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Top 10 Best Alloy Wheel Manufacturing Companies In India

Over the years, as the vehicles have evolved, so too have the wheels that carry these vehicles. Now’s the time when the wheels are the most stylish, well-crafted for performance, and reliable compared to recent times. And the alloy wheel market is for sure bigger than you might think. Since India is one of the growing markets for vehicles, that’s why it is imaginable why so many wheel makers are eager to establish themself in the Indian market. But only a few have been able to do it successfully and that’s why they have a significant customer base in the country.

If you are someone who’s already searching for the best alloy wheel manufacturing companies in India, then you are at the right spot and at the right time. That’s because we are about to take you on a little detail of the top 10 best alloy wheel manufacturing companies in India for 2023. We’ll talk about how these companies were established, how they became super successful, and what is their role in the alloy wheel manufacturing sector of India. So yeah, let’s get down to that. Shall we?

List of Top Alloy Wheel Manufacturers In India

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1. Tiger Transport Wheels (TSW)

If you’re into alloy wheels, you’ve probably heard of Tiger Transport Wheels. These legends are big shots in the Indian alloy scene and have been rollin’ around since, well, before most of us were born. Eddie Keizan, a Formula 1 hotshot, kicked things off in South Africa in 1960. Fast forward to today, and TSW’s spinning its magic from the US to India. Fun fact, they boast the world’s largest range of staggered alloy wheels. We’re talking 17 to 22-inch beauties! Thanks to their killer quality, sleek design, and awesome performance, everyone’s itching to get them. The bottom line is that TSW isn’t just a big deal in India, they are one of the most famous and reliable wheel brands on a global level!

2. Rays Wheels

Next up is Rays Engineering, a Japanese wheel manufacturer that has been crafting wheel magic since 1973. Their aim is simply to shake up the wheel world with precision and creativity. And boy, have they delivered! Auto enthusiasts and race pros across the globe can’t stop raving about Rays. They are the ones to introduce the world to forged wheel technology. And if that wasn’t enough, their collaborations with major car brands have given birth to some collector’s dream wheels. And a global fanbase that’s absolutely nuts about them. Online forums, car clubs, you name it, Rays’ impact on the car community is something to talk about!

3. OZ Racing

This brand started with a bang back in 1971, thanks to two buddies, Silvano Oselladore and Pietro Zen. The duo launched their alloy wheel line in 1978 from a petrol station near Venice. By the 80s, they were the talk of the town in the racing circuit, especially after diving into Formula One in 1984. And speaking of classics, who here remember the MSW wheels? Those were OZ Racing’s best designs and still turn heads today. For the folks in India who crave a mix of sleek Italian design and racing oomph, OZ Racing is the go-to. Their history in motorsports and their passion for quality make them a solid contender in India’s alloy wheel market.

4. Wheelwiz

You’ve probably caught wind of this rising star in the Indian alloy wheel scene, right? These guys have zoomed their way into the hearts of car lovers in India in no time. Sporting a cool range of wheels that are perfect fits for some big names like Tata, Volkswagen, and Honda, they’ve got every car enthusiast covered. And hey, if you’re more into the big rides, they haven’t forgotten about you too. Wheelwiz’s collection extends to trucks and SUVs, proving they’ve got some major range in the game. And yeah, they aren’t just about looks; these wheels roll with style and efficiency. In a market that’s swimming with one-size-fits-all options, Wheelwiz really stands out.

5. BBS

Now, let’s travel back to 1970. There were Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand, two visionaries in Schiltach, Germany, establishing BBS. Fast forward to today, and BBS is like the Beyoncé of the alloy wheels world. You can’t chat about motorsport or high-performance rides without their name popping right up. That iconic mesh design is pure BBS magic, often imitated but never equaled. Their process is a combo of forging and flow-forming which means you get wheels that are light as a feather yet tough as nails. Globally revered, in India, they’re the go-to for those looking to flex some swag on the streets.

6. Neo Wheels

It was 1993, and Mr. Sanjay Kacheria, fresh from his engineering studies in the U.S., armed with the knowledge of the legendary “American Racing Inc..” Inspired and full of ideas, he launched Neo Wheels Ltd. Their initial hustle happened when they signed a contract for manufacturing for the U.S. crowd. But as India’s automotive tastes evolved, so did Neo Wheels. Today, they’re all about crafting the perfect wheels for the Indian streets and roads, strong yet stylish. They’re not just another name in the alloy wheel scene of the country, they’ve been at it for over two decades.

7. Enkei

This particular company is a wheel-making legend from all the way to Japan. Let us take you back to October 5, 1950, yup, that’s when it all began. These guys aren’t just about making your car look fly with cool wheels; they’ve got legit racing cred too. They’ve been teaming up with big names like the McLaren F1 Team since ’95, and they also rock it in the Super GT series. If you’re from India, you might have spotted their wheels cruising around town. They’ve got a solid base there with “Enkei Wheels (India) Ltd.”, which came to life in 2009 after some corporate collaborations between Enkei Castalloy Limited and Enkei Wheels (India) Limited.

8. Momo Wheels

Let’s jet set to Italy now, where everything is stylish, including the wheels. Let us introduce you to the brand named MOMO, a name you’ve gotta know if you’re into cars and style. The saga began in 1964, all thanks to a guy named Gianpiero Moretti. He was a racer at heart, and, fun fact, he once got a local craftsman to whip up craft wheels with mad grip. Turns out, that grip was so good; it was pivotal in John Surtees clinching the Formula One world title in the same year. Seeing the gold mine he had, Moretti turned his pet project into a full-blown business. The name MOMO? It’s a cool mix of his last name and Monza, a city in Italy. Fast forward to today, MOMO is making waves in India. All thanks to a killer partnership with Sai Mag Wheels.

9. HRE Performance Wheels

Next, let’s talk about another foreign brand that made quite the name in India for its alloy wheels. We are talking about HRE Performance Wheels, a brand hailing all the way from the San Diego suburb of Vista. Now, this brand is known in the country for a very specific reason. That’s only because HRE Performance is known to the manufacturer of heavy-duty and high-performance wheels without worrying about the actual weight of the wheels. On the flip side, some brands prefer to make lightweight wheels, but HRE performance doesn’t. So, if you were in search of some incredibly built alloy wheels in India, then you should definitely turn your head to the HRE Performance Wheels store for that.

10. Borbet

You know when you sometimes hear a name, and you instantly think, “Yep, that’s top-tier”? That’s Borbet for you. Hailing from Germany and born in 1962, thanks to Peter Wilhelm Borbet, this family gig is now a global phenomenon in the wheel world. Over five decades and still rolling, Borbet stands tall, promising nothing but the best, not just in terms of looks, but in durability and function. It’s like every wheel they make has “Made in Germany” stamped on it, in terms of quality, of course. Now, for all their fans in India, Borbet’s made its mark there too, linking up with Pete’s Automotive Products Pvt Ltd. Each Borbet wheel is like a piece of Euro art, stunning and strong.


Alright, that’ll do it. Now you have a pretty good idea of which are the top brands of companies that are doing exceptionally well in the alloy wheel manufacturing segment of the Indian market. Right? Now, whenever you are in need of alloy wheels, these are by far the best companies you should consider before making the final purchase decision.


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