Taco Bell Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

The fast-food industry is growing really fast in India. And guess what? You can be part of it by opening your own Taco Bell restaurant! It’s a great opportunity. You’ll need at least 2 crores to start, but it’s worth it. It’s famous for its Mexican food and lots of people, especially vegetarians, like it. Taco Bell is great at keeping its food top quality. Plus, it’s all over social media and it’s affordable too. In this blog, we’ll talk all about the Taco Bell franchise in India: how much it costs, requirements, and application process.

Taco Bell

Why Invest in a Taco Bell Franchise in India?

Becoming a Taco Bell franchise is a smart business move for several reasons. Firstly, Taco Bell is a popular fast food chain, and fast food is very popular nowadays. This means Taco Bell has a good chance of succeeding easily. Secondly, Taco Bell specializes in Mexican food, which is rare in India. This gives it a big advantage and potential for dominating the fast food market. Taco Bell is an internationally recognized brand, making it stand out from other fast food chains in India. This recognition helps attract customers without needing expensive marketing. So, investing in a Taco Bell franchise in India is a low-effort, high-reward opportunity.

Taco Bell Fees

If you’re thinking about starting your own Taco Bell restaurant in India, you need to know how much it will cost you. Here’s a breakdown of the main expenses:

  • The minimum investment required is ₹1 crore
  • Franchise fee is about ₹50 lakhs
  • Ongoing royalty fee is 6% of your total sales
  • Advertising fee is 1 to 1.5% of your total sales
  • Monthly rent could be approx ₹1 to 2 lakhs per month
  • So, the total initial investment required is ₹2 crores

Requirements for Taco Bell

To start a Taco Bell restaurant in India, you want to do a few essential things:

  • Know how to run a business: To make sure your Taco Bell is doing well, you need to have the right amount of joy in your walks.
  • Get the right documents: You should get all the permits and licenses you want. This includes a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
  • Find the right place: It goes without saying that choosing a great place to eat is important. It must be where masses of human beings intersect, like in a shopping area or on a busy road. If you can, it must also have a drive-thru.
  • Hire and Train Well: You want to be the best at finding the right people who will be right for you and making sure they know how to do their jobs right.
  • More About Licensing: To serve food to people, you must have a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. To achieve this, you need to provide them with positive documents about where your restaurant is, how you handle the food, and how you keep things safe. The value of this license can vary mainly depending on how massive your restaurant is and where it is located.
  • Local Business License: Sometimes the nearby government where your Taco Bell is located may want you to have a special license. The way you practice and what the fees are can be exclusive depending on where you are.
  • Health department clearance: You may want clearance from the fitness department. These will ensure that your eating area is smooth and adheres to the principles of safe food storage.
  • Signs and Ads: If you want to put signs on your Taco Bell or put it up for sale, you may need a permit from your local government.
  • Fire safety: If your restaurant has a kitchen with cooking equipment, you may want a permit from the fire department to make sure everything is safe.

Apply Process for Taco Bell

If you want open a Taco Bell restaurant in India, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Taco Bell India official website
  • Find out the “Contact Us” section and mail them about your interest in their franchise.
  • If they like your application, Taco Bell will get in touch with you to discuss it further.


Starting a Taco Bell restaurant in India looks like a good opportunity in the fast-food business.  People who want to begin a franchise business can accomplish that with a minimum funding of 2cr. Taco Bell is liked by many people in India because of its wide menu and options for vegetarians. It’s already famous in India and people there experience its meals. If finished right, opening a Taco Bell in India could make great revenue, even though the starting charges are high. But success relies upon things like in which it’s placed, the way it’s advertised, and the way it’s run.

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