SWO Full Form in Banking, What Does SWO Stand For?

SWO full form in Banking is Single Window Operators, one of the clerical staff of the banks. This department provides receipts and cash payments and clears and passes cheques & drafts. SWOs are categorized into types: SWOs A and SWOs B.

Eligibilities for SWO role in banks

  • The applicant must be a graduate.
  • However, there are differences in the minimum percentage age required for graduation, based on which bank one is applying for. For example, the age eligibility is 18 to 28 years in a corporation bank, while for PNB, the age is 20 to 25 years.

Duties of SWO-A in banks

SWOs play a significant role in banks. These include:

  • Delivery of the checkbook is subject to authorization by the competent authority.
  • Concerns about cash receipts
  • Recounting of notes by cash department staff
  • Issue of ESI stamps, in which the applicant may become applicable
  • Receipt of dividend warrants, cheques, drafts, pay orders, and instruments other than bills.

Duties of SWO-B in banks

  • Receipts of issuance and cash of gift cheques/pre-signed drafts/pay orders/traveler’s cheques/ bank orders above 25k.
  • Cash payment of all withdrawal forms/cheques/gift cheques/bankers cheques above 20k
  • Clearing and transferring vouchers, cheques, etc., above 25k.
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