Spinny Business Model: How does Spinny Make Money?

Spinny started in 2015 and became worth $1.61 billion in 8 years. How? They sell good second-hand cars people like. Customers enjoy the value and ease. Spinny earns money in different ways and markets well. Their success is about smart plans and good cars.

Moreover, Spinny is a modern place to buy and sell used cars. Users trust it. They have over 5000 fully-checked cars for you to pick from. It’s easy to buy and sell cars there, and they also offer after-sales help. It’s great for customers.


Name of the Company Spinny
Founded in 2015
Operating Industry Automobile Industry
Type of brand D2C (Direct-to-Consumer)
Headquarters Gurugram (Haryana, India)
Founders Niraj Singh (CEO), Ramanshu Mahaur, Mohit Gupta, and Ganesh Pawar
Market Valuation $1.61 billion (Rs.13,202 crore)

Working Strategy: How does Spinny work?

Spinny simplifies car buying and selling. They check cars well, show all details online, manage paperwork, offer home delivery, and allow test drives.

1. Well-Organized Inventory

Spinny sells and buys used cars. It’s not a middleman. They get cars from owners and sell them to customers. They pick good cars and check them well. This makes sure customers get a reliable car.

2. Car Sourcing, Inspection, And Certification

Spinny gets used cars from owners, dealers, and auctions. They check each car carefully for quality. This helps build trust with customers.

3. Phygital Approach

Spinny puts certified cars on their website and app. They use a mix of physical and digital—online and real stores. This helps customers browse online and check cars in person for an easy buying experience.

4. Transparent Pricing

Spinny offers clear pricing for its cars, so buyers know what they’re paying for. The price depends on the car’s quality and future reliability. This transparent model ensures customers get fair prices based on the car’s condition and market value.

5. Hassle-Free Documentation Process

Spinny wants to make paperwork easy when buying or selling a car. They simplify the process, reducing hassles. This makes it easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

6. Car Selling Process

Spinny makes selling your car easy. They offer better valuation than selling directly to customers. Plus, you avoid dealing with demanding buyers. Here’s how it works:

  • Spinny experts evaluate your car. You choose where: at home or work.
  • They give you a final offer, valid for 3 days.
  • While you decide, your car undergoes certification for quality.
  • Accept the offer, and Spinny pays you instantly.
  • With Spinny, you get a hassle-free selling experience with clear pricing.

Car Buying Process

Buying a car from Spinny is like shopping for clothes.

  • Browse their website with over 5000 cars.
  • Use filters to find what you want.
  • Check detailed reports, features, and prices.
  • Take a doorstep test drive.
  • Chat with experts for more info.
  • Pay using various banking options, including credit/debit cards and net banking.
  • They also offer installment payments through UPI.

After Sales Report

Spinny stands out by supporting used cars after sale.

  • They offer a limited warranty and help with any problems.
  • Unlike others, they pay sellers instantly, no need to wait for the car.
  • Spinny makes buying and selling easy with online payments and fast payouts.

Revenue Sources: How does Spinny make money?

In 2022, Spinny made Rs.180 crore in revenue, a big increase from Rs.39.7 crore in 2021. Spinny handles everything from car inventory to retail, making money in different ways.

Some of the major revenue sources are-

1. Car Sales

Spinny buys old cars, fixes them, and sells them for more. They get cars from people, auctions, and dealerships. After fixing and certifying, they sell to customers for a profit. This helps Spinny offer good used cars and make money.

2. Value-Added Services

Spinny provides extra services like car inspections and warranties for a fee. Sellers pay for inspections, which are a big part of the revenue. After-sales service packages also bring in money for Spinny. These services add value and help Spinny make more money.

3. Commissions Sales

Spinny earns by taking a commission on each sale through its platform. They also help people sell cars directly and earn a commission from those sales too. This is how Spinny makes money.

4. Partnership Program

Spinny teams up with banks and insurers. When customers use these services through Spinny, Spinny gets paid. This adds to Spinny’s income alongside car sales and other services.

On A Concluding Note

Spinny is shaking up the used car market with its tech and customer focus. They sell directly to customers, offering checked, certified, and warranty-backed cars. Spinny handles the whole buying process, making it clear and simple.

By cutting out middlemen and showrooms, Spinny offers fair prices and good quality.

Their focus on customers and tech has led to growth and loyalty. In short, Spinny’s model changes the used car market with trust, convenience, and value for all.

Sumit Kumar Yadav has experience analyzing business and finance of big to small companies. Loan, Insurance, Investment data analysis are his key areas.