Bajaj Auto Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

Bajaj Auto is undeniably the biggest player in the automotive industry in India. Starting from the products such as three wheelers and motor cycles, the company has expanded and has come a gigantic one. With their stress on innovation and serious commitments towards making better products, the company has tasted success like no other company ever could. Keeping a constant eye on quality, best production and customer satisfaction, the company is a one stops shop for all kinds of automobile lovers. Here we come up with all the details about the company.

Bajaj Auto

Net worth $13 billion
CEO Rajiv Bajaj
Founder Jamnalal Bajaj
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra

Bajaj Auto Net Worth

Bajaj Auto thrived financially for years. Although valued at $13 billion, market dynamics may change its net worth. The company’s consistent profitability and market presence improve this number.


CEO Rajiv Bajaj steers Bajaj Auto’s destiny. Under his leadership, Bajaj Auto has evolved and innovated into a global two-wheeler leader.


Jamnalal Bajaj founded Bajaj Auto in the late 1940s. A renowned businessman and freedom fighter, he envisioned a company to industrialise and advance India. His legacy created Bajaj Auto.

Head Office

The firm is based in Pune, Maharashtra. Pune houses Bajaj Auto’s administrative, R&D, and strategic responsibilities. Its Pune headquarters reflect the company’s strong local roots and commitment to the local economy.


Bajaj Auto has persevered, innovated, and adapted to the automobile business. The company imported and sold two-wheelers in 1945. In 1959, Bajaj Auto and Fichtel & Sachs commenced scooter production in India. An partnership launched Bajaj vehicle’s vehicle manufacturing business.

The 1970s Chetak scooter transformed Bajaj Auto’s history. This reliable scooter became a household name in India and met mobility needs. India connected scooters with Chetak for decades. Motorcycles enhanced Bajaj Auto’s 1980s and 1990s product portfolio. Indian motorcycle sales were transformed by the 2001 Bajaj Pulsar. Bajaj Auto became a motorcycling superpower with the Pulsar series’ sporty look and performance.

Bajaj Auto expanded globally as India’s economy flourished. The company’s bikes and three-wheelers were popular worldwide due to their manufacture, fuel efficiency, and affordability. KTM AG and Bajaj Auto joined in 2007. This partnership created high-performance motorcycles, expanding Bajaj Auto globally.

For industry leadership, Bajaj Auto invests in R&D. The company’s EV and alternative fuel development is innovative. This proactive approach promotes green mobility globally. In 2020, Bajaj Auto launched the Chetak Electric electric two-wheeler. This initiative demonstrates Bajaj Auto’s commitment to green mobility and consumer satisfaction. Undoubtedly, this journey that Bajaj had so far, has been an spectacular one, inspiring other automobile companies to step in and achieve a notable part in the industry. From the year 1945 till now, it has never compromised its quality. No doubt that within a very short time, it has made a name for itself in the automotive market.

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