Vedanta Limited Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

India’s Vedanta Limited is a worldwide natural resources corporation with mining, metals, oil, and gas businesses. Vedanta, a worldwide natural resources leader, was founded on innovation and sustainable development. Vedanta Limited’s net worth, CEO, founders, head office location, and amazing history will be discussed in this article.


Net worth $25 billion
CEO Sunil Duggal
Founder Anil Agarwal
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra

Net Worth

Vedanta Limited has a net worth of almost $25 billion. Vedanta’s net worth is due to its natural resources footprint and key industry investments.


CEO Sunil Duggal runs Vedanta Limited. Mr. Duggal has extensive Vedanta Group leadership experience. Vedanta has expanded and prioritized sustainable natural resources activities under his leadership.


Anil Agarwal, a visionary entrepreneur, launched Vedanta Limited in 1976 as a scrap metal business. Vedanta became an international conglomerate with mining, metals, oil, and gas holdings under Mr. Agarwal’s unrelenting pursuit of development and diversification. His leadership and ingenuity have helped Vedanta succeed.

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Head Office

Vedanta Limited’s headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company’s extensive activities in India and abroad are managed from Mumbai. Mumbai, India’s financial and commercial hub, is excellent for Vedanta’s business operations.


Vedanta Limited has always pursued ambition, diversity, and responsible business. Here are some corporate milestones:

Childhood and Development

Mr. Anil Agarwal launched Vedanta in 1976 as a scrap trading firm. Vedanta expanded into metals and mining in the 1980s and 1990s. The 2001 purchase of Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO) was a major advance for Vedanta.

Growth and Internationalization

Vedanta increased greatly in the 2000s. It boosted its mining and metals holdings by acquiring Konkola Copper Mines in Zambia and Sterlite Industries in India. Vedanta acquired Cairn India in 2011 to enter the oil and gas business.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable and responsible business methods were Vedanta’s foundation. The firm prioritized environmental sustainability, community development, and ethics. Educational and research-focused Vedanta University was founded.

Corporate Restructuring

Vedanta Limited proposed delisting its shares from Indian stock markets in 2020. Although this proposal was scrapped, it was a major business development. Vedanta also streamlined its business portfolio strategically.

Continued Growth and Innovation

Vedanta Limited seeks development and innovation. The corporation embraces digital technology, sustainability, and green activities while maintaining its core areas.


Mr. Anil Agarwal’s vision and entrepreneurial energy helped Vedanta Limited grow from a trash trading firm to a varied natural resources conglomerate. Vedanta Limited is a worldwide natural resources leader with a large net worth, an emphasis on sustainability, and good business practices. Vedanta represents India’s industrial might and a major role in the global natural resources industry as it adapts to market changes.


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