Thriving Sheconomy: Women Founders Power 8,000 Startups in India, Securing $23 Billion

India’s startup scene is witnessing a dynamic shift, with women entrepreneurs playing an increasingly prominent role. A recent report by Tracxn, a leading market intelligence platform, reveals a thriving “Sheconomy” with over 8,000 startups led by women, garnering a cumulative funding of nearly $23 billion.

Women Making Their Mark in Tech


Women are not only starting businesses but also making a significant impact on the Indian tech industry. The report highlights that women-led startups account for an impressive 18% share of all startups and a commendable 14.8% of the total funding pie, which stands at nearly $155 billion. This demonstrates the growing confidence and capabilities of women entrepreneurs in the tech domain.

Geography and Funding Landscape

The report also explores the geographical distribution of women-led startups. Delhi-NCR emerges as the leader with the highest number of such ventures, followed by Bengaluru and Mumbai. Interestingly, while over 2,300 women-led startups have secured funding, there are around 6,000 unfunded companies. However, it’s noteworthy that 590 of these unfunded ventures are already generating revenue exceeding $30,000, indicating their potential and resilience.

The funding scenario for women-led startups has shown a positive trajectory in recent years. The report reveals that their share of overall startup funding has steadily increased, exceeding 15% from 2020 to 2022. This trend seems to be continuing in 2024, with the first two months witnessing $100 million in funding for women-led ventures.

Success Stages and Investor Insights

The report delves deeper, highlighting that 13.4% of funded women-led startups have reached the Series A stage, indicating their ability to attract significant investment and scale their businesses. While the percentage reaching Series C or beyond is currently 3%, it’s likely to grow as these ventures mature. Notably, India boasts the second-highest ranking globally when it comes to funding raised by companies with women founders, highlighting its robust ecosystem for female entrepreneurship in tech.

Popular Sectors and Active Investors

The report also sheds light on the preferred sectors for women-led startups. B2C e-commerce leads the pack with 3,434 companies, followed by internet-first brands (1,355) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies (1,181). This reflects the focus on catering to growing consumer needs and leveraging technology for innovative solutions.

When it comes to funding these ventures, LetsVenture, Wellfound, and Venture Catalysts emerge as the most active investors. Their support is crucial in nurturing the growth of women-led businesses and fostering a more inclusive investment landscape.


The Tracxn report paints a promising picture of India’s “Sheconomy” within the startup ecosystem. With a growing number of women entrepreneurs, rising funding, and a supportive environment, the future looks bright for women-led tech ventures in India. This trend is not only empowering women but also contributing significantly to the nation’s overall economic growth and innovation.

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