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Top 10 Best Citric Acid Manufacturers In India

In recent survey, sales of citric acid in India totaled 89,900 metric tons. Citrus fruits including limes, lemons, oranges, & pomelos contain citric acid, an organic acid having a sour flavor. Aspergillus niger, a type of fungus, can be used in a synthetic fermentation process to produce it. Detoxification is aided by citric acid, which also boosts energy and promotes proper digestion and renal function.

The food & beverage (F&B) business makes substantial use of citric acid as an ingredient, preservative, flavoring, and coloring agent. As a safer alternative to phosphates, citric acid has become increasingly popular in the detergent industry in recent years.

With so many extensive uses of citric acid, lot of its manufacturers have come to the forefront, let’s have a look at the best citric acid manufacturers in India:

List of Top Citric Acid Manufacturers In India


1. Agroha Marketing Private Limited

This company is located in Indore, in Madhya Pradesh.  The citric acid that they produce is used in a wide range of manufacturing and culinary processes. Its citric acid has a number of interesting physical and chemical features, including A white powder with crystalline structure.

They use Odorless Monohydrate or water-free anhydrous exarets soluble in water. Due to its inherent preservation properties test-improving Ingredients added to Foods and Beverages functions as a linker in the citric production process.

Amens are used for cleaning utilized in anti-oxidant therapy. Its chelating agents are found in soaps and detergents and also used in ice – cream to prevent the clumping of fat globules.  This citric acid has been a major ingredient for shampoos as well.

2. Vinayak Tex Chem

This company centered in Bhilwara, Rajasthan supply both monohydrate and anhydrous Citric Acid. They source their Citric Acid from reliable Chinese manufacturers who produce only high-quality products. Their Citric Acid comes in convenient packaging and a range of volumes to satisfy the demands of their customers. They offer competitive pricing on the products to their customers.

3. Yashita Enterprises

One of the crucial components in making sour foods, which this company located in Delhi, provides is, citric acid. Both monohydrate and anhydrous citric acid from this company are of the highest grade. The acids are unadulterated and are produced under skilled oversight.

Its primary functions in food and drink are as an acidulant, flavoring, and preservative, and the crystalline powder is either colorless or white. The antioxidant, detergent, plasticizer, and building material all benefit from its presence.

Their citric acid is FDA-approved for use in food production and processing.

4. Environmental care agencies and equipment

The many applications and low safety risk of citric acid make it a great product. They effectively keep water softeners free of iron and other contaminants, allowing alkaline water to retain its optimal pH level. Environmental care agencies and Equipment Company, which is a leading citric acid manufacturer, have its main factory site in Tiruppur Tamil Nadu.

5. Shiwani enterprises

The primary use of citric acid in the food sector is to alter flavors. The savvy crew of Shiwani enterprises, located in Rohtak, Haryana double-checks everything with chemists and engineers before ever interacting with customers. Customers may buy it with confidence knowing that it is of high quality and is priced affordably. They stock a lot of Citric Acid so that they can meet the needs of their estemeed customers all around the world.

6. Akash acid and chemicals

Akash acid and chemicals, stands on the top list as a prominent citric acid manufacturer in India. Their head factory site is in Alwar, Rajasthan. Before interacting with clients, their expert team double-checks all of it with chemists & engineers. Consumers can purchase it with assurance due to its good quality and reasonable price. They keep a large supply of Citric Acid on hand to accommodate their global clientele.

7. Prakash chemical agencies

Several commonplace items would not exist without chemicals. These compounds play crucial roles in some of science’s most important breakthroughs. For the past 60 years, Prakash chemical agencies, located in Gujarate have made it their mission to secure and distribute these crucial “building blocks of the future.

Prakash Chemicals, established in 1966, is a world leader in chemicals distribution thanks to its extensive selection (over 200 items) and variety of suppliers.

Anhydrous citric acid and a tricarboxylic acid, is found in citrus fruits. Their citric acid is used as an excipient due to its antioxidant properties in drug compositions. It acts as a preservative by maintaining the integrity of active ingredients. Because of its ability to chelate calcium in the blood, it is also used to regulate pH as well as an anticoagulant.

Citric Acid Frequently Asked Questions

1. List down the benefits of Citric acid.

One advantage of Citric Acid is that it forms complexes with many different metals, including copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, & calcium. Citric acid is used as a sequestering agent in anticoagulant blood preservatives and in industrial operations because it binds to these salts.

 In fats and oils, it has antioxidant capabilities by chelating traces of metals like iron, which prevents metal-catalyzed oxidation.

2. What is citric acid powder?

A powdered white form is known as a Citric Acid powder. It’s useful for treating kidney disease, preventing and treating throat infections, and clearing up acne.

3. Can citric acid be used in cleaning products?

Yes, it can be used in cleaning products.

  • Cleaning products that contain citric acid can be thought of as chelating agents.
  • Taking about one of its advantages is that it can help remove limescale from appliances like evaporators and boilers.
  • As citric acid has the effect of making water softer, it is commonly used in soaps and laundry detergents.
  • It is a common ingredient in bathroom and kitchen cleansers.
  • Its deodorizing properties are one of its many uses.

4. What are the benefits of citric acid for cosmetics?

  • One potential advantage of Citric Acid is that it can be used in homemade masks to help remove dead skin.
  • Its use in cosmetics is praised for its ability to improve skin tone and development while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.
  • Citrus extracts are commonly used as a pH-balancing agent in cosmetics.
  • It finds application in a wide variety of cosmetics; including cleansers, body washes, and nail polish removers, face washes, shampoos, and conditioners.

5. List down some industrial uses of citric acid.

  • Uses for acetic acid in the industrial sector include soap and detergent production, electroplating, as leather tanning.
  • The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries employ citric acid as a buffer and antioxidant, and it additionally serves as a preservative for preserved blood.
  • Many fungus derived acids with commercial value have been shown to have broad applications for citric acid in the food, feeding, pharmaceutical, & polymer industries.


Citric acid is used widely in the production of many different types of consumer goods, foods, and drinks. Citrate is a byproduct of Citric Acid, itself an acidulant that is created mostly through fermentation.

So now when you know that almost all the industries make the best use of citric acid for one work or the other, you must choose the leading manufacturer of citric acid, who can offer you the quality rated product, keeping environment sustainability in mind.

Choose any of the best citric acid manufacturer listed above and make a good choice by getting hands on their affordable range of their products.


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