Rajesh Exports Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

When talking about the gold and jewellery industry, one has to mention about Rajesh Exports Limited for sure. The company has been in the Indian gem business world for a long time earning a lot of trust and preference of millions of Indians. Here we talk in brief about the company and the details regarding its management and inception.

Rajesh Exports Company Details

Net worth $2.9 billion
CEO Prashant Mehta
Founder Rajesh Mehta
Head Office Bangalore

Rajesh Exports

Net Worth:

Rajesh Exports is worth $2.9 billion. This net worth reflects the company’s ability to manage precious metals and be financially sound. Rajesh Exports’ solid finances show its gold refining, jewellery making, and selling skills.


Rajesh Exports’ leadership has brought profitability and global recognition. Rajesh Exports Limited’s CEO is Prashant Mehta. He has helped the company develop, diversify, and compete in the global gold and jewellery sector.


In 1989, Rajesh Mehta founded Rajesh Exports in Bangalore. The company began with the purpose of vertically integrating gold refining, jewellery making, and sales. Mr. Mehta developed a prominent gold and gold product maker with his business spirit and precious metals expertise.

Rajesh Exports began with quality and inventiveness. The company became famous for its meticulous gold refining, creating exquisite gold that met international standards. This quality dedication makes Rajesh Exports a renowned jewellery brand globally.

Head Office:

Bangalore is Rajesh Exports Limited’s headquarters. Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, is the company’s strategic base due to its economic and technical importance. The main office manages Rajesh Exports’ vertically integrated business model.


Rajesh Exports’ accomplishments have made it a global precious metals and jewellery player. Vertical integration was Rajesh Exports’ early success. To increase quality, cost, and supply chain efficiency, the company integrated gold refining, jewellery manufacturing, and selling. Rajesh Exports’ 2015 purchase of Swiss gold refinery Valcambi SA was significant. Rajesh Exports’ global gold refining capabilities improved with this strategic acquisition. Most Indian gold jewellery is exported by Rajesh Exports. The firm is a global jewellery leader because to it’s meticulously designed products for many markets.

Major Banks and financial institutions have awarded Rajesh Exports huge gold bullion contracts. This bullion market activity has boosted the company’s global precious metals trading. Rajesh Exports’ “Shubh Jewellers.” now sells in addition to producing and exporting. Retail allows the company to engage with consumers and showcase its excellent craftsmanship and design creativity.

In the gold and jewellery industry, Rajesh Exports Limited has made a significant mark. Keeping innovation and using cutting age techniques, the company has made its jewellery business a trustable and preferred one for the jewellery lovers. No wonder than they have become one of the most well reputed ones in this field of business.

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