group acquired the stakes in Shanthi Gears Limited. The newly infused capital also helped the manufacturer upgrade the machinery, which in turn benefitted the clients. The head office of Shanthi Gears Limited is based in Tamil Nadu, and it is a brand you can trust. They have an experience of over four decades, and hence they have perfected their procedures.

Final Verdict

While selecting the gear, you must ensure that you opt for something with the best quality. The quality of the gear is critical, or a premature failure may lead to an extra cost. There are many gear manufacturers in India, so we have compiled a list of the top 10 options. All of them have products of superior quality, and we can assure you that you will be satisfied with their performance. You can visit their official website for more information, or you can reach out to us if you need more information about gear manufacturers in India.


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