PO Full Form In Banking, What Does PO Stand For?

What Is The Full Form Of PO In Banking?

PO full form in banking is Probationary Officer. PO is a job post for new employees at the banks, and the employee has to serve probation for a certain period. Despite being an entry-level post in the banks, Probationary Officer is a great career opportunity. After your recruitment as a PO in a bank, you’ll be specified tasks to fulfill in a certain time period by a supervisor. Not just that, there’s no specific responsibility of a probationary officer at a bank, he/she can perform various tasks depending upon the requirement of the bank.

What Are The Responsibilities of A PO In a Bank?

When a bank recruits a PO, the most common task he/she needs to do is handle client complaints, maintain public relations, and provide solutions for the problems of the bank customers. If needed, a PO must need to fulfill the tasks of junior employees and clerks as well. Along with that, your supervisor may put you up for supervising and monitoring tasks in the bank. In short, you’ll be an all-rounder fulfilling tasks for banking in general, and expect other monitoring and supervising responsibilities.

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