Adani Total Gas Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

One needs to be a perfect player in order to enter and be a dominating company in the Energy sector. The Adani Total Gas is one such company. The company, with its humble beginning, came up in the elite part of the Gas industry. When it comes to the clean energy transfer and energy transformation, then this is a very special and committed company. It has a wonderful connection of distribution networks and CNG Stations. So, yes, here we will be talking about the matter and the details regarding the company.

Adani Total Gas

Net worth $1.6 billion
CEO Suresh P. Manglani
Founder Gautam Adani
Head Office Ahmedabad

Adani Total Gas Net Worth

The net worth of this company is $1.6 billion. It shows the constant progress that the company is making.

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Since my last update, Adani Total Gas’ CEO is Suresh P. Manglani. He built the Adani Total Gas reputation and made sure that it succeeds.


Gautam Adani founded Adani Group, which includes Adani Total Gas. Adani Total Gas, a natural gas business of Adani Group, is huge.

Head Office

Adani Total Gas is based in Ahmedabad. The company’s headquarters manage operations, strategy, and decisions.


Adani Total Gas has a brief but important history. Total S.A., the French energy giant, purchased 37.4% of Adani Gas Limited in 2019. Adani Total Gas began natural gas distribution in the early 2000s. We aimed to profit on the increased demand for clean energy. It built municipal gas distribution networks, CNG stations, and PNG connections for households and businesses in various Indian states.

The company’s city gas distribution permits in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Faridabad, and Khurja were major successes. In certain areas, Adani Total Gas has exclusive natural gas delivery rights, enhancing its market dominance. Total SA acquired a substantial stake in Adani Total Gas in 2019. This cooperation grew India’s natural gas market using Total’s global energy knowledge and Adani’s local presence.

Recently, Adani Total Gas has installed CNG stations and extended its PNG network to service more consumers. With its natural gas products, the company promotes sustainable energy and carbon reduction. As per the aforementioned details, it is clear that the company is a highly committed one. It offers a proper service in search of a cleaner energy. As along with time the company made strategic partnerships, and led the company to utmost success. Obviously, this company is destined to prosper all the more, reaching success at every step. In the world of efficient energy solution, this is the best progress a company has made so far.

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