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Top 10 Best Fish Feed Companies In India

Among the many aquatic organisms that can be farmed is a wide variety of fish, as well as aquatic plants and mollusks. The world’s aquaculture output is predicted to grow from its current 47.2 million metric tonnes to 93.6 million tonnes (mt by the year 2030. In accordance with the Fisheries Development Board, India is in third place for fisheries and second for aquaculture in the world.

Aquaculture is becoming increasingly significant on a global scale as a supply of nutritious food and revenue. It currently provides fifty percent of the seafood or fisheries products that are consumed on the planet today.

Only by increasing aquaculture production while maintaining its ecological integrity will it be possible to satisfy the growing demand for seafood in the years to come. Aquaculture operations are going to get more intensive, and their success will increasingly depend on the availability of feeds that are both healthy and effective, and that are made from materials of the highest possible quality.

List of Top Fish Feed Companies In India

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1. Apex Frozen Food

Apex Frozen Food

Apex Frozen Foods is a leading aquaculture business in India. One of the largest suppliers of cooked shrimp to international markets, the company has been in operation since 1995. The firms Bay Harvest, Bay Premium, & Bay Fresh control Apex Frozen Foods. Their annual revenue is 871 crores, and their profit is roughly 50 crores.

The company has expanded its operations over the years to cover a wide variety of fields, giving it a truly vertically integrated structure. This includes 1,200–1,400 cultivable acres, 1.2–1.4 billion SPF (total fertility of particular disease-free seeds), and 15,240 MTPA of processing capacity (owned or leased).

2. Avanti Feeds Ltd

Avanti Feeds

In the industry of aquaculture, which can be found in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Avanti Feeds Ltd. is the most successful company in India. The business is ISO certified and possesses 2 export units, 2 shrimp processing units, plus 5 shrimp feed production units. Additionally, the business possesses two export units. This company has seen a gain in revenue of 21.69% during the past three years.

Both the National Stock Exchange (also known as “NSE”) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (also known as “BSE”) are where the shares of this corporation are traded. The business runs four windmills, each of which has a potential of 3.2 megawatts, notwithstanding all of these operations.

3. Waterbase Ltd

The Waterbase Limited

When it was established in 1993, Waterbase Ltd was the initial firm in India to be completely integrated in the aquaculture industry. With the support of LUXE, Taiwan, a world leader in the production of fish feed & shrimp, we were able to do this. The company has formed partnerships with several of the world’s preeminent academic institutions specializing in aquaculture. A large number of industry professionals have collaborated to develop best practises for the entire industry in the areas of livestock health care, agriculture, product development, development and research, and more.

4. Coastal Corporation Ltd.

Coastal Corporation Ltd.

The shrimp products produced by Coastal Corporation Limited are consumed by millions of people across the globe, including in United States, Europe, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, China, and Russia.

With a total capital of 234.90 crores, Coastal Corporation Limited is recognized as one of the most successful agricultural brands in India. The organization is quite proud of the cutting-edge technologies that it uses in all aspects of its business, including processing, sourcing, providing shrimp of both adulterated and excellent quality to the global market, and packaging.

5. Zeal Aqua

Zeal Aqua

With a total output of 1500 tonnes per shrimp in 2015, this Zeal Aqua established itself as the industry’s preeminent aquaculture company with the biggest capacity for shrimp production. This business, which is one of the most well-known shrimp producers in India, dominates the market in Gujarat and is recognised as one of the most important aquaculture enterprises in India.

This business asserts that it utilizes cutting-edge technology in order to provide consumers and clients with a competent work ethic with shrimp of the best possible quality. Their entryways are equipped with around 160 earthen ponds & 66 PE-lines that adhere to a higher technological standard.

In order to provide clients and end consumers with shrimp of the highest possible quality, it utilizes the most recent technology and maintains a professional work culture. Have 66 ponds lined with (PE) and around 60 earthen ponds that are technically sound and properly constructed.

6. Uniroyal Marine ExportsUniroyal Marine Exports

The incorporation date of August 21, 1992 marks the beginning of operations for Uniroyal Marine Exports Limited, which operates as a private company. It is a publicly traded business and its registration can be found at the Ernakulam Registrar of Companies.

This business is involved in the storage, processing, and production of a wide variety of foods, including fruits, veggies, fish, meats, and fats and oils. Paid-up capital for this business is a total of 64,795,000 rupees, and the total amount of authorized share capital is 80,000,000 rupees.

The minutes of the previous general meeting of  Uniroyal Marine Exports Limited were submitted to the Corporate Affairs Ministry (MCA) on September 26, 2020. These minutes were submitted to the MCA. The most recent balance sheet for this company was submitted on the 31st of March in the year 2020.

7. Smilax industries

Smilax industries

Chandaluru is currently serving as a director for Smilax Industries, which he established in 1994. Chandaluru is also the company’s founder. This business specializes in fish and shrimp feed, and its capital was at 0.87 crore at the beginning of the first half of the year. The company’s primary products are fish feed and shrimp feed.

8. Adinath Bio Labs

Adinath Bio Labs

This business was established by A. K. Jai in 1985, and Kolkata is where its headquarters are located. In spite of the fact that Adinath Bio-Labs, Ltd. primarily operates in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the company also manufactures chemicals & pharmaceutical materials for the fragrant & pharmaceutical markets.

 Adinath Bio-Labs is an industry leader in its primary product categories, which include liquids such as menthol and peppermint oil.

9. Softech Ifinium solutions

Softech Ifinium solutions

Outsourcing services relating to the internet are provided by Softech Infinium Solutions Ltd, a company that was established in 1992. Shrimp feed, fisheries, orchard, farming, cattle, and aquaculture are the key outputs of this company’s primary line of business, which is aquaculture. Gopi Narayanan Yadav is credited with the company’s inception, and it is currently valued at 8 crore rupees on the market. It is headquartered in the city of Chennai in the state of Madras.

10. BKV Industries

BKV Industries Limited is the new name that has been given to the business, which was formerly called as Bommidala Aquamarine Limited. For the purpose of fostering industrial endeavors that are connected to aquaculture, this business has been established as public limited partnership.

The business is widely regarded as among the most successful and forward-thinking shrimp farming operations located anywhere in the globe.

Over the course of the past four decades, Bommidala family has already been actively involved in the marketing and promotion of this company in a variety of commercial fields. The integrated initiative that will contain processing units, in-house hatchery facilities, as well as a marketing system has been started by Bommidala Aquamarine Limited.

The construction of the 12.5-hectare aquaculture farm on Kuru Island, Isukapalli town, or in Nellore in the state of Andhra Pradesh has been finished by the corporation.

It is the Company that Comes in last among the Best fish feed companies or Businesses in India.


The above-mentioned best feed companies in India offers a wide selection of nutritional solutions for commercially important aquatic species that are professionally prepared and properly balanced. This is done in order to meet the challenge that has been presented.

Fish Feed FAQs

  1. What Are Things That Goes In When Making Fish Feed?

Ans: Fish companies mix up different things like fish meal, soybean meal, fish oil, grains, and some vitamins and minerals to keep your fish happy and healthy. It can be different for each fish species, it’s all about what they need to grow and stay lively!

  1. What Do Fish Eat In Their Natural Surroundings?

Ans: So, in the wild, different fish munch on different things! Freshwater fish might snack on algae, plankton, bugs, smaller fish, and water plants. Saltwater fish, on the flip side, enjoy zooplankton, little fish, crabs, and sometimes seaweed. The predators go for the hunt, while the plant lovers stick to greens!

  1. How Do I Ensure That All My Fish Are Getting The Food They Need?

Ans: Well, we’d advise you to spread the food around the tank so everyone gets a bite, both the top and bottom feeders. A little bit several times a day is better than a big meal once. And keep an eye out for any bully fish, they might need a timeout! Also, look for any signs they’re eating too much or too little, and change things up if you need to.

  1. How Do I Choose The Best Quality Fish Feed?

Ans: Well, the only mantra here is to think about what your fish needs. Go for feeds with good stuff like high-quality proteins. Make sure it’s got all the vitamins and minerals, and skip the ones with too many fillers. Don’t forget to check the expiry date, and yeah, why not see what other fish-keepers or pros are saying? They might have some good tips!

  1. What Are The Effects Of Temperature On Fish Feed Ingredients?

Ans: Well, for starters, you shouldn’t be putting your fish feed in direct sunlight or outside, exposed to higher temperatures. And just like any other thing or food item, you should keep it in a dark and less humid area so that it doesn’t go bad.

  1. How Should The Prepared Fish Feed Be Stored?

Ans: Keep fish food in a cool, dry spot, and make sure it’s sealed tight so no water or dirt gets in. Got some fish food ingredients that go bad fast? Well, in that case maybe pop them in the fridge. That is probably a good idea if you don’t want your fish feed going bad before expiry.

  1. How Long Can Fish Go Without Food?

Ans: Well, on average it is seen that most fish species can go around 3 to 5 days without eating anything. So, you may wanna feed your fish before it’s that long.


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