YBL Full Form in Banking, What Does YBL Stand For?

What is YBL Full Form in Banking?

The full form of YBL in Banking is Yes Bank Limited. This financial institute was founded by Ashok Kapoor and Rana Kapoor in Mumbai in 2004. Today, the State Bank of India has a 30% stake in Yes Bank Limited. The bank offers services to retail and corporate customers. In addition, the bank also has a robust team that offers asset management services. Over the past years, the bank has taken many initiatives for women entrepreneurs.

What Else Should We Know About YBL?

YBL has been through a turbulent time due to the bad loans. To avoid the bank’s failure, RBI took control of the bank in 2020. YBL restored full operations after a 12 days moratorium; during this time, the bank took steps to cover the bad loans. In addition, SBI played a major role in rescuing the YBL by buying a major stack in the bank and infusing the fund. YBL is a publically listed bank, and the shares are traded on BSE and NSE. The bank went public in 2005, and it subsequently issued FPO.

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