5 Myths of Mutual Funds That Need to Be Debunked

Mutual funds are an investment tool based on the share market. People invest in this to achieve their financial goals. Although mutual funds are a bit risky, people still invest in the best mutual funds in India. Let’s debunk five myths about mutual funds here.

Myth 1 – Risky

Mutuals are risky as they are related to the share market but can reduce the chances of loss by proper planning and channelling out the money in securities after thorough research regarding the market. Without risk, there is no place for money to grow.

Myth 2 – Only the Rich Can Afford

It is a very big misconception that investment tools especially mutual funds are of the rich people or the upper class of society. This is not true as mutual funds can be started with a mere investment of just Rs 100. Yes, for obvious reasons the return will be low, but then it nullifies the misconception that mutual funds are for the rich. Nowadays, many types of mutual funds are available in the market which can be started through low investments and can gradually be increased over time.

Myth 3 – Mutual Funds Are Beyond Understanding

Mutual funds are very straight and simple. A person has to invest money in securities like stocks, gold, and many more and then keep on investing in that for a long period until the return becomes lumpsum. The difficult part comes for people to research the places they want to channel their money as it is always recommended to make go through on your own across different investment securities and learn which one will work. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet, information is available at everyone’s fingertips and people can get to know about everything just by searching for the terms. Even if someone cannot do that, one can always hire a professional for investment purposes.

Myth 4 – Underperformance

Mutual does underperform but only at certain periods which is again with every other investment tool as they all depend on the share market and when the share market is down, all these investment tools get affected as well. But this a rare case, as most of the time, mutual funds perform well or sometimes outperform the market. Underperformance of mutual funds also depends on how your fund manager channels your money and underperformance is a clear signal that your money is in the wrong place.

Myth 5 – High Fees

Mutual funds charge fees because they provide financial services and give you higher returns than any other common investment tool. Nothing comes for free, and the profits are high in mutual funds when compared to their fees.


Mutual funds are one of the best investment tools despite being risky, such as the Kotak mutual fund, and with enough research, one can surely enhance their financial returns through it.

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