Baskin Robbins Franchise Cost In India: Fees, Requirements, Apply Process

People of all ages love ice cream. It’s popular at parties and gatherings. Baskin Robbins India is a top ice cream brand known for quality. They use top-notch ingredients and all their products are vegetarian. With over 750 stores in 200+ Indian cities, they’re easy to find. Baskin Robbins offers thick, tasty ice cream in a fun setting. They’re looking for someone special to bring new flavors to new places. If you’re passionate about ice cream and people, join the Baskin Robbins franchise! Let’s explore the franchise cost, requirements, and application process in India.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Franchise Fees

To start your own Baskin Robbins shop, you need ₹20 lakh as the first payment. You can’t borrow this money; you must use your own savings. If you want to open more shops, each extra one also needs a ₹20 lakh payment.

Requirements for Baskin Robbins Franchise

To own a Baskin Robbins franchise, you need to have enough money to invest in it. The specific amount depends on which store you want to open, what form of shop it is going to be, and how many customers you anticipate. Here’s what you need:

  • Passion for the Business: You need to truly love the concept of walking an ice cream keep. If you’re enthusiastic about it, you’re more likely to do it properly.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: You need to be a person who likes to take risks and start new responsibilities like going out of your comfort zone.
  • Good Financial History: You need to have a history of managing cash well.
  • Long-Term Plan: You have to have a clean concept of where you need your shop to go in the future.
  • Commitment: You need to be willing to work tough and stay with your savings even if things get tough.

To get started, you’ll need to sign a standard agreement and provide some documents like your PAN card, GST registration, lease agreement, and Aadhar card. You may also need other documents.

There are 3 types of Baskin Robbins shops you could open:

  • Kiosks: These are small shops that need as a minimum a hundred and fifty rectangular feet of area. You’ll need to invest around ₹11-14 lakhs. The front of the shop has to be at least 10 toes wide.
  • Parlors: These are a piece larger, needing as a minimum 300 square ft of area. You’ll want to make investments around ₹13-18 lakhs. The front of the shop needs to be at the least 12 feet huge.
  • Lounges: These are the biggest stores, desiring at the least 500 rectangular feet of space. You’ll want to make investments around ₹18-24 lakhs. The front of the shop has to be at least 15 feet wide.

You’ll additionally need to pay a safety deposit of ₹50,000 and a branding price starting from ₹4-5 lakhs.

Other fees you’ll have consist of things like rent or buying the store area, furniture, decorations, products, devices, salaries for personnel, and taxes.

Apply Process for Baskin Robbins Franchise

Here’s how to apply for a Baskin Robbins franchise:

STEP 1: Go to the official Baskin Robbins website at

STEP 2: Find the franchise button on the Baskin website and fill this form

STEP three: Fill out the form with all of the records they ask for, like your non-public info, work experience, the amount of money you can invest, and in which you want to set up the franchise. Then, click submit.

STEP 4: Once you’ve done with the form filling process, just wait for the Baskin Robbins team to review it and provide you with further information.

STEP 5: If you get approved, they’ll inform you with the next step.


The ice cream industry in India is growing. In 2024, the ice cream marketplace is worth $5.33 billion, and it’s reaching approximately 10.86% each year. If you’re thinking about making an investment, keep in mind Baskin Robbins. It’s a one-stop solution ice cream chain globally and might help you to reach your financial goal. We hope our blog post about starting a Baskin Robbins outlet was helpful. If you want to know more about the franchise and all, check out the franchise’s official website. If you loved the blog, please let us know. Keep exploring!

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