Coal India Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

Coal India Limited or the CIL holds a very important place as a major player in the global coal industry. This company, with their humble start, has reached a very important place in the Indian industry. Not only that the company has reached many milestones along its way, but it has also led the Indian industry into a new height of development. Here is a brief of the company you would like to know:

Coal India

Net worth $26 billion
CEO Pramod Agrawal
Founder Indian Government
Head Office Kolkata, West Bengal

Net Worth of Coal India

Coal India Limited’s net worth was estimated to be around $26 billion USD.

CEO of Coal India

The CEO of Coal India is crucial to its strategy and operations. Coal India Limited’s Chairman and MD was Pramod Agrawal.

Founder of Coal India

Indian Government nationalized its coal mining enterprises in the mid-20th century, forming Coal India Limited. Indian law established Coal India Limited and nationalized coal.

Head Office Location

Coal India Limited is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. The precise address is:

  • Coal India Limited, Coal Bhawan, 10, Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata – 700001, West Bengal, India

Company activities and decision-making are managed from its Kolkata headquarters.

History of Coal India

Industrialization and energy needs shaped India’s coal industry. Indian coal mining started under British colonial authority. British private companies extracted coal at that time. After independence in 1947, India recognized coal’s development potential. Government nationalization of coal mining in 1956 created the National Coal Development Corporation.

Coal India Limited was formed in 1975 when the government merged the NCDC with Eastern and Western Coalfields Limited. This changed Indian coal history. World’s largest coal producer Coal India has reserves and production. At present, Coal India Limited impacts India’s energy economy and world coal. Coal is India’s major energy source. Consistent coal production from Coal India ensures energy security for industries and power plants. India’s economy benefits from the company’s revenue, jobs, and coal value chain assistance.

Coal India uses eco-friendly methods in the recent times. This includes coal beneficiation and environmental activities. Companies spend in R&D to find, mine, and utilize coal. Operational efficiency and environmental sustainability need innovation. Naturallym Coal India expands globally with international coal exports. Coal India Limited’s history and continuous progress has been a symbol of inspiration for the Indian companies. As one of the largest producers of coal in the whole world, Coal India has been offering better shipping and supply options also. In spite of all the challenges, Coal India remains a steady player in coal industry for nearly half a century.

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