GAIL Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

Among the different public sector undertakings in India, GAIL is a very prominent name. The company, which is actually known as Gas Authority of India Limited, operates all over the country with a promise to offer best quality service. With its inception in the year 1984, this corporation has gradually developed and has acquired a dominant position in the market. Here we will be talking about that and more.


Net worth $12.03billion
CEO Mr. Goutom Chakraborty
Founder Indian government
Head Office New Delhi

GAIL’s Net Worth

GAIL had a substantial net worth of $12.03billion, owing to its diverse range of operations in the energy sector.


The CEO of GAIL was Mr. Goutom Chakraborty. Mr. Chakraborty has played a very important role lately in the development of the company.

GAIL’s Founder

The Indian government founded GAIL. It merged and managed the Gas Commission’s natural gas operations with ONGC. Creating GAIL was a crucial step toward India’s energy independence and natural gas sector expansion.

Head Office

GAIL is headquartered in New Delhi, India. The exact address is GAIL (India) Limited, 16, Bhikaiji Cama Place, R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066, India.

GAIL’s History

GAIL has developed and helped India’s energy industry. Examine GAIL’s significant achievements:

ONGC established GAIL as a wholly owned subsidiary on August 16, 1984. GAIL established a countrywide natural gas pipe network to promote cleaner energy. Commissioning the Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline in 1991 was a major achievement for the company. Early 2000s GAIL entered petrochemicals. With its world-class complex, Pata, Uttar Pradesh, became India’s petrochemical hub. Petrochemicals enhanced GAIL’s revenue and made it a key player.

GAIL expanded globally by investing in LNG projects and offshore natural gas assets. For India’s energy needs, the company secured long-term LNG import arrangements. GAIL helped India establish LNG import facilities to meet its energy demands. GAIL diversified into renewable energy due to its importance. It entered the solar and wind energy industries to help India’s clean energy and sustainable development goals.

GAIL evolves as an innovative energy company. Pipeline expansion, city gas distribution, and renewable energy are its projects. This company promotes global environmental goals by reducing its carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices. From their works on the Natural gas pipelines in the 80’s to the present days where they are working as energy conglomerates, GAIL has had a great run. The company has been well known for its steady run with endless success. With a strong financial strength, innovative ideas and dedicated workforce, the company has never ceased to surprise us. GAIL stands tall among the stalwarts of Indian industrial sectors.


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