SWPO Full Form in Banking, What Does SWPO Stand For?

SWPO full form in Banking is for an ATM/POS/online/Merchant transaction in which the account has not been debited earlier due to technical issues. These include failed or incomplete transactions from ATMs experienced at times by various customers, resulting in no money being disbursed but money being deducted from the user’s account. Thankfully, there is a system to load complaints online, so you don’t have to worry about failed ATM transactions.

India’s largest lender SBI has a unique website to deal with complaints. This website enables its users to register complaints online. The reasons behind unsuccessful or failed ATM transactions vary. These could be ATMs out of cash, malfunctioning, faulty ATMs, or many others.

Some ways to resolve SWPO issue

  • You can call the SBI’s customer care executive. They will provide their complainant a tracking no and note the issue for investigation. If any issue is spotted, the bank will repay the amount to their bank account.
  • Or, you can personally visit the branch to elevate the problem
  • Or, the complainant needs to discuss the problem with the nearby branch manager where they possess their account
  • Or, you could lodge a complaint by visiting their complaint portal.
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