Why Is My Debit Card Declined When I Have Money?

Even though you are aware that there is money in the bank account that is eagerly waiting to be spent, it can be annoying when your debit card is declined when you want to make a transaction.

On the plus side, there might be an easy fix for the reason a debit card purchase was declined. The most frequent causes of debit card denials and solutions to debit card problems are listed below –

Debit Card

1. You entered the incorrect PIN way too many times.

Some transactions need the proper entry of the personal identification number, commonly called PIN, you selected. That number must be entered accurately or the transaction will be automatically rejected.

atm pin

  • How to fix it:

If you have multiple accounts with connected debit cards, remember your PIN & try to not mix up the cards. Never recommend writing the PIN on the cards or storing it in your wallet. In the event that your wallet or pocketbook is stolen, this will make it simpler for a criminal to access your account. Call your bank to get your PIN reset if you’ve forgotten it or are blocked out of your bank because you’ve entered the incorrect number PIN too many times.

2. You’ve bought anything from abroad.

Debit cards from Visa or Mastercard are now widely available and can be used for international travel. This is a practical and safe way to make ATM withdrawals and purchases from abroad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always function as planned, and if your debit card is denied, you can find yourself without any access to the money in your bank account.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always function as planned, and if your debit card ever gets declined, you can find yourself without any access to the money in your bank.

  • How to fix it

Learn about the ATM networks that will recognize your debit card abroad. Before leaving, let the bank know so that they won’t mark your purchases as odd activity. This should ensure that your funds are accessible. Call your bank if you are currently abroad and unable to use your debit card. Inform them of your location and request that they lift the freeze.

3. Technical Problems.

Even if there are numerous circumstances in which you might be to blame for a refused card, it isn’t always the case. Even when you follow all the proper procedures, banks and merchants occasionally experience problems processing debit transactions. Their Internet connection, an overload of simultaneous transactions, a power outage somewhere in the network, or several other factors could all be to blame.

  • How to fix it

When the bank or retailer is at fault, your card will always be denied, but you can attempt again. Request another terminal and/or think about postponing until the system is operational once more.

4. Your card was deactivated by your joint holder.

Your spouse, partner, or other family members may deactivate or disable your debit card without your consent if you have created a joint account with them. You won’t be able to buy anything or withdraw cash if this occurs.

  • How to fix it

If you have a joint account, you can stipulate that both bank customers must sign any significant adjustments, including the activation or deactivation of any debit cards. To find out whether you can add this protection precaution to your account, contact your bank.

5. Money is in a different bank account.

The checking or money market accounts from which you are withdrawing money may have money in them, but they may have a negative balance. You can check the balance on your debit card online, at an ATM, over the phone, or even in person at the bank.


You might be prohibited by some financial institutions from overdrawing your account, which would prevent you from using your debit card to make a purchase.

  • How to fix it

Transfer funds to the proper bank account to ensure you have enough in your account to avoid going overdrawn.

Remember that based on where you bank, you might have to incur an overdraft or overdraft transfer fee. Even if you don’t have the protection of overdrafts, you can be eligible for an overdraft refund if your bank account has been overdrawn for fewer than 24 hours.

6. You’ve spent all of your daily limit of money.

Your debit card may not be accepted if you’ve recently made several large transactions because you’ve gone over your daily purchasing limit.

Financial companies establish daily purchase limitations for debit cards to protect your money. Your debit card’s daily spending cap is determined by the bank you use.

  • How to fix it

To complete your transaction, you might ask for a momentary purchasing boost on your debit card. You could be requested to prove your identity as an added measure of security.

7. You went on vacation overseas but didn’t let your bank know.

Prior to traveling to a new nation, many banks demand that you set a travel notice. A banking institution may refuse purchases if you visit a new location without informing your bank first because they believe you are an unauthorized user.

  • How to fix it

Inform your bank that you will be going by calling them. Consider using our bank travel checklist ahead of your next trip to ensure that your finances don’t interfere with your vacation.

8. Your fresh debit card is not yet active.

It might not be active yet if you just began using a new card because your old one expired. No PIN-required debit transactions will be permitted by your account.

  • How to fix it

You can register your debit card online, over the phone, at an ATM, or using the mobile app for your bank. You can choose a PIN that is simple for you to remember when you activate it.

Bottom Line

Debit card rejections can be upsetting and embarrassing. While some card declines are beyond your control, the majority can be prevented by implementing a few straightforward safety measures. It is advantageous to travel with a backup payment option, and a credit card is a great choice because of its benefits and versatility. Additionally, as always, contrast your available debit card selections to locate the one that best suits your spending style.

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