PPS Full Form in Banking, What Does PPS Stand For?

PPS Full Form in Banking is Positive Pay System. The idea of positive pay entails a procedure for verifying important information on checks with significant values. Following this procedure, the issuers of the cheque transmit electronically to the drawee bank certain minimal information of that cheque (such as date, names of the recipients/payee, amount, etc.), which details are then cross-checked with the given cheque by CTS. CTS alerts the drawee’s bank and the presenting bank to any disparity so they can take corrective action. According to RBI standards, the bank has implemented Positive Pay System on cheques of 2.00 lakh rupees and above as of January 1, 2021, to protect your tirelessly earned money against check fraud.

Cheques will be routed for payment through Positive Pay depending on the data you provided at the time the check was issued. The Positive Pay System is not required to be used. However, only if the account user uses the Positive Pay service will cheques issued for more than Rs 50,000 be approved for the CTS grid’s dispute resolution system. Customers are urged to provide accurate check information, including the entire number of the check and the right spelling of the payee’s name, to the bank to receive a successful affirmative pay confirmation. There is never a Modify/Delete confirmation choice since once the data is submitted to NPCI, it cannot be modified.

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