RM Full Form in Banking, What Does RM Stand For?

RM Full Form in Banking is Relationship Manager. Relationship Managers are the customers’ points of contact at the bank. They take care of early customer interactions and make sure the right range of products & solutions are provided to the clients. Relationship managers also learn about the daily administrative and business operations of their clients and convey this knowledge to the front and back office teams. An employee who serves as an organizational liaison, generally between a business unit or function and the information services (IS) department. Depending on the level of confidence and power given to the individual in that capacity by his or her client, the relationship manager might perform a variety of roles. The position’s duties are divided into four levels, with each level representing an increase in corporate trust and responsibility:

  • Level 1: Knowledge and Communication
  • Level 2: Advice and Persuasion
  • Level 3: Organize and Combine
  • Level 4: Control and Direct

In essence, relationship management is a matrixed position with reporting responsibilities to at least two managers, usually the chief information officer (CIO) and a business function and division manager. However, in reality, the role is typically more closely associated with one side than the other, and it is typically in line with the company’s management side.

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