Cardekho Business Model: How does Cardekho Make Money?

CarDekho, founded in 2008 by Amit and Anurag Jain, IIT Delhi alumni, aimed to simplify online car purchases. Their focus on transparent car specifications and truthful reviews addressed the information gap in the market. Originally assisting buyers, CarDekho has expanded to cover various car-related aspects like sales, loans, insurance, and accessories, making it a useful resource for car enthusiasts.


Cardekho Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 2008
CEO Amit jain
Headquarters Jaipur, India
Founder Amit Jain and Anurag Jain
Chairman Amit jain
Products Used car classifieds
Number Of employees 1,001-5,000+

Here are some details about Car Dekho Company and all the details of how Car Dekho make money:

Key Partners:

Car Makers: We buddy up with Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Tata, and Mahindra. They show off their cars on our platform, and we get you cool deals.

Car Sellers: We’ve got pals in many car shops across India. This means you can easily find new and used cars through our platform.

Money Partners: We’re tight with banks and money folks. They help us help you get car loans and insurance without any hassle. Easy peasy!

Helping Hands: We join forces with folks like car service centers, shops with accessories, and companies for roadside help. It’s all about ensuring your experience is super easy, from keeping your Car in good shape to getting the extras you want.

Key Sources:

Human Resources: Employs a skilled team, including content creators, developers, sales, marketing, and customer support professionals.

Intellectual Property: Invests in a robust tech platform with proprietary algorithms and software tools, ensuring a competitive edge.

Brand Equity: Builds a strong reputation through quality content, strategic partnerships, and satisfied customers, attracting and retaining users.

Financial Resources: Secures significant funding from investors, enabling expansion, user base growth, and investment in research and development.

Value Proposition:

CarDekho’s value proposition is clear:

Lots of Info: We’ve got everything from detailed specs and expert reviews to what people like you think and news articles. It helps you understand cars better.

Big List: We have a big collection of new and used cars. Some from dealerships, some from regular folks just selling.

Good Deals: We’ve got special discounts on new cars and ways to pay for used ones. So, you get the best prices.

Easy to Use: Our website and app are simple. You can search easily, take pretend drives, and see cars from all around.

Always Here: We’re with you from the start to the end – helping with money and ensuring you’re good even after you buy.


Internet Spot: Our website and app are where you check out cars, read reviews, and use tools to buy.

Social Friends: We talk with you and share cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It helps us connect with more people who love cars.

Teamwork: We work with car makers, car shops, and money folks. This teamwork helps us reach more people and gives you special deals.

Search Online: We use clever techniques to make sure people can easily find us on Google. So, when someone is searching for information about cars, they discover CarDekho effortlessly.

Email Chats: We stay in touch through emails, sharing updates, special deals, and personalized suggestions. It’s a way to keep you informed and engaged as you think about and buy a car.

Phone Messages: Our app sends notifications to your phone to update you on new cars, promotions, and important updates. This helps to maintain your interest and encourages you to come back and explore the latest offerings on our platform.

Friends Talk: When happy users have a good experience, they share it with friends and family. This positive word-of-mouth creates a ripple effect, bringing more people to CarDekho and contributing to our organic growth.

CarDekho’s Revenue Streams:

CarDekho gets paid through ads and sponsored content from car companies. It earns money by connecting buyers with dealerships and getting a fee for successful car sales. CarDekho makes revenue by helping with car loans and insurance, earning fees from financial partners. The platform offers extra services like accessory sales, roadside help, and car servicing, making money when users use these services.

CarDekho’s Cost Structure:

Making good content costs money for reviews, news, and comparison tools. Improving the website and app involves spending on development and maintenance for a smooth user experience. Money is set aside for digital marketing, social media campaigns, and partnerships to promote the platform and attract more users. Paying salaries, benefits, and training for the team costs money in Human Resources.


CarDekho succeeds by making Car buying easy on a friendly platform. It serves buyers, sellers, and car fans, making money from ads, lead generation, financial services, and extra offerings. But, it deals with high costs in making content, developing the platform, marketing, hiring people, and running things. Balancing these is key for lasting success as CarDekho stays a big player in the car world, adjusting to trends and staying competitive.


Sumit Kumar Yadav has experience analyzing business and finance of big to small companies. Loan, Insurance, Investment data analysis are his key areas.