Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

India’s energy industry relies on the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) for exploration, production, and development. ONGC, founded over 50 years ago, has driven economic development and energy security. This page covers ONGC’s net worth, CEO, founders, head office, and rich history.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Net worth 2.6 trillion INR
CEO Arun Kumar Singh
Founder Govt of India
Head Office Tel Bhavan, Dehradun

Net Worth:

Net value of ONGC was estimated at 2.6 trillion INR. Financial data may change owing to oil and gas pricing, output, and market dynamics. Its assets and oil industry contributions explain ONGC’s large net worth.


Arun Kumar Singh chaired and managed ONGC. ONGC’s CEO oversees operations, strategy, and oil & gas investments.


Nehru started ONGC on August 14, 1956, with his vision. ONGC’s founding was a major step toward India’s energy independence. It was created to combine and use India’s massive but dispersed oil and natural gas resources.

Jawaharlal Nehru founded ONGC, although other government and energy industry officials also played a major role.

Head Office:

Indian company ONGC is headquartered in Dehradun. Tel Bhavan, Dehradun, is its location. In the Himalayas’ foothills, Dehradun is ONGC’s administrative and operational center. ONGC’s extensive activities in India and overseas are coordinated from the central office. Top executives, decision-makers, and strategy teams oversee the company’s exploration, production, and energy operations there.


ONGC’s history reflects India’s energy security and self-reliance. Highlights of ONGC’s journey:

Formation and Childhood

A statutory agency, ONGC explores and exploits India’s oil and natural gas deposits. It first concentrated on finding viable oil and gas reserves and building production infrastructure.

Rapid Growth

ONGC discovered the Bombay High oil field, which transformed India’s oil output. The corporation increased onshore and offshore exploration.

The Global Venture

Acquisitions and collaborations helped ONGC grow internationally. It secured energy assets overseas by investing in exploration and production projects in Russia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and others.

Diversification, Innovation

In addition to oil and natural gas, ONGC explored shale gas, coal-bed methane, and renewable energy. To improve production and efficiency, it used sophisticated technology and best practices.

Social Duty

ONGC has always prioritized CSR. It has promoted community development, education, healthcare, and environmental protection in its operating locations.

ONGC has long been India’s energy backbone, ensuring energy security. Increased local production has helped India reduce its oil imports. ONGC’s exploration has found new oil and gas reserves, improving India’s energy infrastructure.

From its establishment to its worldwide energy leadership, the corporation has prioritized quality, innovation, and energy self-sufficiency.

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