What is Virtual Bookkeeping: Benefits and Importance

Strong financial infrastructure is needed to make a business robust and ensure that the company’s finances are under control. And to make this financial infrastructure resilient, companies require people like bookkeepers. These people take over the reins of the business’s finance and maintain proper records of all the financial transactions in the company.

However, only some companies can afford an onsite bookkeeper due to budget constraints. Therefore, companies are now hiring virtual bookkeepers for their businesses who can get things done at a much lower price. So if you wish to hire a virtual bookkeeper and save money, you must understand what virtual bookkeeping is.

Understanding Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping is like traditional bookkeeping, where the bookkeeper records all the financial transactions, bank statements, and credit card bills and processes payrolls. The only key difference between them is that in virtual bookkeeping, the person handles all these works remotely using cloud-based software and mobile apps. Today many virtual bookkeeping services are helping companies formulate their financial projects, calculate annual taxes and keep an accurate record of all the finances in the company.

Virtual Bookkeeping 

Importance of virtual bookkeeping

Managing a business requires knowing the financial status of the company. Therefore, companies must adopt virtual bookkeeping to keep their finances organized and reduce errors and inefficiencies in financial records. This will aid businesses in tracking their earnings and expenses, leading to accurate budgets.

Furthermore, it will also help companies monitor their performance and make strategic decisions for the company’s future. Companies can also use this data collected from bookkeeping as a benchmark for their future revenue goals.

Benefits of virtual bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping has many benefits; let’s discuss some of them.

Saves time

Managing a company’s financial record is very time-consuming, and outsourcing this task is the best way for companies to avoid it. Most virtual bookkeeping services are known for their on-time delivery as they have a huge pool of bookkeepers known for accuracy and speed.

Saves from financial fraud

In traditional bookkeeping, in several instances, bookkeepers take out some extra expenses for their personal use from the company’s budget and manipulate the books to hide the expenses. Moreover, one can also inflate the value of assets and overstate revenues by hiding the company’s liabilities. These can cause severe financial losses to the company, and businesses cannot even track these frauds unless they scrutinize the records themselves.

Whereas, in virtual bookkeeping, the third party needs to ensure that their bookkeepers are unbiased and more committed to their tasks as they are directly responsible for any frauds they commit. In virtual accounting, the books are cross-checked several times before it is sent to the clients.

Hire the best

When companies hire an onsite bookkeeper, they tend to choose freshers to junior-level professionals to save costs. However, you can get virtual bookkeepers from outsourced bookkeeping services who are much more proficient than these candidates at a much lower price. This not only helps companies get the best person for the job but also helps them save a lot of money.

Get records updated regularly.

When companies outsource bookkeeping services, they provide their bank statements, invoices, and transaction receipts to the virtual bookkeeping service. This helps them update your books regularly and saves you from the last-minute rush. Regular updates in the books will also help you during the tax audits and save you from any unwanted penalties.

Bottom line

Virtual bookkeeping is the most efficient way companies can manage their finances and outsource their financial tasks. Moreover, it will also help companies find more time for important tasks, such as planning the next product launch or an upcoming marketing campaign.


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