Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

India is one of the highest steel producing countries in the world. The Steel Authority of India Limited, the company widely known as SAIL, happens to hold the top position among the steel producers of India. Even among the steel industries around the world, this company has did not fail to impress its competitors. From its foundation in the year 1973, SAIL has been offering a dedicated supply of steel products and services regarding steelworks in Indian industrial sector. A great many other sectors are also greatly dependent on this company. Let us have a look at the details regarding this company.

Steel Authority of India

Net worth

$16 billion Estimated


Soma Mondal


Indian government

Head Office

New Delhi

SAIL’s Net Worth

SAIL’s net worth is $16 billion, reflecting its extensive operations in the steel sector.


Soma Mondal is now the CEO of SAIL. She was SAIL’s first female Functional Director and Chairman.

SAIL’s Founder

The Indian government launched SAIL in 1973. The government founded it to organize and modernize the steel sector. SAIL advanced India’s steel self-sufficiency and reduced imports.

Head Office

Indian company SAIL is headquartered in New Delhi. The precise address is Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Ispat Bhavan, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110003, India.

SAIL’s History

SAIL’s history includes ambition, industrialization, and steelmaking independence. The Indian Ministry of Steel formed SAIL in 1973. The company became an integrated steel maker by merging state-owned steel mills and components. SAIL wanted to boost steel production and operations. SAIL invested much in technology and infrastructure to produce steel products for many industries.

SAIL steel was needed for bridges, dams, railroads, and defense. This company’s steel helped India grow. SAIL grew and diversified into steel manufacture and value-added products. It expanded into global markets and became a steel giant. SAIL has received quality, sustainability, and steel manufacturing awards. This company has been honored for its economic and industrial contributions to India. Recently, SAIL has focused sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses green technologies, carbon reduction, and eco-friendly operations.

The process of industrialization in India would never have been so successful without the involvement and support of SAIL. From 1973, this company has managed continuity is its evolving and involving better technological support for better and more refined supply of steep products. The history of SAIL clearly indicated how the company helped the country to be self-sufficient in industrial endeavors. Gradual expansion and dedicated approach in manufacturing process helped this company to have a huge profit over the time. But not only profit, the company always aimed at the fast progress of the nation at large.

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