TDR Full Form in Banking, What Does TDR Stand For?

What Is TDR Full Form in Banking?

TDR full form in banking, is a Term deposit receipt called a fixed-term investment. It includes the money deposited into an account at any financial institution and has short-term maturities. Simply put, TDR is a term used for an account that includes deposits for a limited term. Also called a fixed deposit scheme provides a high-interest rate relative to other deposit accounts.

Some other abbreviations of TDR

There are some other meanings of TDR. Let’s check it out:

  • TDR also refers to Ticket Deposit Receipt. It is often submitted or filed to demand a ticket refund if you cannot travel. For filing TDR, you should give a genuine reason. The valid reasons for filling TDR can be a difference in fare, the train is running late for more than 3 hours, the train is cancelled for any reason, traveling without a valid ID, etc.

Note: TDR can be submitted within three hours of the scheduled departure. And the refund may take up to 90 days.

  • TDR means Time Domain Reflectometer, an automatic device that detects faults in metallic wires like coaxial cable and twisted pair wire. However, it also positions discontinuities in an electrical path or circuit board.
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