Pristyn Care Business Model: How Does Pristyn Care Make Money?

Pristyn Care is a healthcare company origin in India. It does advanced surgeries. Its main aim is to make healthcare easy to access and good. Pristyn Care helps with ear, nose, and throat problems. Urology, gynecology, general surgery, and other areas. It wants to fix different medical problems and make patients healthier.

Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 2018
CEO Harsimarbir Singh
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Founder Harsimarbir Singh, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor & Dr. Garima Sawhney
Revenue Rs 453 crore in FY23
Products Enhancing access and ensuring high quality secondary-care surgeries through an innovative care model
Number Of employees 1,000-5,000

Pristyn Care is different because it uses new tech and smart surgeries. They spend a lot on these to give great treatments. They also made their own easy-to-use digital system for patients. It makes the whole process from seeing the doctor to getting better simpler.

Pristyn Care is young but growing fast. In 2021, it’s in over 40 Indian cities. They have 500 plus doctors. And 1,500 plus team members. They’ve done 50,000plus surgeries with a success rate of over 99 percent. They treat over 50 diseases, too.

How does Pristyn Care work?

Pristine Care is a healthcare company in India. Helps patients with different treatments, focusing on their needs. They support patients from the first visit to aftercare.

Online Consultation: Patients can book appointments with a Pristyn Care doctor online. During the appointment, the doctor talks about medical history, symptoms, and treatment options. If surgery is needed, the doctor explains the benefits, risks, and recovery.

Pre-operative Tests: Before surgery, patients have tests. To ensure they’re ready. Pristyn Care’s team helps schedule these tests like blood tests and imaging. Pristyn Care’s team helps schedule these tests, like blood tests and imaging.

Hospitalization and Surgery: Pristyn Care partners with good hospitals for surgeries. They help patients get admitted on surgery day. Skilled surgeons use modern methods and tools.

Post-operative Care: The Pristyn Care team watches the patient’s recovery after surgery. They give clear instructions on medicine, food, and exercise. Patients can ask any questions they have.

Follow-up Care: Pristyn Care keeps checking on the patient to ensure they get better. The medical team watches progress and plans more visits. Patients can ask questions if they’re worried.

Billing and Insurance: Pristyn Care gives clear bills and estimates for treatments. They also work with big insurance companies to help patients get hospital care without paying upfront.

Funding and Investors of Pristyn Care:

Pristyn Care, a healthcare startup in India, got support from big backers.

Seed Funding (2018): In 2018, they got money from angel investors, like Gaurav Munjal, who started Unacademy. The exact amount wasn’t mentioned.

Series A Funding (May 2019): Pristyn Care got $4 million. Sequoia Capital India led the funding. Other investors included Amit Singhal, who worked at Google, and Pratap Kumar, the founder of Freshworks.

Series B Funding (January 2020): Pristyn Care got $12 million. Hummingbird Ventures led the funding. Sequoia Capital India, Greenoaks Capital, and AngelList India, who had already invested before, also joined. This money helped Pristyn Care grow and improve its healthcare services.

Future of Pristyn Care:

Expansion: Pristyn Care is growing fast and plans to keep expanding. They’re already in 40 cities in India and want to reach more. This will help them help more patients.

Technology: Pristyn Care uses technology to make healthcare easy. They’ll likely keep using tech to improve services and add new things. For example, they might use computers to give patients plans that fit them based on their info.

Partnerships: Pristyn Care collaborates with hospitals and clinics to offer its services. They’ll likely team up with more to help more people.

International Expansion: Pristyn Care is growing its operations in the United Arab Emirates. They might expand more worldwide, depending on demand and rules.


Pristyn Care is set for a promising future. They’ll keep growing, using more technology, partnering with others, adding new services, and expanding globally. People like them in India because they offer good healthcare at fair prices, and their unique approach will keep attracting patients and investors.

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