MoneyTap Business Model: How Does MoneyTap Make Money?

The banking industry has changed a lot, and now, money works differently than it did. In emergencies, people used to get loans or borrow from friends, but now there’s a better option: MoneyTap. It’s a simple app that gives you money when needed, working with banks and NBFCs. This easy-to-use platform updates how we handle finances, providing a quick and straightforward way to get funds when you need them the most.


Understanding MoneyTap

MoneyTap redefines how you handle everyday expenses. It offers a straightforward solution with your credit line, accessible anytime and anywhere. The standout feature? You’re assured access to funds within 24 hours. Completely electronic, it’s both rapid and secure. Whether you’re shopping online or bolstering your bank balance, MoneyTap adapts to your needs, providing financial flexibility with ease.

Full Name MoneyTap
Founded 2015
Headquarters Bangalore
Founder Bala Parthasarthy
Customers over 11 million
Owners Bala Parthasarathy, Kunal Varma, and Anuj Kacker
Employees 165

MoneyTap Business Model Explained

1. Interest Rates:

  • Primary Revenue Source: MoneyTap generates substantial income through interest rates applied to personal loans and credit lines.
  • Variable Rates: Interest rates are tailored based on individual creditworthiness, ensuring a dynamic and personalized lending approach.

2. Loan Origination Fees:

  • One-Time Costs: MoneyTap might ask you to pay a one-time fee when you apply for a loan. This fee is for processing and approving your loan application. It covers the costs of going through your request and making a decision. The origination fee helps MoneyTap manage these steps and keep things clear. Plus, it adds to the money they make overall. So, when you borrow, be aware of this fee as it’s part of the deal.
  • Revenue Contributor: When you pay origination fees to MoneyTap, you’re helping them make money. This money isn’t wasted; it covers the company’s costs. These fees keep things running smoothly, from checking loan requests to handling day-to-day tasks. So, when you see origination fees, remember they’re not just charges – they keep MoneyTap going and can help you out when needed.

3. Partnership with Banks:

  • Collaborative Approach: MoneyTap often forms partnerships with traditional banks, sharing the interest and fees generated by loans facilitated through the platform.
  • Risk Mitigation: Collaboration with established financial institutions allows MoneyTap to expand its services while leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of partner banks.

4. Subscription Fees:

  • Premium Offerings: MoneyTap might offer special plans for extra benefits. With these plans, you can get lower interest rates, a higher credit limit, and exclusive perks. It’s like a VIP pass for your finances. Choosing these plans means more advantages while using MoneyTap. If you want extra benefits from your financial app, these subscription plans could be just what you need for a better experience.

5. Data Monetization:

  • Analytical Insights: MoneyTap capitalizes on the vast financial data it collects, offering anonymized and aggregated insights to third parties.
  • Revenue from Data Services: Compensation from credit bureaus, financial institutions, or market researchers contributes to the company’s revenue.

6. Cross-Selling Financial Products:

  • Diversification Strategy: MoneyTap isn’t just about loans; it also provides insurance, investments, and financial planning services. They want to be your one-stop for everything financial. Using MoneyTap means more than just loans – you get various tools to make your financial journey smoother. It’s a smart move benefiting both MoneyTap and you, offering a complete set of financial services in one place.
  • Commission-Based Revenue: MoneyTap earns by taking a cut of commissions and fees when users use extra services like insurance or investments. These earnings add to their overall income. Choosing these extra services isn’t just about getting a product – it’s also helping MoneyTap stay financially healthy.

7. Advertisements and Partnerships:

  • Strategic Collaborations: MoneyTap partners with businesses for targeted advertisements within the app, generating income and offering relevant services to users.
  • Monetizing User Base: Collaborative campaigns with external partners generate revenue while enhancing the user experience.


MoneyTap changes how we deal with money. They offer loans, collaborate with others, and have subscription plans. Their focus is on users, using data to make things better. MoneyTap isn’t just adapting; it’s making finance easier for everyone. It’s a big deal in the financial tech, staying competitive and always improving to give users the best solutions.

Sumit Kumar Yadav has experience analyzing business and finance of big to small companies. Loan, Insurance, Investment data analysis are his key areas.