Top 5 Highest Milk Producing States In India

According to many reports, the current year’s production is expected to reach an all-time high, which is 230.58 Million Tonnes, to be precise. And like always, there are some states at the top of the list contributing to this huge number. You may know about Rajasthan being the top player in this milk-producing scene of the country, but what other states are on the list? Well, that is what we are onto today because here we will be taking a good look at the top 5 highest milk-producing states in India for 2024. So yeah, let’s get straight to the list, shall we?

Top Milk Producing States In India


1. Rajasthan

Production: 33.27 million metric tons

Rajasthan? Yeah, it’s at the top for milk in India. They make a huge 33.27 million metric tons! With such a huge number, Rajasthan is for sure the top and highest milk-producing state in the country right now. You see, people at the ground level who play a part in milk production, don’t just focus on the quality factor though. They’ve grown a lot, and by 2022, their market was worth INR 1,114 billion. Wait for it though because it is expected to double by 2028! And yeah, they don’t just do regular milk. They’re into all kinds of dairy stuff like liquid milk, paneer, flavored milk, and ghee. The demand for these is growing, and the dairy market there is changing.

2. Uttar Pradesh

Production: 33.01 million metric tons

Coming in next is Uttar Pradesh, a big player in the dairy scene of the country. They’ve produced 33.01 million metric tons of milk! And just like other states on the list, Uttar Pradesh also uses most of this milk for various dairy products like ghee, curd, and cheese. The entire dairy market of UP was estimated to be around INR 1,626.7 billion in 2022, but as per some speculation, it is set to grow big, reaching INR 3,613.2 billion by 2028. The best part? Well, that’s mainly because they’re focusing on special dairy products. Now, there’s more cheese, probiotic drinks, and yogurt in the market, which is great for health. Big names like Amul and Mother Dairy are part of this growth, making Uttar Pradesh a key spot for dairy innovation.

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3. Madhya Pradesh

Production: 19 million metric tons

And then there’s Madhya Pradesh, in third place with 19 million metric tons of milk. But they’re not just about making a lot of milk. Their per-person milk amount is 591 grams a day, which is more than what most people in India get. They’ve done this by simply focusing on animal health and milk production. They’re leading in keeping animals healthy, especially in the National Animal Disease Control Programme. They’re also doing great in giving vaccinations to cattle and calves.

4. Gujarat

Production: 16.72 million metric tons

Gujarat, a big name in India’s dairy industry, is known for its strong cooperative movement and solid dairy setup. The state’s dairy market was worth a whopping INR 1,139.1 billion in 2022, and yeah, it is expected to jump to INR 2,648.6 billion by 2028. Amul, the dairy giant, calls Gujarat home. Here, the dairy market is not just about milk, it’s about a variety of products like frozen yogurt and probiotic drinks that are getting more and more popular. This boom comes from turning the dairy sector into a well-organized industry and the general public getting more interested in healthy options like cheese and yogurt. When you look at Gujarat’s dairy market closely, with tools like SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces, it’s clear there’s a lot of smart planning behind this growth.

5. Andhra Pradesh

Production: 15.4 million metric tons

Andhra Pradesh is another state where the dairy sector is really taking off. In 2022, its dairy market hit INR 608.1 billion, and by 2028, it’s set to reach INR 1,014.3 billion. The state mainly produces cow and buffalo milk, which goes into lots of dairy products, especially liquid milk and newer items like flavored milk and cheese. The demand for dairy stuff like buttermilk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream is climbing, thanks to their health benefits and how they can be used in all sorts of dishes. Big players in Andhra Pradesh, like Vijaya, Tirumala Milk Products, and Heritage Foods, make the state’s dairy scene pretty lively.


1. Why Only These States Are Ahead In Milk-Making?

Well, it’s simply because they have top-notch cows, smart farming ways, and the weather’s just right for milk to flow!

2. Is India One Of The Big Players In Milk Production Globally?

You bet we are! Since India produces about 24% of the global milk yield, that’s why we wouldn’t be wrong if we stated that India is more like the King in this game.

3. What Are The Challenges Within This Particular Sector Of India?

For starters, there are a lot to name, like not enough good food for cows, keeping things clean a bit of a mess, cows need better health care, farmers gotta learn more milk tricks, selling milk is all over the place, and the money part’s not too great for the farmers.

4. What About The Small Farmers In India’s Milk Production Scene?

Small farmers? Well, in our opinion, they are the ones who keep India’s dairy sector strong, even though they’re juggling with less stuff and not making as much cash.

5. How Does Milk Production Help People Living In Rural Parts Of The Country?

You see, the milk world’s a big job machine in India’s villages, keeping loads of people busy, especially a lot of women.


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