Top 5 Largest Tea Producing States In India

As you may already know, India is known as the 2nd largest tea-producing country in the world, and it has been holding that title for quite a while now. And if you wanna dive deep into the tea industry of the country, then you may wanna look at which states contribute to making India the number 2 in global tea production. Well, that is what today we are here for, here we will be taking a look at the top 5 largest tea-producing states in India for 2024, so yeah, let’s get to the list without any further ado.

Top Tea Producing States In India


1. Assam

  • Production: 672.14 million kilograms
  • Area: 347,809.73 hectares

Now, if you are an Indian resident, then we don’t need to tell you how and why Assam is the biggest tea producer in the country because you may already know that. But did you know Assam grows the most tea in the world, about one-seventh of all the tea? And if you are wondering why Assam is the biggest player in the tea production scene of the nation. They know that the weather and soil are just perfect. The tea from Assam has a special taste like strong, fresh, and with a rich, malty kick. And this special tea from Assam is not just any drink, it is practically the thing that runs the home for thousands in the eastern part of the country. In just the month of March 2023, they made 33.49 million kgs of tea. Can you even imagine how much is that?

2. West Bengal

  • Production: 408.73 million kilograms
  • Area: 138,691.37 hectares

Next on the list is West Bengal, which also happens to be in eastern India. You might have heard of this famous Indian teal called Darjeeling tea, if yes, then know that it is the specialty of West Bengal. This tea is famous, not just in India though, but all around the world for having this strong floral hint with a distinct flavor. Unfortunately though, in the last few years or so, the price of the teas from West Bengal has dropped quite a bit. This eventually led to the closure of around 16 tea gardens in the state, which ultimately impacted more than 10 thousand workers, and that is no good news. But yeah, the state is recovering from this slowly, while maintaining the title of 2nd largest tea-producing state in the country.

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3. Tamil Nadu

  • Production: 165.88 million kilograms
  • Area: 63,912.85 hectares

Now, let’s move down south on the map, and there we have the 3rd  largest tea-producing state of India, we are talking about Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri tea is especially famous all around the globe and actually is grown and processed in Tamil Nadu. But why though? Well you see, Nilgiri tea has this amazing aromatic and unique flavor, which is only because of the weather and soil conditions in the Southern part of the country. Just this last year, Tamil Nadu produced a mind-bogglingly high number of 165.88 million kilograms of tea, which will surely be higher the next year because the small farmers are beginning to take interest in the tea industry they have got down south.

4. Kerala

  • Production: 60.36 million kilograms
  • Area: 35,650.82 hectares

Now, at number four, we’ve got Kerala on the list. This place in South India isn’t just famous for its cool backwaters and culture, nah, it is a big player in making tea too. Think about places like Munnar, not only pretty but also where lots of Kerala’s tea comes from. In 2023, Kerala was all about sticking it out and making changes to keep up. The tea they make? Well, that is kinda strong and smells great aka it’s aromatic, and that is all thanks to the warm climate and all the different plants there. But yeah, the weather keeps changing, and selling tea can be up and down. Like, last winter, they made less tea because of the weather. But that resulted in more and more people wanting it, which actually bumped up the tea prices from Kerala quite a bit.

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5. Karnataka

  • Production: 5.12 million kilograms
  • Area: 2,093 hectares

Lastly, let’s talk about another rising name in the tea sector of the country. In Karnataka, places like Kodagu and Chikmagalur are specifically known for coffee but that’s changing pretty fast. They produce a decent amount of tea every single year, and yeah, just like the rest of the states on the list, Karnataka’s tea has its own special taste because of the state’s different weather and soil. Last year, Karnataka produced about 5.12 million kilograms of tea, and this number is set to increase in the coming few years or so.


1. What types of tea does India produce, and what are their characteristics?

See, India is kinda known as the land of teas, and that’s because here we produce a bunch of different kinds of teas like Black, Green, White, and Oolong. Each of these teas has its own flavor profile and the way they smell also makes them different.

2. What climate and soil conditions are ideal for tea growth in India?

You see, India’s climate conditions are moderately hot, a bit humid, and temperatures ranging between 13°C and around 28-32°C. Other than that, the soil here is usually a bit acidic. Combining these two factors with the highlands and lots of rain makes a perfect combo for tea production.

3. What are the major challenges facing India’s tea industry today?

Well, there’s a bunch of stuff actually. Costs to make tea are going up, there’s too much tea being made which messes with prices, and then there’s competition, especially from places like China.

4. What initiatives has the Tea Board of India taken to promote tea production and export?

Well, for starters, they have got a lot of things planned out, and we are talking about things like promoting Indian tea and helping tea growers get better at what they do. They’re all about making sure tea quality is top-notch, getting the word out there, and looking out for the workers too.


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