Bank of India (BOI) Net Worth, CEO, Founder, Head Office, History

Bank of India has been one of the oldest financial institutions in India that has continuously progressed since the 19th century. The rich history of Bank of India is worth knowing. From a very small opening, the bank has become a very large and successful source of people’s trust and investment. Now let us have a look at the details of the bank.

Bank of India

Net worth $100 billion
CEO Rajneesh Karnatak
Founder Sir Sassoon David, Sir Cowasjee Jehangir
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bank of India Net Worth:

Bank of India, as of the latest available data, commands a substantial net worth of $100 billion.

CEO and Leadership:

The success of Bank of India is due to its talented executives. Bank of India CEO and Managing Director Rajneesh Karnatak.


On September 7, 1906, Mumbai merchants Sir Sassoon David, Sir Cowasjee Jehangir, and others founded Bank of India. After a modest start, the bank became noted for its financial conservatism and customer service. The bank’s early years were distinguished by a concentration on subsidizing overseas trade and helping industrial expansion. Pre- and post-independence, Bank of India was an important financial institution, promoting economic progress.

Head Office:

Bank of India is based in Mumbai. The bank needs Mumbai, India’s financial center, to coordinate operations and interact with the broad financial ecosystem.


A number of historical events have shaped Bank of India’s identity and legacy. Bank of India expanded globally in the early 20th century, opening branches in London and other financial centres. This set up the bank’s global presence and trade facilitation. The nationalization of Indian banks in 1969 made Bank of India a public sector bank. This approach sought financial inclusion, regulatory monitoring, and banking sector congruence with national development objectives.

Computerization and automation helped Bank of India streamline operations in the late 20th century. Innovativeness made the bank modern and efficient. To meet diverse consumer needs, Bank of India expanded its services over time. From retail to corporate banking, the bank has adjusted to market and customer demands.

Global Presence: Bank of India has branches and subsidiaries worldwide. This worldwide presence boosts international business, stimulates economic diplomacy, and strengthens the bank’s standing on the global financial scene. The journey of Bank of India is quite inspiring. It is presently a very stable financial institution that has a strong commitment towards the customers and investors. Under the successful and strategic decisions of Mr. Rajneesh Karnatak, the bank has flourished to a great extent in the last 10 years with more area to grow.

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