ITC Limited Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

The company Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited later came up under its new initials ITC. At present, the company has an immensely diversifies business in different product and service industries. This experienced conglomerate has FMCG initiatives on one hand and IT, hotel industries as well as agro business on the other. Its journey has also been a very inspiring one. In this blog, we will be talking a bit more about this company that you should know about.

ITC Limited

Net worth $11 billion
CEO Mr. Sanjiv Puri.
Founder Imperial Tobacco Company of India
Head Office Kolkata, West Bengal

Net Worth of ITC Limited:

ITC Limited’s net worth is $11 billion as of now.

CEO of ITC Limited:

Managing Director and Chairman of ITC Limited is Mr. Sanjiv Puri. He knows the company’s operations and helps it grow and diversify. ITC Limited has expanded in several areas under his leadership.

Founder of ITC Limited:

ITC Limited was founded in 1910 as Imperial Tobacco Company of India. The company began with cigarettes and tobacco. Indian tobacco was established by its ancestors, although it has altered tremendously. ITC diversified throughout decades.

Head Office of ITC Limited:

ITC Limited is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Indian commercial and financial hub Kolkata is where the corporation operates and makes decisions.

History of ITC Limited:

ITC has greatly changed and diversified. It began as Imperial Tobacco Company of India. It began with tobacco and cigarettes. Early goals were cigarette manufacture and marketing. The 1960s and 1970s saw ITC diversify. It invaded hotels, paperboards, packaging, and agriculture. Diversification made it a varied company. Early 2000s “Kitchens of India.” products brought ITC into FMCG. It then created lucrative culinary, personal, and home care companies.

ITC excels in sustainability and CSR. The company has invested much in sustainability and been praised for its social and environmental impact. ITC’s agribusiness encourages rural life and sustainable agriculture. Technology connects farmers to markets and information in the company’s e-Choupal initiative, exhibiting rural development.

Premium hotels and services are offered by “ITC Hotels.” Indian luxury hotels and resorts managed by the company provide world-class accommodations and cuisine. ITC Limited has received various awards for its expertise. Corporate governance, sustainability, and innovation are its characteristics. From a small tobacco company, ITC has emerged victorious and showed success in other business initiatives as well. In spite of steep competition, the company never stopped its progress, giving enough options for its products to become household names. As the company evolves all the more, larger promises come from its owners.


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